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Information about FAME and especially about the FAME Coaching & Pitching Event in Copenhagen. FAME (Facilitating Access & Mobilisation of European finance for Creative industry growth) is a European project co-financed by the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP) under the European Creative Industry Alliance.

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General Info: FAME European Creative Startup Training

  1. 1. FAME Facilitating Access and Mobilisation of EuropeanFinance for Creative Industry Growth
  2. 2. FAME: AIMS Mobilise new financing sources and develop a dedicated Pan-EU Fund for Creative Industries (CIs) companies. Achieve wide scale and sustainable impact on the level of financing available to support the successful development and competitiveness of European CIs businesses, with special attention to those with high growth potential.
  3. 3. FAME: ACTIONS• Mapping of the current provision of financing available to CIs in Europe• Set up a high level system for (I) coaching “near market” companies and (II) increasing the financial awareness of investors• Organisation of thematic financial leverage workshops• Lobbying activity with EIF and EIB• Assessment of the technical feasibility of the Pan European Fund
  4. 4. FAME: ACTIONS• Mapping of the current provision of financing available to CIs in Europe• Set up a high level system for (I) coaching “near market” companies and (II) increasing the financial awareness of investors• Organisation of thematic financial leverage workshops• Lobbying activity with EIF and EIB• Assessment of the technical feasibility of the Pan European Fund
  5. 5. FAME: „COACHING & PITCHING“ Demand Side Supply Side CI companies don’t Investors often considerspeak the language of CI businesses as investors. high risk and don’t understand They are the investment potentialnot investment ready. of high growth CI companies.
  6. 6. FAME: „COACHING & PITCHING“ Overall Objective: Increasing the mutual knowledge and closing the existing gaps among the CI community (demand side) and providers of finance (supply side).CI businesses with high-growth potential Financial Stakeholders • Great market potential • Sustainable competitive advantage Investors: • Creative USP •Business Angels • Management Team with strong •VC Funds entrepreneurial spirit, high drive •Public Investors factor and international outlook • Highly committed and competent organisation Coaches and Consultants: • Business model with excellent •Experience in coaching start-ups inherent scalability •creative sector expertise • Strong and promising partnerships •Former entrepreneurs or • International high growth potential high-level managers • Attractive exit opportunity = FAME selection criteria
  7. 7. FAME: „COACHING & PITCHING“ FAME hosted by CKO CI businesses with high-growth potential:coaching event I [Nov. 2012] Participate the FAME events and: Benefit from tailor-made training/coaching sessions and get support for your search for financing possibilities! COPENHAGEN Pitch your business idea in front of an international audience of investors that are really interested in investing in the Creative Industries! Get in contacts with potential international partners! FAME hosted by bwconcoaching [Mrz. 2013] event II Investors: HEIDELBERG Participate in the FAME events and: Open up new perspectives and get insights into the Creative Industries! Benefit from the pre-selection of investment-ready companies! Join us in developing a dedicated Pan-EU Fund for Creative Industries FAME hosted by FILAS (CIs) companies!coaching [Jun. 2013] Benefit from the FAME network! event III ROME
  8. 8. APPLY FOR COPENHAGEN: 12 – 14 November 2012FAME Financing Network as part of the European Creative Industries Alliance invites you to participate in theFAME Creative Start-Up Days in Copenhagen.In Cooperation with the Creative Business Cup we offer:• Individual Trainings to shape your business model, to improve you presentation & pitching skills and to get feedback to your business plan• Personal access to the Creative Business Cup Global Award Show 2012 to see the best pitches of the national winners from all over the world• Pitch your ideas in a session together with the national winners of the Creative Business Cup in front of international investors interested in the Creative Industries• Three Year Membership in the FAME Financing Network of the European Creative Industries Alliance offering support for access to finance, strategy, business plan and coachingApply until 10 September 2012: Download the application form and send an email with the completed form andyour motivation to become more international to your national contact point. FAME Financing Network is coveringall the costs for training, network membership and for the access to the CREATIVE BUSINESS CUP Global AwardShow 2012. You have only to cover travel expenses to Copenhagen.
  9. 9. AGENDA COPENHAGEN 12-14 NOVEMBER 2012 12.11.2012 13.11.2012 14.11.2012 9:30 – 12:00 FAME+CBC Pitching CBC Live Pitches 3 Sessions of 15 Pitches Pitching Participants: −Winners of the National CBC Competitions −Selected FAME Companies 10:00 – 11:00 FAME Wrap-Up World Café15:30 – 18:00 13:30 – 17:00 13:30 – 17:00 Selection of Winners/Special FAME Session: FAME European CBC Case Studies Awarding Ceremony„Pitch Training“ Creative Startup Training 18:00: Official Opening CBC 19:00: Gala Dinner 18:00: After Party
  10. 10. Monday, 12 November 201215:30 – 18:00Special FAME Session:„Pitch Training“ 15:30 Introduction Remarks: „Success Factors for Pitching“ (Allan Rasmussen, Investment Expert at CAT SCIENCE PARK) 15:50 Test Pitching: + 5 minutes Pitch by each FAME company + 5 minutes Feedback from the FAME experts (Kim Ove Olsen, CAT SCIENCE PARK / Allan Rasmussen, CAT SCIENCE PARK / Luigi Amati, Meta Group) = 10 minutes per company 17:50 Closing Remarks by Allan Rasmussen
  11. 11. Tuesday, 13 November 201213:30 – 17:00FAME European 13:30 Welcome (Michela Michilli, Filas)Creative Startup 13:40 Keynote: Person-Centered Innovation: Dealing with resistance.Training Open to all (Klaus Haasis, bwcon) 14:00 Interactive Learning Session Business Model Generation (Jasper Bouwsma, Vujàdé Ltd.) Financing Instruments (Kim Ove Olsen, CAT Science) Team & Finance – Role of Business Angels (Luigi Amati, Meta Group) 15:00 1-to-1 Coaching: Check Your Business Model! Session special for FAME companies Check Your Financing! Business model table: Financing table By Klaus and Jasper By Luigi and Kim / Allan − Group A : 50 minutes − Group B: 50 minutes − Group B: 50 minutes − Group A: 50 minutes Coaches meet Start-Ups: Coaches will form 2 tables and will discuss/give feedback to companies in groups. [Each group with ca. 5 companies → each company has 10 minutes] 16:45 Conclusions & Recommendations (tbd.)
  12. 12. Wednesday, 14 November 201210:00 – 11:00 FAME Wrap-Up World Café → Aim: analysis of the coaching & pitching and elaborate on recommendations for future coaching, training & pitching events  Limited Participants (around 10 – 12 people):  FAME project partner representatives  2-3 CI companies representatives  2-3 investors  1-2 coaches  Format: World Café  3 tables of 3-4 people  working on 1 special topic/question for 15 minutes  then change the table (one person stays as moderator of the table)  FAME companies can attend the CBC Award Show  to learn from their peers  to network with present investors, coaches, potential international partners
  13. 13. FAME PROJECT PARTNERS FI.LA.S. - FINANZIARIA LAZIALE DI SVILUPPO SPA (IT) Project coordinator - is the Financial Investment Agency of Regione Lazio, with the mission of promoting development for high growth potential SMEs and innovation. BWCON - BADEN-WÜRTTEMBERG: CONNECTED E.V. (DE) Project partner - is the top business initiative promoting Baden- Württemberg as a high-tech location. CAT SCIENCE PARK (DK) Project Partner - is a privately held company, helping entrepreneurs and innovators to find the capital and the right competences required for turning ideas into enterprises. CKO - CENTER FOR CULTURE & EXPERIENCE ECONOMY (DK) Project Partner - is a Danish government-funded and independent public authority established in 2008 by the Danish Ministry of Economics and Enterprise and the Ministry of Culture.
  14. 14. Please contact us:• Italy: • Michela Michilli, Head of EU Programs & International Initiatives FILAS • Laura Santarelli, Project Manager for Eu Programmes and Int’l Iniatives Unit, FILAS,, +39 06 32885309• Denmark: • Kim Ove Olsen, CEO, CAT SCIENCE PARK • Allan Rasmussen, Investment Manager, CAT SCIENCE PARK • Stéphanie Palombi, FAME Project Manager, CAT SCIENCE PARK,, +45 46740200• Nordic Countries: • Rasmus Wiinstedt Tscherning, CEO, CKO – Center for Culture and Experience Economy • Lena Arndal, Souschef, CKO – Center for Culture and Experience Economy,, +45 46 74 02 90• Germany and all other countries: • Klaus Haasis, CEO, Baden-Württemberg: Connected e.V. • Bianca Kolb, Project Manager FAME, Baden-Württemberg: Connected e.V.,, +49 711 90715 342 14
  15. 15. 15