What Makes ME Creative?


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Ogilvy’s Associates program asked its applicants in a creative exercise to answer "what makes you creative?" Here’s my answer.

I opted for the PowerPoint format since in the corporate setting, we’re about presenting and conveying information through images. But we cannot be boring. Not only do I want to show that I can be in the setting to present my ideas to team members and clients, but that I want to go the route that others may not have chosen as their "creative option." The choice in platform was also one that was made on the basis of which community I would be sharing my exercise with. Showcasing my talent to the right demographic - the creative professionals that can be found on SlideShare - meant that I would be much more likely to be noticed and recognized in the community, as can be seen by the fact that the presentation was marked as one of the top three during the week of January 16th. Had I chosen to go the route of a YouTube video, I would be competing with the thousands of hours of other programming uploaded each day, as well as a varied and diverse public. In effect, I would not have had as much success as I did.

In addition, taking a look at the colour palette, you’ll be quick to notice that I’ve picked up some colours from the Ogilvy Associates page - the deep red and light grays (that are almost white). I think about complementing in terms of call (you) and response (me).

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What Makes ME Creative?

  1. what makesme creative? ogilvy, you asked so, i’ll tell @barb_leung
  2. firstthingsfirst
  3. http://walfordhamburg.blogspot.com/ meet me (psst! i’m in grey)
  4. barbara leung new media and fashion fiend lives in new york city speaks french and english senior at nyu steinhardt studied abroad in paris for two years majors in comm and french from canada, eh?
  5. secondthingssecond
  6. http://flic.kr/p/4QSBaj i’ve got work experience
  7. linkedin can tell you what i’ve done
  8. but not necessarily what i know
  9. through my work...i’ve gotten to know the lay of the land oftraditional marketing and new mediai know the boundaries of technologies, so ican hop on over’emi’ve learned when to employ certainstrategies for optimal resultsi’ve also learned how to communicate mymessage across while staying minty fresh
  10. thirdthingsthird
  11. job didn’t exist? no problemo! i created my own opportunitieshttp://flic.kr/p/7HWxDg
  12. how’d i do it?sometimes opportunities are just waitingto be dug upi look for weaknesses in a strategy that mystrengths can help fill in and improvethen i propose solutions to’em and sitdown with’em for more discussion
  13. want proof?
  14. two examplesthat nyu job came from me openingdiscussion on how student blogs coulddrive interest and trafficand that writing gig came from mementioning that more “live” coverage offashion week(s) would be possible whatwith me moving back to paris for a year
  15. andlastly
  16. http://flic.kr/p/6rLUEW i have a way of getting people’s attention
  17. here’s just one example
  18. onceuponatime...
  19. http://bit.ly/zTX61n porter airlines had a RT contest on twitter
  20. http://bit.ly/zTX61n porter airlines had a RT contest on twitter so i entered
  21. http://bit.ly/zTX61n porter airlines had a RT contest on twitter so i entered and lost
  22. butialsotweeted...
  23. this photo of my buddy at the billy bishop airport lounge
  24. “evenwildboarsloveflyingporterairlines!”
  25. http://bit.ly/whvYbM they loved it so much that... i was awarded with my own free flight!
  26. sothereyouhaveit
  27. i’m clever experienced ambitious quirky
  28. all of which makes for a great combo for creativity, no?
  29. soogilvy,thinkthatiamyournext craftsmanofculture?
  30. soogilvy,thinkthatiamyournext craftsmanofculture? craftswoman
  31. then ring me up!web: www.hirebarb.comemail: me@barbaraleung.comtwitter: @barb_leung