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An older powerpoint I used re: assessments in Blackboard

Published in: Technology, Education
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  1. 1. Online Testing Tests, Surveys, Respondus, StudyMate & Polling
  2. 2. Who Is Here And Why ?
  3. 3. Testing The important thing is what you learn … not the grade you get … right?
  4. 4. Formative Summative
  5. 5. What Do You See ?
  6. 6. Online Test Considerations • Proctor or Not? • Open or Closed Book? • Timed or Not • Format? • Scrambling of Questions/Answers • Formative • Surveys • Pretests
  7. 7. All can be done online. Some work better than others!
  8. 8. Three Natural Processes Build The Test Give The Test Grade The Test
  9. 9. Build the Test
  10. 10. Give the Test
  11. 11. Grade the Test
  12. 12. Respondus 3.5 • Importing Questions in Respondus • Publishing the test – Print – Blackboard • Deployment options in Blackboard
  13. 13. Respondus 3.5 • Respondus is a tool to create online tests. • It can import files created in Word and generate tests in Bb. • Tests are created in Respondus and are published to your Bb course.
  14. 14. Import Format • Types of questions: Fifteen types compatible with Bb 7. • Must be saved as a rich-text (.rtf) or a text (.txt) file. • See the standard format handout
  15. 15. Multiple Choice Sample Title: Speed of Light 3) Who determined the exact speed of light? a. Albert Einstein *b. Albert Michelson c. Thomas Edison d. Bud Deihl ~ Yes. Albert Michelson won the Nobel Prize for Physics for determining the exact speed of light. @ No. The correct answer is Albert Michelson, who won the 1907 Nobel Prize for Physics for determining the exact speed of light. See Standard Format For Importing Questions
  16. 16. True / False Sample Title: Job Descriptions 5. True or False: Obsolete job descriptions can lead to lawsuits, as the description no longer matches the essential functions of a particular position. *a. T b. F See Standard Format For Importing Questions
  17. 17. Essay Sample Title: Americans with Disabilities Act Type: E 23. Discuss the concept of "reasonable accommodation" and how, as a manager, you would specifically apply this concept in the selection process for your business. See Standard Format For Importing Questions
  18. 18. Uploading from Bb into Respondus
  19. 19. StudyMate • Re-purpose Respondus quizzes into educational games
  20. 20. Study Aids
  21. 21. Practice Games
  22. 22.
  23. 23. Our Website: Next Steps?