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  1. 1. 1. IntrodutionThis utility is used to install GRUB4DOS boot code to the MBR or partitionboot sector of hard disk or image file.grubinst.exe is a console mode program. It mimics the behavior of the DOS/Linuxutility from TinyBits GRUB4DOS package. But unlike,grubinst is writen completely in C and can be compiled to run in OSs likeWindows NT/2K/XP, Linux and FreeBSD.grubinst_gui.exe is a GUI frontend to grubinst.exe. It provides a friendlyinterface to users who are not familiar whith the command line environment.Currently, grubinst_gui.exe only runs in Windows OSs.Please note that these utilities only install MBR, it DOES NOT copy GRLDR toyour partition or configure menu.lst, neither does it modify boot.ini to enablebooting from the NT boot manager. To know more about such things, please refersto readme file from the GRUB4DOS package.Also note that the current version of grubinst doesnt support modify the MBRof hard disk in Windows 95/98/ME. For those OSs, should be usedinstead.2. DocumentsDocuments have been moved to the grub4dos homepage at Useful links and wingrub homepage GRUB4DOS package by TinyBit forum on GRUB4DOS information by TinyBit, also in chinese