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Terrorism... what actually it is

This presentation is just to elaborate the image of Terrorism.
What is terrorism actually, How it started, its effects on Economy, growth in rate of terror attacks, Role of UNO and last but not least why its related to Islam

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Terrorism... what actually it is

  1. 1. What actually it is ? Terrorism
  2. 2. Killing of Innocent people is called “terrorism” Source: “ Wikipedia “ Definition
  3. 3. Terrorism actually comes from the Latin Word “Fear” “The Unlawful Use of Force Against Persons or Property to Intimidate or Coerce a Government, the Civilian Population, or Segment Thereof, in the Furtherance of Political or Social Objectives.” Source: “ FBI “ Definition
  4. 4. Biological Conventional Weapons Dirty Bombs Terrorism Priorities
  5. 5. All terrorist Acts are motivated by two things: Social and political injustice The belief that violence or its threat will be effective, and usher in change. This explanation of the causes of terrorism may be difficult to swallow. It sounds too simple, or too theoretical. However, if we look at any group that is widely understood as a terrorist group, we will find these two elements are basic to their story. . Causes of Terrorism
  6. 6.  Political Causes: Non Democratic setup Improper Government setup Absence of law and failure External Causes: Afghan War 1979 Iranian Revolution  Socio-Economic Causes: i. Injustice ii. Illiteracy iii. Poverty and unemployment iv. Food insecurity v. Dissatisfaction  Religious Causes: i. Role of Madrasahs ii. Religious Intolerance Main Causes
  7. 7. Brain wash by describing they will go to heaven with the press of a button. What they are doing is “Jihad” The people who are going to be attacked are all “Kaafirs” How do they train Bombers
  8. 8. Rise in cost of production Fall in business confidence Product Innovation falls Government on non-productive areas. Outsourcing of business Effects of Terrorism on Economy
  9. 9. Roots of Terrorism spreads all over the world
  10. 10. Terrorism on the Rise
  11. 11. Total incidents due to Terrorism
  12. 12. In this world, everything has two faces Right or wrong, real or fake, truth or lie. The image of terrorism shown to the whole world is just the one face of this picture. Two Faces
  13. 13. Killed by a Muslim because he sketched drawings of Hazrat Muhammad ‫صلى‬‫عليه‬ ‫هللا‬‫وسلم‬ (na-auzubillah) Charli Hebdo
  14. 14. So called Champions of human rights. But always talked about the rights of particular people Never talk about killing of innocent Muslims United Nations Organization
  15. 15. In Kashmir, almost 44,000+ Kashmiris have been killed by Indian army. Israel killed 200,000 civilians in Palestine & Iraq Thousands of Muslims have been killed by Hindus in India Thousands of Muslims have been brutally killed in Burma by Buddhist Monks Killing of Muslims
  16. 16. It is all propaganda against Islam, just to regret the integrity and spread hatred against Islam because they know that Islam is the most spreading religion and it has 1.23 billion adherents & growing at very fast pace … Propaganda
  17. 17. Thanks !!! Ask if you have anything?