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Unique value proposition


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Your unique value proposition is one of the most critical components of your entire business. You will win more customers and boost revenues if you craft a UVP that incorporates business value and personal value.

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Unique value proposition

  1. 1. How To Win Customers & Influence Sales …With Your Unique Value Proposition 2017
  2. 2. Your Presenter Brian Bijdeveldt • Founder of Profitkoach Small Business Growth Specialist • Service & Manufacturing Business Coach for 10 years • Specialities - Analysis, Strategy and Marketing • Certified with IBG,ICF • Get Clients Now facilitator
  3. 3. DELIVERABLES • Transformation – The 7 Things Your Prospects Want • How To Score Your Value Proposition • Discover How Desirable Your Business Is to Your Prospects • The Importance Of Personal Value in a UVP
  4. 4. What Is A Unique Value Proposition? “The factor or consideration presented by a seller as the reason that one product or service is different from and better than that of the competition.” - The encyclopedia
  5. 5. The Problem… • Many businesses do not have a unique value proposition • Those that do may have an Incomplete UVP • UVP focus is on business value – lacks personal value
  6. 6. Why Do You Need A UVP? • Makes you stand out from the competition • Makes your offer more desirable • If more desirable…more interest, engagement and conversions • Allows for easy qualification of prospects (better qualified prospects means higher conversions for the same effort)
  7. 7. UVP Components Differentiation
  8. 8. Differentiation… 7 Things Your Prospects Want 1. Is your value proposition measurable? 2. Faster than competition 3. Easy 4. Simple 5. ROI 6. Significant benefit 7. Targeted
  9. 9. Your Value Score (46/70)*100 = 65.7% Aim for at least 3 of 7+ & > 50% Vague DifficultSlow Complex Can Measure Faster Easier Simple Insignificant High ROI Significant Targeted BroadLow ROI 1 2 3 4 5 10 Attribution:
  10. 10. • You need to understand your ideal prospect to create services and products that meet their needs • To measure desirability of your UVP you will measure fit of services and coverage against persona criteria
  11. 11. • Have you got them? • All about the pains, gains and jobs • One for each customer segment • List the customer must haves, wants & needs • Prioritize them Sources of information: • Interview current ideal customers • Online forums • Facebook groups • LinkedIn groups Customer Personas
  12. 12. YOURPERSONA The Pains What keeps them awake at night? What do they wish they could solve? What is it costing them? The Gains What do they hope to achieve? What does the ideal solution and benefits look & feel like? JOBS Consist of functional, emotional & social aspects. How they look to peers – how to perform their role effectively. GAINS/WANTS JOBS PAIN/ISSUES - Attribution Alex Osterwalder – Unique Value Proposition Design
  13. 13. Must address: •Personal value as well as business value •Fear of loss, failure, looking bad or making a mistake (guarantees/testimonials/case studies)
  14. 14. YOURSERVICESFIT The Pains Describe how your services take away each individual pain point… Rank from mild - severe The Gains Craft services to ensure benefits Rank gains from must have to nice to have Address personal value & business value. Address Fear, Obstacles & Risk – Rank High to Low. GAINS/WANTS JOBS PAIN/ISSUES
  15. 15. Why Are Personal Values So Important?
  16. 16. 68% The percentage of buyers who would pay a higher price when they see a personal value in the value proposition. - whitepaper (3,000)
  17. 17. 71% The percentage of B2B buyers who will purchase if they see a personal value in the value proposition. - whitepaper (3,000)
  18. 18. 48% Of B2B buyers said they have wanted to buy a new solution, but haven’t based on the perceived risk. - whitepaper (3,000)
  19. 19. X2 Personal value has twice the impact on decision making that business value has. - whitepaper
  20. 20. RECAP • Differentiation – The 7 Things Your Prospects Want • How To Assess Your Value Proposition Score • Discover How Desirable Your Business Is to Your Prospects • Personas • Importance of Personal Values In Your UVP
  21. 21. My Challenge To You! • Create or revisit your customer persona/s • Compare your services/product for fit/coverage • Use a tool like the value slider to score your services • Rank your services/ product of your top 3 competitors • Compare • Identify attributes of your UVP that need modification
  22. 22. QUESTIONS