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The 3 Strategies of Highly Effective Sales Motivators: Prepare, Debrief, and Energize


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How do smart sales leaders motivate themselves and others? They create energy with proven strategies—and connect with more prospects, set more appointments, and close more sales. Learn those strategies for yourself (and use them to inspire your team) in this presentation from Business Wise Insiders!

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The 3 Strategies of Highly Effective Sales Motivators: Prepare, Debrief, and Energize

  1. 1. The 3 Strategies of Highly Effective Sales Motivators: Prepare, Debrief, and Energize
  2. 2. How do smart sales leaders motivate themselves and others? How do you motivate yourself or your team? “Get to work!”
  3. 3. It takes more than just a positive attitude to generate better sales results. A positive attitude will help you do your best based on what you already know. FACT “Today we’re going to sell more stuff!” “Uh… okay. How?
  4. 4. Effective sales motivators use proven strategies to create momentum and energy that translate to better team performance and more leads, appointments, and sales. FACT
  5. 5. Smarter Feedback → Better Preparation PREPARE
  6. 6. GOAL: METHOD: WHY IT’S IMPORTANT: Prepare more effectively for sales calls. In your role play / practice, use critique and feedback strategies proven to reinforce best practices and lead to better results. If you take an overly negative approach to critique and feedback, you’ll cause your reps to tune out, and actually reduce the motivation to succeed. Instead, focus on the positive, and offer feedback designed to improve performance and results.
  7. 7. THE 6:1 RULE of POSITIVE FEEDBACK Positive reinforcement resonates more than negative criticism, and can make feedback more successful. A 2004 study found that the highest performing sales teams offered each other almost 6 times as many positive comments as negative ones:
  8. 8. THE 2-WAY FEEDBACK FREEWAY Motivating your team isn’t just about giving the right kind of feedback—it’s also about knowing how to receive feedback. Use these 3 tips to ensure your feedback is heard, absorbed, and translated into results. ASK FOR JUST ONE THING Actively solicit feedback—when you ask for it, you’ll be more open to what you hear. And the more specific the request, the more useful the feedback will be. SEPARATE WHAT FROM WHO Your reaction to feedback can change depending on who’s giving it. Be objective—focus on the content, rather than the source, of the feedback. UNPACK THE FEEDBACK Often, feedback is generic and/or vague. Don’t assume the worst; analyze what the feedback really means before you react, and ask for clarification.
  9. 9. While feedback should be mostly positive, you shouldn’t be afraid to criticize. Sales reps want negative feedback, too. A 2014 study found that “when senior HR executives were asked about their biggest performance management challenge, 63% cited managers’ inability or unwillingness to have difficult feedback discussions.” Wise Guys Tip
  10. 10. Smarter Debrief → Faster Improvement (and Better Results) DEBRIEF
  11. 11. GOAL: METHOD: WHY IT’S IMPORTANT: After a sales call, develop an effective follow-up plan, and prepare for your next call. Use a debrief strategy that focuses on your prospect’s needs, and examines your rep’s real-world performance. Poor follow-up is a major factor in losing out on promising prospects. Regular debrief sessions can lead to a higher success rate. In addition, every sales call is an opportunity to improve. Take advantage of it.
  12. 12. THE PERFECT 3-QUESTION DEBRIEF What are the next steps? What did you learn about your prospect? What did you do well, and what could you do better? How you follow up after a sales call can mean the difference between a sale and a lost opportunity. Ask about next steps at the beginning of the debrief, to reinforce their importance and make a plan. The best sales calls are focused on your prospect, not your product. Ask your reps what they learned. If they did their job, they’ll have plenty to say. Use every sales call as an opportunity to encourage self-critique. An honest evaluation of a real-world scenario—while it’s still fresh in your rep’s mind—can lead to tangible improvements the next time out.
  13. 13. Pay attention to how you and your reps describe your sales calls. If they begin a lot of sentences with the words “I said,” that’s a sign that they’re spending too much time talking and not enough time listening. Wise Guys Tip
  14. 14. Dynamic Environment → Energized, Successful Reps ENERGIZE
  15. 15. GOAL: METHOD: WHY IT’S IMPORTANT: Set your team up to succeed A sales culture that provides explicit goals, effective tools, and mechanisms for improved performance. It’s not enough to have a sales culture based on “selling more stuff.” When sales reps have specific goals and a clear path for achieving them, they’re much more likely to be motivated and equipped to succeed. And that, in turn, leads to “selling more stuff.”
  16. 16. WHAT MAKES A SALES CULTURE DYNAMIC? Rituals & Processes How do you connect with prospects? Generate leads? Land clients? Find what works, then replicate and refine. Tools & Technology High-quality tools (databases, CRMs) enhance your ability to generate new business, and demonstrate a commitment to success. Language & Communication Verbiage that’s unique to your team and ongoing communication reinforce your process and engage everyone in its success. Social Structure Managers who also sell and high commission rates for reps engender mutual respect and pride in the craft of sales.
  17. 17. WHAT’S YOUR SALES CULTURE SCORE? Want to see how your sales culture measures up? Take a few minutes to find out whether your culture sets your team up for success with the Business Wise Sales Culture Test! START TEST!
  18. 18. Regular sales meetings are a great way to reinforce your sales process. Have each sales rep review their bests and worsts from the past week. You’ll generate dialogue about what’s working, what isn’t, and how to constantly refine and improve. Wise Guys Tip
  19. 19. The 3 Strategies of Highly Effective Sales Motivators: Prepare, Debrief, and Energize
  20. 20. INSIDERS
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