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Pension Money can Seed your Business -- Pat's Story


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Pat had vital experience in her field but insufficient capital to start a business. Here's her story of taking pension money as a source of start-up funding for her business. She moved one nest egg to create another. She added value for family, community, & achieved her dream. Next she'll need her exit strategy to successfully sell her business stay tuned for more! >>> See more also at Amazon, "A Lifetime Of Wealth -- And How Not To Lose It"

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Pension Money can Seed your Business -- Pat's Story

  1. 1. Pension Money can Seed a Business <> Pat ’s Story Brian Weatherdon MA, CFP, CLU, CPCA Author, Speaker, Financial Planner. Aligning your Wealth & Life to overcome fears and secure your income, lifestyle, & comfort to age 105
  2. 2. Before hearing this story . . . . • Continuing into these slides signifies you realize one person’s story cannot be representative of what everyone else should do. This story is personal and not in any way prescriptive for what you should do, nor for how your advisors may guide you. • • Stories in this wider series capture different approaches to value and decisions in business, pension, savings, and the results for personal security, life income, and family estate. • • More information/insights at educational website And 5-star rated book (Amazon, Kindle, bookstores) “A Lifetime Of Wealth -- And How Not To Lose It”
  3. 3. Pat has 30 years of pension value • And she has a dream to change her life • From employee and intrapreneur • To business owner and entrepreneur
  4. 4. Strengths and Weaknesses • • • • Tremendous industry experience Vital knowledge and network Personal health and energy Able to focus, work hard, sacrifice to win. • Shortage of money to open her business.
  5. 5. Pat’s pension; a source of capital • In Pat’s instance she was able to “commute” her pension: ie. pull the full value into a personalized pension account. • Then she unlocked part of the pension to invest in business, and fast-tracked income from the remaining pension to avoid drawing salary during start-up. • Such a strategy depends on many factors. Your desire to consider such strategies should be discussed and confirmed with members of your financial, accounting, tax-planning team who can assist in this or other ways to help reach your personal and business goals.
  6. 6. Later .. .. .. • Pat’s business has grown. Business expenses have reduced tax on her pension income. And while pension values are reducing, the nest egg represented by her business has been growing. • Tax planning will also bring advantages on the sale of the business to reduce or eliminate tax.
  7. 7. Profitable nest egg in her business • Pat succeeded in her passion to start a business and converted taxable pension income into taxpreferred sale of a profitable business. • Then she’ll need Exit Strategies for her business See & subscribe... “Exit Strategies for Business”
  8. 8. Her Stewardship Team • Pat doesn’t accomplish all this on her own nor on the advice of just one advisor. Due diligence & proper planning will need: • Accounting, tax, and business advisors • Business attorneys and commercial bankers • Insurance and certified financial advisors • Community partners, industry network • Her family too for consultation & support.
  9. 9. Pension Business Retirement • Pat is a rare person, uniquely qualified with experience and confidence to succeed. • Her pension is reduced while her business creates a new nest egg, and especially tax effective. • She proved her results with her passion & success. • She adds major contribution to her community – and encourages others to start/grow their business. • She represents a life lived not by the winds of fate but by “the set of the sail” • Exit plan: ten years, and retire vigorously.
  10. 10. Resources to help get what you want • Experience this website to help focus on your future: • Get 5-star book, Amazon/Kindle/bookstores: “A Lifetime Of Wealth – And How Not To Lose It” ie=UTF8&qid=1380311791&sr=8-1&keywords=a+lifetime+of+wealth+-+and+how+not+to+lose+it • Visit