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Automation Workz Institute Exit Deck


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Here is our pitch deck with 3 potential buyers to orchestrate an exit.

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Automation Workz Institute Exit Deck

  1. 1. High-Tech Training for Prosperous ‘Hoods
  2. 2. Technology is Automating Every Industry Creating a Talent Shortage High-Tech Training for Prosperous ‘Hoods 313-444-4885 2
  3. 3. Automation to Wipe out African American Jobs & African American Economy High-Tech Training for Prosperous ‘Hoods 313-444-4885 3
  4. 4. Post-Secondary Is Not Beneficial for Detroiters or African Americans High-Tech Training for Prosperous ‘Hoods 313-444-4885 4 NCES states Black Women Largest Population attending Post- Secondary Only 3.5% specialize in STEM (Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)
  5. 5. Cybersecurity Job Growth is Exponential Due to Automation Expansion High-Tech Training for Prosperous ‘Hoods 313-444-4885 5
  6. 6. Cybersecurity Certification is Key to Reducing Talent Shortage & Wipe Out CCENT Network Engineer Median $74,764 CCNA Security Cybersecurity Specialist Median $92,430 High-Tech Training for Prosperous ‘Hoods 313-444-4885 6 CCDA Network Designer/ Architect Median $101,915
  7. 7. NO UPFRONT TUITION Student Signs Agreement To Share Income To Repay Tuition After Securing High-paying Job Income Sharing Agreements is a BET on Exponential Tech Training Growth High-Tech Training for Prosperous ‘Hoods 313-444-4885 7 Student earns $30,000 + Student shares 7% of Income Over 5 years Lose job - payments stop Agreement ends after 5th year
  8. 8. Success of 2018/2019 Pilot of Pre-Coursework & IT Certification Training SUCCESSES Attracted 757 students during 2018 FREE pilot for Pre-Coursework Selected top performers 3 became instructors 5/18/2019 Graduated 4 CCENT® candidates 75% Black Women Received Cisco Above & Beyond Award 2019 High-Tech Training for Prosperous ‘Hoods 313-444-4885 8 FEATURES 1st American Academy hosted in a public library system Higher-Level Tech Training Options Network Engineer/ Technician Linux/ Python Programming Cybersecurity After Work Hours training M-W 5:30 - 7:30 pm Sat 1-3 pm Virtual Office Hours Sun/ Thurs 9-11 pm Added 2 Pre-Courses to simplify complex skills Game Based & Simulation Based Labs Mentors Informal – Black instructors Formal – Mentor Workz 4 U Cisco EEs Current students signing (ISA) Income Share Agreement to continue courses Booked $32,980 Since 10/25/2019
  9. 9. Black Women & People of Color are Initial Market Followed by Mainstream High-Tech Training for Prosperous ‘Hoods 313-444-4885 9 INITIAL MARKET FOLLOW-ON MARKET Same 10 Urban Cities for Both Markets
  10. 10. B2C and B2B Tuition – Based Business Model High-Tech Training for Prosperous ‘Hoods 313-444-4885 10 Tuition paid by student individually through Income Sharing Agreement Began 10/15 Investor provides Tuition in installments ------ 60% upfront 15% at Graduation 13% upon hiring Tuition paid by group contract from Tuition Reimbursement Fundamental 2-course Internet of Things (Required) Certification 2-course specialties Network Technician, Linux, Cyber Operations Custom Employee Training AMOUNT $2742 $5683 Custom
  11. 11. Better & More Economical Product than Local and National Competitors High-Tech Training for Prosperous ‘Hoods 313-444-4885 11 In operation since 1968 Receive Large % of Workforce Development Dollars TRAINING PROVIDERS Cisco Networking Academy Microsoft CompTia Computer Programming A Quicken Loans company Pipeline to companies LANGUAGES Java Javascript Corporate upskill training TRAINING PROVIDERS Cisco Networking Academy, Microsoft Adobe CompTia TUITION $16,000 TUITION $9,720 TUITION Custom Corporate paid Powered by Workforce Development funds, High Credit Score based Private Loans due immediately Powered by High Credit Score based Private Loans due immediately, Some Workforce Development funds, Powered by Corporate training dollars
  12. 12. Aggressive Marketing will lead to Projected Financials High-Tech Training for Prosperous ‘Hoods 313-444-4885 12 Net Profit may be higher than projected. Most post-secondary institutions suffer a 60% dropout of students. Initial projections based an 80% - 90% dropout rate due to the constituency we serve. Will build Game-Based Artificial Intelligence Instructor to lower drop out rate. STARTUP BUDGET END GOAL Attract 50,000 students to Introductory course annually 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 Based on Fiscal Year July 1 – June 30 Acquire & Furnish Permanent Admin/Invention Lab Space $ 182,500 Advisors – Attorney, CPA, Architect $ 100,000 Fund Instructors/Admin Salary/ Benefits $1,228,800 Fund Income Sharing Agreement $ 400,000 Grand Opening / Graduation/Certificate Day $ 45,000 Marketing & Admission Outreach $ 275,000 Apply for Accreditation (Necessary for Title IV Pell Grant) $ 35,000 TOTAL $2,225,800
  13. 13. Success has been and will be based on Management Team Execution High-Tech Training for Prosperous ‘Hoods 313-444-4885 13 Ida Byrd-Hill CEO Managed AWI pilot Grew financial advisory firm to 353 million in assets Created a financial planning program, SMART MONEY- Financial Fitness Course for UAW/ Chrysler employees Graduate - MBA Jack Welch Management Institute BA Economics University of Michigan- Ann Arbor Mark Kreitler VP, Innovation Director of Game Design for Lightning McQueen App Lead Programmer Tech land programmer for TACC simulation Tech lead and programmer for Cargo Stacking simulation Graduate - MS Physics, U of Washington BS Physics BS Mathematics Montana State University Patricia Sanford VP, Academics Adjunct Professor, University of Detroit- Mercy Program Manager, Northwest Airlines Department of Human Services Community Outreach Graduate - MS Information Assurance, MS Software Management, University of Detroit- Mercy; BA Michigan State University Bethany Collins VP, Marketing Neighborhood marketing consultant Community engagement manager. Assisted neighborhoods and funders connect with their residents. Graduate - MBA, University of Phoenix; BBA Marketing; University of Michigan-Ann Arbor D. Benjamin Estill COO COO, Audiovisual Tech Institute - Developed Startup, Strategy, Facility, Recruitment & Financial COO, Gary Community School District -Managed $28 MM Budget, 14 offices, 2000 EEs DCOO, Detroit Public schools – Managed $550 MM Budget, 15 offices, 6000 EEs Graduate - MBA Wayne State University, 2021, BA HRM Cornell University, 1990 Sharon Blumeno VP, Partners Chief Business Connector & Economic Development Consultant Regional Engagement Manager, Automation Alley The Flint Journal, Newspaper Sales. Graduate - MBA, Ferris State University
  14. 14. Our Financial Ask to Scale our Pilot & Achieve Solution High-Tech Training for Prosperous ‘Hoods 313-444-4885 14 $2,225,800 Pre-Seed for the next 12 months Month 1 Month 3 Month 6 Month 9 Month 12 Hire CEO; VP, Academics; COO, VP, Marketing Currently working for equity Company Progress Team Building Develop & Launch Crowd funding Develop Social Media, Marketing and PR Campaign Negotiate Training Contracts Secure Venture Funding Hire VP, Innovation; & Development Team Detroit Pitch NY PitchSF Pitch Virtualize Simulations & Game Based AI Instructor Hire VP, Partners Secure Speaking engagements Apply Title IV Prep Title IV Enter Startup Pitches Diversity Supplier Certification Secure Job Partners Secure ISA Investor
  15. 15. Exit Strategy 3 Potential Buyers High-Tech Training for Prosperous ‘Hoods 313-444-4885 15 HISTORY Strayer specializes in degree programs for working adults. It has 52,000 students online and on 76 campuses. It has educational partnerships with corporations, like AWI plans to create. Student body - 67% women, 56% Black, 13% Hispanic. Student loan 5-Year Default rate – 31%. It has no presence in the Midwest. HISTORY DeVry began as Technology Institute, but added Business, Health Sciences and Liberal Arts. It has 25,235 students online and on 45 campuses. It has partnerships with NFL and Minor League Baseball. Student body undergraduate- 45% women, Graduate 55% women. Student loan 5-Year Default rate – 43%. It has no presence in Michigan. HISTORY Lambda provides Computer Programming and Data Science training online. It has 1000 students with 100% Income Sharing Agreement (ISA). No Student Loans. Has the largest (ISA) having received 48 million in investor funding. ISA 17% over 2 years