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Photos In Every Day Of Lif3


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Published in: Art & Photos, Travel, Education
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Photos In Every Day Of Lif3

  1. 1. Photos in every day of lif3
  2. 2. This is my town, Satu Mare
  3. 3. “ Mihai Eminescu”national high school…here I learn 
  4. 4. The Fireman Tower …like a part of a fairy story
  5. 5. Dacia Hotel
  6. 6. The Central Park …my favorite place
  7. 7. The Somes River.. it makes you think about nature
  8. 8. Night in the city…a magic night
  9. 9. In this region of the city ,I live …Nowhere is like home sweet home
  10. 10. … And that’s all about Satu Mare Hope you enjoy it ! Bianca Popa,X D