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Introducing the RISKS that STEAL WEALTH, and how to Safeguard and Align your Money to serve Dreams and Values you cherish for LIFE ...for self and family.

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  1. 1. STICKY MONEY FOR YOUR LIFE AND RETIREMENT Aligning Wealth for the Lifestyle You Want Brian Weatherdon MA, CFP, CLU, CPCA, CRC, MDRT. Certified Retirement Coach. Cert. Financial Planner.
  2. 2. Your Personal Concerns of Money In my book, A Lifetime Of Wealth and in an educational website, you hear stories of how people distress about money … and the ANSWERS we have for YOU!
  3. 3. Persistently STICKY DEBTS - personal and business If we live long enough, how can we be sure we’ll never go broke? ?
  4. 4. Persistent INFLATION Health inflation … especially personalized senior care and services, long term inflation near 10% annually. 85% of our life-long health expenses occur over the age of 65.
  5. 5. Low Returns – Stock Market Losses • Getting 2% a year, or losing 35% every few years, is HIGH RISK. Either of these will result in life-threatening GAP …like this:
  6. 6. No Exit Plan from your BUSINESS Have you thought about SUCCESSION? Have you thought how to SELL YOUR BUSINESS? What would be a “LUCRATIVE EXIT” assuring financial wellbeing for LIFE? Visit: business/ and how you can “Start Up Your Exit Strategy” at
  7. 7. Pensions, Inheritances, Winnings… What INCOME do you want to FULLY ENJOY your Life, your Family, your future Estate, and even Charity? What IMPACT must this $$ make to fully secure the LIFE YOU WANT..?
  8. 8. How will you ensure RETIREMENT SAVINGS DON’T SUDDENLY …… B O O M !
  9. 9. How will you align financial Wealth to serve your Values & Dreams For LIFE
  10. 10. Do you want a CONFIDENT way to PROTECT YOUR NEST EGG? What is a proven process to protect our money and ensure it will continue to serve our needs FOR LIFE!
  11. 11. YES we can ensure you’ll have STICKY MONEY for LIFE ! LIFE–LONG INCOME also known as . . .
  12. 12. We’ll Fuel your Future with … 1. LIFE HORIZONS ANALYSIS … meaning we see your future and script the “movie” you can live in each season or “horizon” . . . and so ensure your $$ matches the LIFE you want!
  13. 13. And we’ll introduce you to: 2. LIFE INCOME MANDATES … to assure and even guarantee lasting INCOME FOR LIFE: •Global Dividends •Global Real Estate Income •Global Infrastructure Income •Global Fixed Income •Life Pay-out Annuities
  14. 14. What would it mean for you … IF YOU COULD LIVE TO 150 AND NEVER NEVER …. NEVER OUTLIVE YOUR INCOME?
  16. 16. STICKY MONEY 4 LIFE Share a wider discussion, and learn more in links to help Align your Money and your Lifestyle at:
  17. 17. No more of Now build your And secure life’s lasting
  18. 18. Reach me directly, and learn more... • On the web • Amazon/Kindle: “A Lifetime Of Wealth - and How Not To Lose It” • Reach me easily . . . Brian Weatherdon, Certified Financial Planner, Certified Retirement Coach and Consultant on Aging. 905-637-3500 x 223