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The Secure Communicator


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Do you understand how you’ve been affected by the Heartbleed bug? Are you worried about maintaining your privacy online? (You should be.) Do you know how to best protect client or company information? Is it safe to use social media? Have you heard of ransomware? Are you worried about identity theft?

Most technical communicators know that it’s important to secure their work and online presence, but many don’t know how to do it effectively. Good security can enable—not hinder—your work. Join Ben as he discusses the steps you can take to adopt a security lifestyle that protects you and enables you to work effectively:

Protecting your computer
Protecting your reputation
Protecting your information
Protecting your identity
Creating strong and memorable passwords
Leveraging cool tools

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The Secure Communicator

  1. 1. The Secure Communicator Protect Yourself and Your Client Ben Woelk, CISSP Program Manager, Information Security Office Rochester Institute of Technology Director and Community Affairs Committee Chair Society for Technical Communication 2015
  2. 2. Why Worry?
  3. 3. Threat Landscape SYM-ISTR-SMB-Infograph.jpg
  4. 4. Threat Landscape
  5. 5. Threat Landscape
  6. 6. Threat Landscape
  7. 7. Threat Landscape
  8. 8. Adopting a Security Mindset Inside the Twisted Mind of the Security Professional
  9. 9. About that mindset…
  10. 10. The Basics • Anti-virus • Anti-spyware • Firewalls • Patching
  11. 11. Protecting Your Information
  12. 12. Protecting Your Identity
  13. 13. Protecting Your Reputation
  14. 14. Passwords
  15. 15. Passphrase It was a dark and stormy night becomes ItwasaDark215&StormyNight Length > complexity
  16. 16. Cool Tools • Google Dashboard • Browser Plugins – Netcraft – McAfee Site Advisor – Web of Trust (WoT) • Secunia PSI • Password Safes
  17. 17. Resources • Goodreads Cyber Security Library brary • Infosec Communicator Blog • Shockproofing Your Use of Social Media eBook (free 3/28-4/1)
  18. 18. Questions (and Maybe Some Answers) Ben Woelk @benwoelk