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An Introvert's Journey to Leadership


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Many of us might agree that Western society lauds extroverted leaders and their accomplishments. However, introverts make great contributions and can be effective leaders, too. Many of us are introverts who may feel unsuited or unequipped for leadership, but are not sure how to take that next step to increase influence and improve visibility. Have you wondered how to empower yourself and leverage your innate skills to become a leader? Join Ben as he shares his personal insights and the path to leadership with you. He will describe his journey from shy team member to recognized leader, and share key steps he took and experiences that have helped him become a successful leader.

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An Introvert's Journey to Leadership

  1. 1. An Introvert’s Journey to Leadership STC SUMMIT MAY 16, 2016 BEN WOELK
  2. 2. Your Presenter Ben Woelk Former Director, STC; ISO Program Manager, Rochester Institute of Technology; Former Co-Chair, EDUCAUSE HEISC Awareness & Training Working Group; Security Guru; Introvert; INTJ; CISSP; Author of Shockproofing Your Use of Social Media: Staying Safe Online (Kindle)
  3. 3. I am an Introverted Leader • Yes, I really am an introvert • My introversion informs my approach to leadership • I believe that self- understanding and leveraging introverts’ skills has made me a better leader
  4. 4. Key Points What is an introvert? How introvert strengths apply to leadership How I made it work for me Strategies
  5. 5. Extraverts Outer world of people and things Active, breadth of interest Live it and then understand it Reward seekers, Fame Reenergize by solar panels
  6. 6. Introverts Inner world of ideas and impressions Depth of interest Thoughts, concepts Inwardly directed Reenergize by recharging
  7. 7. Strengths
  8. 8. It's an Extraverted World
  9. 9. What makes a good leader?
  10. 10. My Leadership Journey
  11. 11.
  12. 12. Ben
  13. 13.
  14. 14. Ben
  15. 15. Ben
  16. 16. Community Leadership
  17. 17. Society Leadership
  18. 18. What Drives Me • Seeing gaps • Making a difference • Practicing servant leadership • Pursuing excellence • Competitive
  19. 19. • Small successes • Understanding introversion • Understanding how I communicate best • Taking an MBTI assessment What has Helped Me
  20. 20. Where I’m Still Weak • I do not like conflict • Reticent when I should speak up! • Over analyze before starting • Competitive
  21. 21. Day-to-Day Strategies • Network: stop avoiding events • Understand how you work best • Let others know how you process • Leverage social media • Communicate in multiple formats • Recharge!
  22. 22. Where Do You Go from Here? • Get to know yourself. Take a Personality Assessment and DISC • Control your environment • Communicate your value • Leverage your introversion
  23. 23. Resources Jung Typology Test™
  24. 24.
  25. 25. Connect with Me! @benwoelk 25