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Genufobia fear of knees


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Travel
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Genufobia fear of knees

  1. 1. Genufobia - Fear of knees
  2. 2. • There is quite unusual phobia: Are you afraid of the knees. It all started when Laura was 11 and witnessed the moment when his father dislocated his knee. Since then (now 25) are terrible to see a knee. This phobia is called Genufobia, which comes from Greek word "genus", which means knee and "Phobos" meaning fear. All this has made life more difficult because you have trouble going to places where showing knees and her boyfriend, who is about to marry, play football. That, of course, not to mention trips to the beach or hot weather, where people tend to wear clothing that expose this part of the body. In Sarahs case, fear is also present if someone touches one of his knees.
  3. 3. • How to fight the Panic? Stay in the present. Realize what you really oponlo is happening and what you think might happen.- Grades your fear level from 0 to 10 and see if they rise or fall. You will see that does not remain at high levels for more than a few seconds.- When you are wondering what will happen to change your thinking and performs a task such as counting backwards from 100 3 to 3. - Be aware that when you stop adding feelings of fear of your situation, your fear begins to subside. - When the panic comes, accept it. Wait and give it time to pass without running away. Be proud / to yourself / a for your progress and think how good you feel when you overcome it this time.