Master Plan Big Picture


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Master Plan Big Picture

  1. 1. Create / Refine Vision 1 Where are we supposed to go? Measure Success Map Location 8 2 Are we on course? Where are we right now? Initiate Plan Plot Course What do we do today? How do we get from here to there? 7 3 Empower People Set Milestones 6 4 Who should do what and why? What are our near term goals? Innovate Process How do we accomplish the work? 5
  2. 2. Where are we supposed to go? • When the business is fully mature... • Who will the business serve best? • How will we serve them best? • Why is this worth our time? Create / Refine Vision 1 • From the key relationshipsʼ perspective what will this measurably look like? Where are we supposed to go? • Owner / Principals • Management • Team • Customers • Vendors • Suppliers • Contractors • Community • Do we need to Reinvent Our Business? • Do we have a Strategic Vision?