Pure Paws Workshop 3 - Pure Paws Product Lines


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Session 3
Pure Paws Product Lines
Requirements: PowerPoint, Products, Handouts
Estimated Time: 20 Minutes

1) Product Lines
(a) Classic Line
(b) Star Line
(c) H2O Line
(d) Oats N’ Aloe
(e) Amplify Line
(f) Forte Line
(g) Texture Line
(h) Terrier Touch
(i) Color Systems
(j) Bare Essentials
(k) Travel Kits
ii) Ingredients
(a) Why Chosen
(b) Overview of types of ingredients
iii) What each product does
iv) Why Use it?
v) What Breeds
vi) Dilutions
vii) Application Methods
2) Questions

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Pure Paws Workshop 3 - Pure Paws Product Lines

  1. 1. Product Lines
  7. 7. Multiple All-Breed Bests In Show Multiple Specialty Bests In Show #1 Samoyed Dog~All-Breed System CRUZ BIS, BISS GCh.Polar Mist Cruz’n T’Party At Zamosky Group First Thank You Judge Mr. Roger Hartinger Breeder: Lynette Blue, Polar Mist Samoyeds. Owners: “Exclusively conditioned Evy Widjaja and Lynette Blue with Pure Paws” Handlers: Group First Terri Galle 903-846-4302 Thank You Judge Patti Long Smith 0 WORKING DOG DIGEST OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2012 OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2012 WORKING DOG DIGEST 0ENGINEERED BY SHOW GROOMERS
  8. 8. PROVEN BY GABRIEL RANGEL Over 250 Best in Show AwardsAlong with Many Other Top Winning Handlers
  9. 9. PURE PAWS INGREDIENTS Best Ingredients = Best Results The #1 Reason Pure Paws is Successful is the bestingredients have been chosen to formulate each and every Pure Paws Product.
  10. 10. PURE PAWS INGREDIENTSPanthenol Spotted Orchid ExtractPro-Vitamin B5 moisturizer helps to hydrate the A botanical rich in minerals and moisturizing compounds that hydrateskin and promote healing to the damaged the skin and coat. It has reparative and protective properties that fighttissues free radicals and increases skin immunity. Healthy Skin = Healthy Coat.Sea Silk Extract AllantoinSea Silk Extract is an active ingredient derived from Allantoin is moisturizing and keratolytic, meaning that it causes keratinmarine algae. in the skin to soften. This property helps skin to heal more quickly and to bind moisture more effectively, making Pure Paws ReconstructingSea Silk provides a protective and moisturizing film Shampoo which contains Allantoin useful for dry skin and for healing from marine vegetable protein. It is soothing on the wounds, burns, and scars. It is also effective against sunburn, chappedscalp and especially good for sensitive skin. It provides skin, and other skin irritationsprotein enrichment and a silky feeling.Evening Primrose Safflower Seed OilThe most proven benefits of evening primrose It nourishes the roots, penetrates deep inside the skin, and helps to preventoils is its ability to treat dry, scaly or itchy skin dryness. It strengthens the coat’s strands which enables a healthier andconditions. It can help clear skin allergies, rashes richer coat growth at a faster pace. When applied to the skin, it acts as aand even prevent pores from becoming clogged. vasodilator which can dilate the blood vessels, resulting in more nutrientsRich in key ingredients that stimulate growth; supplied to the coat follicles through blood circulation, and a healthyEvening Primrose Oil has been used to increase environment for coat re-growth.hair growth.Vitamin E Acetate Jojoba OilProtects the skin against the harmful effects of Jojoba Oil contains fatty acids that serve as a natural moisturizer tosunlight after topical application. Prevents free prevent coat breakage.  Rich in proteins & various nutrients thatradicals induced skin damage and increases the nourish the skin & restore the coat’s healthy roots & shafts- vitalizingmoisture of the skin. the entire coat & adds a refreshing scent. The Jojoba oil will prevent dry hair which leads to hair damage or hair loss, it actually counteracts this and promotes the growth of new hair cells.   Jojoba will bring back the shine, luster and natural beauty of your dog’s coat.
  11. 11. PURE PAWS INGREDIENTS Optical Brighteners Optical brighteners absorb light in the ultraviolet spectrum and re-emit light in the Palm Oil blue region; creating whiter whites and deeper The moisture content in palm oil is very beneficial for hair and richer colors on the coat. Pure Paws contains skin. This oil contains lipids and saturated fats that feed the hair microscopic optical brighteners. These tiny shaft, eliminating dryness. The moisture beads in palm oil will crystals help reflect back the base color that is improve the texture and quality of your hair by making your already present in the coat. Pure Paws dog’s coat soft and manageable. Palm oil is reach in vital Optical Brighteners is not a color or bluing. It nutrients, the Vitamins A & E are free radical neutralizers that is NOT a bleaching or color removing prevent the destruction of skin cells; resulting in healthier skin ingredient. and coat.Citric AcidNatural cleaning agent derived from citrus fruits which Odor Inhibitorsare lemons, limes, oranges and grapes. Naturally The active Ingredient is a concentrated compound that works onsoftens water for better cleaning power, adjust the pH “contact” to entrap malodor molecules. This ingredient surroundsfor healthier hair, keeps the hair shiny and smooth, odors and permanently encapsulates them.deep cleans hair and is a natural preservative thatkeeps bacterial growth from growing on the skin.Hydrolyzed Keratin Aloe Vera Contains fatty acids serve as a natural moisturizer to prevent coatExtract nourishes skin & coat with fatty acids.  breakage.  Rich in proteins & various nutrients that nourish the skin &Promotes skin rejuvenation to grow a healthy restore healthy coat roots & shafts vitalizing the entire coat & adds abeautiful strong coat & provide a naturally clean refreshing scent.   scent.ChamomileDecreases excessive oils on the skin’s surface.  Wheat GermDeeply penetrates to moisturize and anti-oxidants Increases moisture & helps prevent future damage. Readily absorbedwork beneath the skin to boost the health & by the skin and hair; studies have shown it helps to increase circulationsheen of the hair shafts. to skin which could aid in coat production.
  12. 12. PURE PAWS INGREDIENTSHydrolyzed CollagenEnhances the appearance and feel of the coatby increasing the coat’s body, suppleness & Passion Flowersheen. Improves the texture of the coat that Extract nourishes skin & coat with fatty acids.  Promotes skinhas been damaged physically or by excessive rejuvenation to grow a healthy beautiful strong coat & providetreatment. a naturally clean scent.Coconut OilContains fatty acids serve as a natural moisturizer to Coconut Waterprevent coat breakage.  Rich in proteins & various Decreases excessive oils on the skin’s surface.  Deeply penetrates tonutrients that nourishes the skin & restores healthy moisturize and anti-oxidants work beneath the skin to boost thehair roots & shafts vitalizing the entire coat & adds a health & sheen of the hair shafts.refreshing scent.   Soybean Oil BisabololLoaded with Vitamin E, Soybean Oil promotes One of the main ingredients of chamomile. Bisabolol is an anti-hair growth & adds strength to every hair shaft. inflammatory, anti-irritant & anti-bacterial protector for the skin.   It soothesGiving a finish with a natural luster to the coat. and prevents skin irritants and itch; promoting healing & skin tissue regeneration. Dimethicone Oatmeal Protects skin, increases suppleness & adds Oatmeal is a skin soother to help relieve skin itching and irritation by shine.  Protect hair from heat damage moisturizing and soothing. The oats in Pure Paws Oats N’ Aloe are working deep into the cuticle of the hair specially prepared Oats that allows amino acids (the building blocks shaft to prevent frizzy fly-away coat. for proteins) to be absorbed by the body more rapidly than intact proteins, thus maximizing nutrient delivery.
  13. 13. PURE PAWS INGREDIENTS Cocamide DEA A. Two immiscible liquids, not yet emulsified Rice Protein B. An emulsion of Phase II dispersed in Phase I Molecularly created to penetrate the coat to varying degrees C. The unstable emulsion progressively offering restorative properties not found in many product. Rice separates protein on the other hand has a lower molecular weight and is D. The surfactant (purple outline around best suited for penetrating to help rebuild protein bond particles) positions itself on the interfaces responsible for making hairs tensile strength high - reducing between Phase II and Phase I, stabilizing the split-ends and tearing.  emulsion Silk Amino Acids Kathon CG Natural water-soluble extract from raw silk. It is a non-animalKathon CG Preservative that prohibits bacteria growth protein source used as an additive in skin and hair care products due to its high levels of serine which has excellent moisture preservation characteristics. As a water-based additive it is used to provide a protective barrier and silky feel. Silk amino acids have a lower molecular weight than silk protein powders and are moisturizing to skin and hair. Polyvinylpyrrolidone Water soluble polymer (A polymer is a mixture of compounds consisting of repeating structural units) PVP binds to polar molecules exceptionally well, owing to its polarity. Glycerine Improves Smoothness, providing lubrication and as a humectant.
  14. 14. CLASSIC LINE Pure Paws Original Products• High Dilution Rates 8:1• Cuts Grooming Time• Best Results for Winning Edge• Best Ingredients = Best Results
  15. 15. CLASSIC RECONSTRUCTING SHAMPOO• Classic Reconstructing Shampoo is recommended to maintain moisture and hydration levels on all coat types. This shampoo is a must for coats that are dry and damaged.• Classic Reconstructing Shampoo works at the skin level to rejuvenate & protect to promote healthy hair growth and then Top Ingredients Panthenol repairs and protects the current coat. It Spotted Orchid Extract also creates a beautiful healthy looking Sea Silk Extract coat for a Champion shine. Allantoin
  16. 16. CLASSIC MOISTURIZING CONDITIONER• Classic Moisturizing Conditioner is a cut above the rest. This conditioner is ideal for everyday use, helping maintain your dog’s coat.• Enriched with vital elements, this moisturizer helps re-hydrate your dog’s coat. The end results are a beautiful, radiant, and manageable coat. Panthenol Top Ingredients Evening Primrose is added to the ingredients to penetrate Spotted Orchid Extract the hair shaft to moisturize dry hair, Sea Silk Extract smooth the cuticle & help prevent split Safflower Seed Oil ends.
  17. 17. CLASSIC SHINE SPRAY• This light conditioning shine spray is a great multi-use spray. Use it for maintenance, wrapping, working out mats, or even when ironing coats for show grooming.• Sunscreen ingredients are added to protect the coat and skin from harmful Top Ingredients effects of the sun. Panthenol Vitamin E Acetate Optical Brighteners• Optical brighteners enhance the coat *Do Not Dilute colors and the great scent will last and last.
  18. 18. CLASSIC LIGHT OIL• Our Ultra Clear – Light Oil was designed to help boost coat conditioning. This product was designed as a clear, light oil in order to keep dirt build up off the coat and allow maximization of pore respiration.• The refined Jojoba & Palm Oil blend was chosen specifically to moisturize the coat while keeping the product clear to protect the coat from additional yellowing caused by the natural coloring in oil products.• Use this product with the Star Line Ultra Silk Cream Conditioner for optimal results. The Light Oil is perfect for maintaining Show Top Ingredients Coats in oil. Great for wrapping coats that require wrapping to Jojoba Oil grow coat; the Light Oil works well as a spray-on or blended with Palm Oil the Ultra Silk Cream Conditioner or as a leave in coat protector.
  19. 19. STAR LINE The Products for Everyone’s Grooming Box• High Dilution Rates 8:1• Builds Strong, Healthy Coats• Used on Most Breeds• Best Ingredients = Best Results
  20. 20. STAR LINE FACTOR ZERO SHAMPOO• Star Line Factor Zero Shampoo is highly recommended to bring the coat back to zero.• It removes all products and adjusts the coat back to its neutral state. Top Ingredients Panthenol Allantoin• Use Factor Zero as a first shampoo and Vitamin E Acetate follow up with the appropriate shampoo Citric Acid product for the coat type. This shampoo *Note: This shampoo does not contain any conditioning agents and most breeds will need to complement this product with other Pure is a must for cleansing the coat after a Paws products to condition the coat. show to remove all products from the coat.
  21. 21. STAR LINE BRIGHTENING SHAMPOO• The Star Line Brightening Shampoo is recommended for coats that need depth of color. It deep cleans without stripping the coat and unclogs pores to promote healthy coat growth.• The color enhancing effect of this product Top Ingredients is created through microscopic optical Citric Acid brighteners that reflect back the base Optical Brighteners *Note: This shampoo does not contain any color that is already in the coat. This conditioning agents and most breeds will need to complement this product with other Pure Paws products to condition the coat. prism effect creates brilliant colors and beautiful whites in all coat types.
  22. 22. STAR LINE NO RINSE SHAMPOO RINSE SHAMPOO• The Star Line No Rinse Shampoo is designed to allow for quick clean-ups of the coat. It works by having an active ingredient that captures odors on contact and eliminates them by changing their molecular structures. It does not mask or cover up odors.• This product does not need to be rinsed out of the coat. Top Ingredients Odor Inhibitors Optical Brighteners• Great for quick clean-up of crates when traveling.
  23. 23. STAR LINE SILK CREAM CONDITIONER RINSE SHAMPOO• Apply directly to Coat with Hands or Dilute• Leave in for Maintenance or Rinse• Protects Against Thermal Damage• Moisturizes Coat & Skin Top Ingredients Silk Amino Acids Sunflower Seed Oil Glycerine• Treats Dry & Damaged Coats for Healthy Growth Amodicethicone• Best Ingredients = Best Results
  24. 24. STAR LINE FINISHING SHOW SPRAY RINSE SHAMPOO• Optical Brighteners provides for Richer Colors and Intense Whites• Eliminates Static• Prevents Tangels Top Ingredients Optical Brighteners• Moisturizes Skin & Coat Glycerine Dimethicone Sunblock• Best Ingredients = Best Results
  25. 25. H2O LINE Extreme Hydrating to Repair & Protect• High Dilution Rates 8:1• Used on Most Breeds• Brings Coats Back To Life & Protects• Best Ingredients = Best Results
  26. 26. H2O HYDRATING SHAMPOO• H20 Shampoo is perfectly blended to clean the coat while adding in the extra moisture needed on dry over processed coats.• After using this product, previously dry coats will feel incredibly moisturized Top Ingredients without becoming limp or lifeless.  Passion Flower Aloe Vera Coconut Oil• Natural fatty acids & oils nourish the skin Coconut Water & leave the coat weightless.
  27. 27. H2O HYDRATING CONDITIONER• H20 Conditioner has it all! • After using this product previously dry coats will feel incredibly moisturized without becoming limp or lifeless.  Top Ingredients Soybean Oil• Natural fatty acids & oils nourish the skin Passion Flower Bisabolol & leave the coat weightless. Panthenol
  28. 28. H2O HYDRATING MIST• H20 Hydrating Mist seals in the moisture and leaves no oily residue. • This unique formula helps keep moisture in the hair shafts controlling dry fly away coats without creating limp hair. • H2O Mist is a great product for reducing matting Top Ingredients Dimethicone and maintaining moisture levels in the coat. Use Coconut Water daily to maintain optimal moisture levels.  *Special Note: H2O Hydrating Mist is a phenomenal product for wet-shaving the hairless breeds. **Also great for removing Kholesterol & Hair Spray after a show..• Hydrated shafts refract back brilliant color and shine.   Get all the shine without the weight! 
  29. 29. OATS N’ ALOE LINE The Answer to Dry Skin For a Shiny Coat• High Dilution Rates 8:1• Used on Most Breeds• Oats, Aloe Vera & Panthenol are combined to help Heal & Increase Moisture• Best Ingredients = Best Results
  30. 30. OATS N’ ALOE SHAMPOO• Oats N’ Aloe Shampoo is specially formulated to help soothe and heal dry and damaged skin.• Added Panthenol B5 moisturizes while Vitamin E increases circulation, both helping to promote skin health and coat growth. Top Ingredients Oatmeal Aloe Vera• The long lasting Oatmeal Cookie scent Allantoin will make you and your dog happy!
  31. 31. OATS N’ ALOE CONDITIONER• Oats N’ Aloe Conditioner is phase two in helping to soothe your companion’s irritated skin.• Added Panthenol B5 improves moisture levels while antioxidants help to protect the skin from free radicals which can cause serious damage if ignored. Top Ingredients Oatmeal• The Conditioner penetrates deep inside the skin Aloe Vera and helps to prevent dryness and strengthens the Jojoba Oil coat’s strands which enable a healthier and richer coat growth at a faster pace.
  32. 32. OATS N’ ALOE SPRAY• Our Oats N’ Aloe Spray is specially formulated with Earth’s healthy plant derivatives.• This lightly scented, hydrating spray adds moisture to the coat and soothes the skin.• This spray is best used after the Oat’s N’ Top Ingredients Oatmeal Aloe Shampoo and Conditioner or simply to Aloe Vera rejuvenate your pet’s skin and coat between Optical Brighteners baths.
  33. 33. AMPLIFY LINE The Answer to Limp Coats that Need Volume• High Dilution Rates 8:1• Used on Most Breeds• Provides Body, Shine & Volume• Best Ingredients = Best Results
  34. 34. AMPLIFY VOLUMIZING SHAMPOO• Provides External Strengthen and Repair to Heat or Styling Damage• Adds Shine, Body & Volume Top Ingredients• Best Ingredients = Best Results Rice Protein Citric Acid Cocamide DEA
  35. 35. AMPLIFY VOLUMIZING GEL• Apply Wet at Roots for Maximum Volume & Stabilization• Coats the Coat & Seals the Surface Top Ingredients• Adds Shine, Body & Volume Panthenol Kathon Polyvinylpyrrolidone• Best Ingredients = Best Results Glycerine
  36. 36. AMPLIFY VOLUMIZING FOAM• Easy to Apply Foam - For Application Control• Work into Coat to Maximize Stabilization of Coat Top Ingredients• Coats the Hair Shaft & Seals the Surface Panthenol Kathon Cocamidapropyl Betaine• Lubricates the Hair Shaft - Making the Coat Glycerine Shiny
  37. 37. FORTE LINE The Answer to Weak, Damaged Coats• High Dilution Rates 8:1• Used on Most Breeds• Panthenol & Hydrolyzed Keratin Strneghten, Repairs, Thickens, Moisturizes, & Protects• Best Ingredients = Best Results
  38. 38. FORTE STRENGTHENING SHAMPOO• Forte Strengthening Shampoo is formulated to improve the skin for optimal coat growth and to work on the existing coat to improve and help repair the current coat’s condition.• Chamomile and Aloe Vera work together to soothe the skin. The Hydrolyzed Keratin & Panthenol work to protect and build a healthy coat. Top Ingredients Hydrolyzed Keratin Panthenol Aloe Vera• Protect and improve your dog’s skin and coat with Chamomile Forte Strengthening Shampoo.
  39. 39. FORTE STRENGTHENING CONDITIONER• Forte Strengthening Shampoo is formulated to improve the skin for optimal coat growth and to work on the existing coat to improve and help repair the current coat’s condition.• Wheat Germ and Jojoba Oil work together to improve the health of the coat and prevent future Top Ingredients damage. Hydrolyzed Keratin Panthenol Wheat Germ Jojoba Oil• Protect and improve your dog’s skin and coat with Forte Strengthening Shampoo.
  40. 40. FORTE STRENGTHENING SPRAY• Forte Strengthening Shampoo is formulated to improve the skin for optimal coat growth and to work on the existing coat to improve and help repair the current coat’s condition.• Hydrolyzed Collagen works to enhance the coat’s body, appearance, suppleness and sheen. Hydrolyzed Keratin & Safflower Seed Oil are absorbed into the coat and Top Ingredients skin to strengthen and create a richer healthier coat Hydrolyzed Keratin re-growth --at a faster pace. Panthenol Hydrolyzed Collagen Safflower Seed Oil• Protect and improve your dog’s skin and coat with Forte Strengthening Shampoo.
  41. 41. TERRIER TOUCHThe Only Line Designed Specially for Terriers • Created for Gabriel Rangel *Gabriel has over 250 Best In Shows to His Name. • Best Ingredients = Best Results
  42. 42. COLOR LINESDesigned to Enhance for Beautiful Color • Washes out • Best Ingredients = Best Results
  43. 43. TEXTURE LINEDesigned to Add Texture • Sprinkle On • Brush In • Adds Stability to Coat • Best Ingredients = Best Results
  44. 44. BARE ESSENTIALS Pure Paws Hairless CareGENERAL ORDER OF APPLICATION BUT CAN BE ALTERED AS NEEDED:1. The CLEANSER- (DAILY) Rinse your hairless breed in warm water. Apply a small amount of the cleanser to damp skin. Using a circular motion (with loofah - see attachment1) or a using Olay facial cleaning tool (see attachment 2). With either method do not apply pressure. DAILY or more often if needed. Rinse with warm water.2. The EXFOLIANT -(SEMI-WEEKLY) Apricot base exfoliant can be used on hairless portions of body with concentration needed in prone to breakout areas. Apply a smallamount of warm water to your hairless breeds skin & add a small dab of exfoliant in a circular motion* ( utilizing either tool mentioned in step 1 without usingpressure) to cleansed skin.3. The MASK- (WEEKLY, ON SHOW DAY, OR DAY PRIOR OF) Following procedure 1 only or 1 & 2 with fingertips spread mask very thinly on entire skin in any direction. It justtakes a few minutes to dry, When first applied it is shiny and when dry it is dull. When dry rinse gently with warm water & a thin, soft wash cloth. Rinse with warm water thenclose pores with cooler water as a final rinse.4. The TONER - (DAILY, including SHOW DAYS) Apply a small amount of the toner to a square or round flat cotton pad.. Gently wipe the hairless portions of the body with theswap utilizing both sides to remove any excess oils & residue from the skin. Wait until skin is dry prior to step 5. This should take less than a minute.5. THE MOISTURIZER (DAILY, or SEMI-DAILY & JUST PRIOR TO RING TIME) Apply a small amount of the moisturizer to your finger tips and spread gently on all portions ofyour hairless breeds skin. Always apply moisturizer to cleansed skin. For semi-daily application you may use elect to use Pure Paws No Rinse Spray (see attachment 4 which isnot included in the Bare Essentials Kit) as an alternate of the cleanser (included in the kit), prior to applying the moisturizer.HELPFUL MAINTENANCE PRODUCT SUGGESTION FOR Pure Paws Silk Cream (DAILY or as needed): You may also wish to purchase our PP Silk Cream (see attachment 5) toprotect and enhance the strength & durability of the hair shafts on the crest, socks & plume. Apply with fingertips directly into the coat and do not rinse. Promotes coat growth. Best Ingredients = Best Results
  45. 45. HAIR SPRAY LINE Show Grooming Essential• Create Amazing Styles• Hold, Seal, Color• Adds Stability to Coat• Best Ingredients = Best Results
  46. 46. HEALTH CARE LINE Colloidal Silver• Colloidal Silver 31.5 PPM .999 Pure Silver• 100% Distilled Water• Disables the Enzyme that metabolizes Oxygen in Bacteria, Virus, & fungi• Use to help heal Hot Spots, Burns, Cuts, Rashes, Acne and More*IMPORTANT: Care in Storage must be taken. Do not Freeze or store next to any Electronics.
  47. 47. TRAVEL KITS• Great For Travel• Allows Customers to Try Different Products.• Refillable Bottles for Extended Use• Best Ingredients = Best Results
  48. 48. BRUSHES• Extensive Research Conducted with Groomers, Handlers & Breeders• Only the Top Quality Materials Available Have been used• Best Ingredients = Best Results
  49. 49. PURE PAWS PIN BRUSH• Brass Single Molded Nickel Plated Replaceable Pins• Pins Will Not Push Through Pad• Polished Tips• Light Weight & Manageable
  50. 50. PURE PAWS SLICKER BRUSH• No More Slicker Burns• Soft Bristles• Durable Pins• Lightweight• Better Results - Minimal Effort
  51. 51. SHEARS• Superior Craftsmanship• Beautiful Design• Japanese Technology, German Craftsmanship & USA’S Ingenuity & Quality Control• Drop Forged-Ice Tempered 440C Cobalt Vanadium Alloy
  52. 52. Questions?