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Short Automation Workz Institute pitch deck


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Rationale for investment. for detailed financials contact us or 313-444-4885

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Short Automation Workz Institute pitch deck

  1. 1. Gaming Cybersecurity Training
  2. 2. PROBLEM Automation Creating Demand for Cybersecurity Gaming Cybersecurity Training 313-444-4885 2 Researchers predict 3.5 million Cybersecurity Professionals needed by 2022 “I believe we are in a declared cyberwar and we are losing that war” said Michael Bayer, a longtime Pentagon adviser who led a recent review of US cybersecurity.
  3. 3. PROBLEM African Americans Defaulting on Student Loans Gaming Cybersecurity Training 313-444-4885 3 NCES states BLACK WOMEN Largest Population attending Post-Secondary Acquiring Student Loans 3.5% specialize in STEM (Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) NOT SECURING HIGH PAYING TECH JOBS
  4. 4. How Problem is Being Solved National and Worldwide Competitors Gaming Cybersecurity Training 313-444-4885 4 In operation since 2005 Specialized Cybersecurity Individual Non -Career Courses Provides federal awareness courses TRAINING PROVIDERS CompTia (ISC)2 Founded 2015 Specialized Cybersecurity Served 2.5 Million TRAINING PROVIDERS Cisco Networking Academy, Microsoft CompTia Corporate upskill training TRAINING PROVIDERS Cisco Networking Academy, Microsoft Adobe CompTia Mostly video content Worldwide On-Site ClassesCloud Based Cyber Range Worldwide Grooms small number of diverse, urban students
  5. 5. International Standardized Certification replaces a college degree Cybersecurity program 18 months part-time 3 Certification exams SOLUTION Cybersecurity Certification and Affordability CCENT Network Engineer Median $74,764 CCNA Security Cybersecurity Specialist Median $92,430 Gaming Cybersecurity Training 313-444-4885 5 Current employed as Customer Service/ Data Entry/ Factory/5 Logistics/ Tech Support
  6. 6. SOLUTION Gaming and Social Curriculum/Events Gaming Cybersecurity Training 313-444-4885 6 Entertainment Software Association 2019 facts-about-the-computer-and-video-game-industry/ TRACTION 10 Tuition Paying Students by 3/1/2020 CURRENT USER ACQUISITION 387.5% Per month over 4 months SOCIALMEDIA GROWTH 8,460% Per month over 4 months Gaming tournament Celebrity Lunch N Learn
  7. 7. US Post-Secondary Market 1.0256 Trillion Dollars Annually Gaming Cybersecurity Training 313-444-4885 7 We are here Traditional $650 billionNon Traditional $375 billion Automation Workz Institute, Inc. is gaming cybersecurity training to expand tech diversity exponentially utilizing AI-powered video games and digital simulations reducing the largest expense of a school – instructors- to increase profit margin.
  8. 8. WHY THIS TEAM? Executed 22 Month Pilot on Sweat Equity Ida Byrd-Hill CEO Piloted Hustle & TECHknow Prep High School, a Cyber Alternative school for adjudicated students Turned around 5 Detroit Public Schools Grew financial advisory firm to 353 million in assets Graduate - MBA Jack Welch Management Institute BA Economics University of Michigan-Ann Arbor Mark Kreitler VP, Innovation Director of Game Design for Lightning McQueen App Tech lead and programmer for Cargo Stacking simulation Game Designer for Playstation Sims game Graduate - MS Physics, U of Washington BS Physics BS Mathematics Montana State University Patricia Sanford VP, Academics Adjunct Professor, University of Detroit-Mercy Program Manager, Northwest Airlines Department of Human Services Community Outreach Graduate - MS Information Assurance, MS Software Management, University of Detroit-Mercy; BA Michigan State University Bethany Collins VP, Cultural Strategy Neighborhood marketing consultant Community engagement manager. Assisted neighborhoods and funders connect with their residents. Graduate - MBA, University of Phoenix; BBA Marketing; University of Michigan-Ann Arbor D. Benjamin Estill COO COO, Gary Community School District – Managed $28 MM Budget, 14 offices, 2000 EEs DCOO, Detroit Public Schools – Managed $550 MM Budget, 15 offices, 6000 EEs Graduate - MBA Wayne State University, 2021, BA HRM Cornell University, 1990 Gaming Cybersecurity Training 313-444-4885 8
  9. 9. ASK Connections to Investors/ Partners Gaming Cybersecurity Training 313-444-4885 9