Evaluation 2


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Evaluation 2

  1. 1. Evaluation Question 2 How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?
  2. 2. Introduction  Our A2 Media Studies Coursework needed us as a group to make a film trailer and for the trailer to go alongside our ancillary tasks of creating a Film Poster and Front Cover of a Film Magazine. We as a group decided that we would choose the Urban Drama genre for the film, and therefore we put together the forms and conventions of a Urban Drama and show our Unique Selling Point of our film in 3 different media products. We did this so we could make our trailer engaging and interesting for our audience. This eventually boosted the effectiveness of the project/product as a whole.
  3. 3. Our Film Posters  After we did our research and planning and after annotating real film posters, we set out to all create our individual Posters as seen above. Soon after Research and planning it became very clear to us as a group, that the main purpose of a film poster is to advertise and sell the film, through the Logo/title of the film, the images that relate to the film, the names of actors (possibly famous actors which will attract a bigger audience), the design and of course the layout. Using all these factors and elements to make a Film Poster a success, we then eventually created the film posters. Kofi’s: Richelle’s : Brandon’s: Connor’s:
  4. 4. Inspirational Posters to our group  Inspirations to our individual film posters where for many different elements and reasons, from the right you can see how the stances of the characters from the posters where inspiration for both Richelle’s and Brandon’s Film Posters  Whereas from the poster to the left, it is clear that the layout of this poster was a huge influence in Connor’s Film Poster.
  5. 5. Film Posters Analysis  We believe that although film posters are simple, that it is very effective as it attracts a huge audience to come and watch your movie as it is associated with your film. The image of the model or main image of a poster is the main attraction of any film poster, as it is the central image and therefore is the first thing you see as the audience. And we believe that a Film Poster is an amazing and effective way of promoting a film, and is very important as it could raise the number of the audience by thousands.
  6. 6. Our Front Cover’s of our Film Magazines  After doing more reasearch and planning we looked at and analysed a range of Film Magazine Front Covers between the four of us, we then went on to create our own individual Film Magazine Front Covers as seen above. During reasearch and planning and analyzing and annotating different front covers, we all, as a group understood all the forms and conventions of a normal real film magazine front cover such as including a masthead, tagline, other films, page references, barcodes and much more, we then realised that this was a great way of marketing a film as if an audience doesn't’t see a film poster but buys regular magazines they will come across your film which will encourage them to go and watch it and even go and watch the trailer to find out what the film is about further. Kofi’s: Richelle’s : Brandon’s: Connor’s:
  7. 7. The Urban Drama Trailer  After all of us had researched trailers, (Shank caught our entire groups eye) we learnt that the trailer is the foundation for which the themes, characters, images, colours, music and plots of the film and synergy campaign are first taken, as it presents all the main and exciting parts of the film which grabs the audiences attention and encourages them to watch the full film. To conclude, we think that our trailer contributes the most to the entire product/project as it shows off the same characters, colours, etc. as the Front Cover of our Film Magazines and Film Posters.
  8. 8. Conclusion  Overall we believe (that like a building) our Film Trailer is the bases of the entire project and that the Film Poster and Front Cover was the supports (that hold up the house). We know that our trailer (or any trailer) would not be as successful and have as much views without our Film Posters and Front Covers, as they bring in a larger audience than the trailer alone, as it almost a form of ‘Promoting’ our trailer because of the extra audience members. Therefore we believe that the ancillary tasks/texts were very important in the whole project and that it helps the Main Product as a whole and adds for the overall professionalism of the entire project.