Leo club oct 30, 2012 meeting (1)


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Leo club oct 30, 2012 meeting (1)

  1. 1. Leo Club MeetingTuesday, October 30, 2012 Advanced Happy Halloween!
  2. 2. Meeting Courtesies• Please be quiet during the meeting. People can listen for the information much easier and the meeting can go faster.• Please use the tablecloths at the back when eating. This is a Science lab, after all!• Throw away your garbage after the meeting.• If you moved a chair, please put it back and clean up your area after the meeting.• Please wait until the last slide (sign up tables) before you pack up/ leave/ chat.
  3. 3. Sign up on byrnecreek.info and get a Leo shirt for $10
  4. 4. Thank You to Our Volunteers!• Bonsor Big Boo• Burnaby Haunted Village• Leo “Lunch & Learn” Conference• Dunbar Haunted House• Pumpkin Carving
  5. 5. One Act Plays• Setup, concession, ushering, box office• Nov 1 Thursday and Nov 2 Friday• 5:00pm-9:00pm (meet in B102)• Dress code: white top, black bottom, black shoes• Ikjot and Priya in charge• Volunteers must go on both days
  6. 6. VolunteersAshley Cayabyab Smruthi RamachandranRaphaella Robles Mandy ShenMichelle Kurtagich Milena CarrascoIkjot Bhogal Sarah AboodCharmaine Shi Twinkle PerfectoEmily Pascual Priya Sharma
  7. 7. Burnaby Firefighters at Save-On-Foods• Collecting pumpkins and setting them as display. For every pumpkin collected, $1.00 will go to Burnaby Burn Fund• Date: November 1st, 2nd, 3rd• Time: 4:30 pm – 8:00 pm• Location: Save-On-Foods (High Gate)
  8. 8. Remembrance Day Setup and Take Down• Nov 8: Decorate gym for Remembrance Day• Nov 9: Clean up• Dress code: Leo shirt Set Up Take Down • Thursday Nov 8 • Friday Nov 9 • 3:30-5:00pm • 12:00-1:00pm
  9. 9. Volunteers• Seungmin Lee • Elaheh Irankhah• Beheshta Yousefi • Chiu Yi Ho• Amela Causevic • Jinny Hyunjin Ku• Zulema Bavera • Grace Choi• Raphaella Robles • Ihsan H.• Twinkle Perfecto • Mariel Pasana• Ashley Cayabyab • Joyce Kam• Frances Agbayani • Karen Liang• Raven Nyirongo • Melissa Pascual• Justin Lin • Lizette Calangian• Jason Lin • May Ubungen
  10. 10. Remembrance Day Special Guest Hosting URGENT: NEED 20 MORE VOLUNTEERS!!!• Speak with and entertain war veteran guests• When: Friday Nov 9• Dress code: Leo shirt• Confirm with Leon about shift Shift A Shift B • 10:20-10-50am • 11:00-11:30am
  11. 11. Volunteers• Seungmin Lee • Zeynep Fattah• Amela Causevic • In Young Chung• Behesta Yousefi • Rachel Jung• Zulema Bavera • Rangeena Hakimizada• Sarah Abood • Sharon Lam• Ena Krdzalic • Jeffrey Lam• Iana Salen • Twinkle Perfecto• Erika Tajiri • Raphaella Robles• Grace Choi • Ashley Cayabyab
  12. 12. Macbeth and Hamlet• Set up, concession, ushering, box office• Thursday Nov 15 and Friday Nov 16• 5:00pm-9:00pm (meet in B102)• Dress code: white top, black pants, black shoes• 10 volunteers needed• Priority to those who can go both days
  13. 13. Seniors’ Tea• Help prepare food, setup, and entertain seniors• Monday Nov 19 (Pro-D Day)• 12:00-3:00pm• NOTE: Some seniors are coming at 10am!• Dress code: Leo shirt• More performers are welcome!
  14. 14. Volunteers• Dani Swannie • Jenny Peng • Andy Ng• Ikjot Bhogal • Young Lee • Eric Zheng• Angela Fu • Maegan Poblacion • Maggie Fang• Leon Wu • Brandon Mah • Jessica Lusuegro• Vincent Fitton • Priya Sharma • May Ubungen• Angela Qi • Leo Lin • Lizette Calangian• Stevens Qiu • Bonnie Ng • Janara Almazbekova• Rachel Robles • Jinny Hyunjin Ku • Janata Almazbekova• Richard Robles • Twinkle Perfecto • Nicole Jingco• Ke Huang • Ashley Cayabyab • Rangeena Hakimzada• Rebecca Yet • Chiu Yi Ho • Iana Salen• Matthew Luu • Raphaella Robles • Ena Krdzalic
  15. 15. Volunteers continued• Sarah Abood • Amela Causevic • Zahraa Hawili• Jacky Chen • Raven Nyinongo • Alaa Al-Shaer• Betty Zhong • Rachel Ng • Noor Hawili• Werd Khader • Milena Carrasco • Elina Ghimire• Jennifer Lusuegro • Mandy Shen • Michelle Ly• Erika Tajiri • Manisha Sharma • Edward Chanco• Katrina Cabusao • Jason Meno • Maggie Fang• Yasemin Sabir • Brandon World • Mariecris Crisologo• Joyce Kam • Michaela Morelli • Anessa dela Cruz• Seungmin Lee • Ariana Lee • Martin Macaraeg• Zulema Bavera • Mamta Sharma • Clarissa Chiang• Beheshta Yousefi • Reece Avila • Stephanie Yu • Jason Cion
  16. 16. Seniors’ Tea – Baking• Volunteers needed!• Monday Nov 19 9:00am; breakfast not provided• Bakers must talk to Priya after meeting• Recipes must have reduced sugar and no nuts; give Priya ingredients• Baking for approx. 80 people
  17. 17. Midnight Vigil• Annual Leo event – all Leos encouraged to come!• Friday Nov 23 3pm to Saturday Nov 24 8am• Sleepover at school to pledge for a cause: Cambodia project – raising money for education and building wells• Minimum pledge of $25; pick up a package after meeting – due Fri Nov 9
  18. 18. Breakfast with Santa• This is a Christmas event• Students help set up tables, serve and clean tables after, and manage lineups.• Date: November 24th (Saturday)• Time: 9:30 am – 12:30 pm• Location: Edmonds Senior Centre• 7282 Kingsway, Burnaby.(Corner of Edmonds and Kingsway)
  19. 19. Festival of Lights• This is a Christmas event• We help at activity tables, front door greeters, santa’s helper.• Date: November 24th• Time: 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm• Location: Edmonds Senior Centre• 7282 Kingsway, Burnaby.(Corner of Edmonds and Kingsway)
  20. 20. Sponsor Teachers’ Comments Meeting’s almost over... Please be respectful and listen!
  21. 21. Sign-up Tables ProjectorMidnight Vigil Seniors’ Tea – Baking (Priya)Burnaby Firefighters at Save-OnRemembrance Day Hosting Macbeth and Hamlet(Leon) Breakfast with SantaSeniors’ Tea – Performers Remembrance Day Set-Festival of Lights up/Take Down