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Walker sgp


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Walker sgp

  1. 1. Jamaican Culture By Brenton Walker
  2. 2. Thesis Goods Bad
  3. 3. Personal RelevanceFamily
  4. 4. HistoryThe Arawak,Taino Indians were originally thepeople who lived in Jamaica and they gave it thename originally it was “Xaymaca” which meansthe island of springs.Christopher Columbus on voyage of the NewWorld spotted island in 1494 and called it St IagoSpaniards settled the island in 1509/1510 theArawaks died out because of the diseasesbrought by the Spaniards as well as enslavement
  5. 5. HistoryBritish abolished slavery in August 1,1834Got political power back in the 1930’s and hadfirst election1962 year of complete independence of BritainCommonwealth member still
  6. 6. ReligionsAnglicanProtestantBaptistRoman CatholicJewishRastafarian
  7. 7. Parishes
  8. 8. Rastafarian Flag
  9. 9. RastafariBegan in the hoods of Jamaica in 1920’s and30’sWay of LifeBelief in Messiahship of Eithopian EmperorHaile Selassie 1(Real Name Ras TafariMakonnen)Resisting OppressionRacismPoverty
  10. 10. MarcusGarvey(Edu Professor
  11. 11. DenialHallie Sallesiess
  12. 12. HallieSellasie Fame
  13. 13. LeonardHowellJamaican Preacher
  14. 14. Haile Selassie Returns
  15. 15. Facts and Figures cigarettes,textiles, tobacco, processed foods, andsoft drinks, oil, and of course the most obvioustourism.Agricultural Products-Sugarcane(sugar), sweetpotatoes, coffee (blue mountain) ,bananas(plantains), coconuts(water), citrus fruit,vegetables, poultry( meats), goats(curry goat),cannabis (illicit)
  16. 16. Education
  17. 17. HolidaysIndependence DayMusicDancingShowsDrinking
  18. 18. HolidaysReggae SunSplashReggaeConcertsFood
  19. 19. HolidaysIndependence DayReggae SunsplashNational Heroes DayHaile Selassie’s Coronation DayAugust 1
  20. 20. Haile Selassie’s Coronation DayHaile Selassie’s Coronation DayCelebration of ReligionRastafariansSingingReciting Scriptures
  21. 21. August 1August 1Emacipation DayMidnight of July 31,1838Slaves fled to hilltops
  22. 22. National Heroes DayNational Heroes DayLeadersThird Monday OctoberYearlyTakes Place in Kingston
  23. 23. Food/Cuisine If Your FancyCurry GoatOxtailStew PeasJerk ChickenFried BammyAckee with Saltfish and CallalooJerk Pork
  24. 24. GeographyLocation: it is one of the biggest islands in theCaribbean Sea,coastline 635 miles land area 4,244square milesCapital is Kingston NowClimate- hot and humid but with a occasional coolocean breezeLand Use 16.2 percent arable land; permanentcrops 10.2 permanent crops; meadows and pastures21.1; forest land 31.2; other 21.4
  25. 25. National Flag
  26. 26. National DishThe national dish, Ackie, Saltfish, and (food)Food- Boiled banana, fried dumplin, boileddumplin, and yam which is like potatoe
  27. 27. DancesDance HallKuminaMyalPocomaniaEtuQuadrilleDutty Wine
  28. 28. Dance<object width="416" height="374"classid="clsid:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000"id="ep"><param name="allowfullscreen"value="true" /><paramname="allowscriptaccess" value="always" /><param name="wmode"value="transparent" /><param name="movie"value="
  29. 29. Application ComponentDescribe, in detail, your application component
  30. 30. EconomyRelies Primarily onSugar Cane IndustryBauxite
  31. 31. Natural ResourcesBauxiteGypsumLimestoneMarbleSilicaSand
  32. 32. Agricultural ProductsBananas(Plantains)Citrus Drinks/Fruits(Ting)Coffee(Blue Mountain)Alcohol( Rum)Coconuts( Coconut Water/ Coconut Milk)SpicesSugar
  33. 33. Bob Marley
  34. 34. Types of IndustryTourismBauxiteAluminumProcessed FoodsSugarAlcoholMining
  35. 35. Town of St. BathThe water in creek is said to have healing powersIn the 1600’s a slave fled here and all of hisulcers and pain was healedAnother hot water spring with healing abilities inSt.Thomas
  36. 36. Government and PoliticsType:Constitutional Parliamentary DemocracyGoes on a constitution (document) while alsogoing the british’s way of government andappoints representatives by vote of the peopleVoting age 18 and over
  37. 37. GovernmentType:Commonwealth memberExecutive BranchLegislative BranchJudicial Branch
  38. 38. Political Parties✤ Jamaica Labor Party✤ People’s National Party✤ National Democratic Movement✤ United Peoples Party
  39. 39. Application
  40. 40. Class Activity
  41. 41. Migration
  42. 42. SportsCricketSoccerBobSleddingTrack and Field
  43. 43. Track and Field
  44. 44. Soccer
  45. 45. Cricket
  46. 46. Bob Sledding
  47. 47. DiversityEthnic GroupsAfricanChineseEast IndianWhiteMixedSpanish
  48. 48. LanguagesEnglish ( Official Language)Patios or PATWAH(combination of English andsome African languages looked down upon withhigher classed Jamaicans different variations indifferent areas. But they are fluent in both. )
  49. 49. Drug tradeDrug LordsMarijuanaCocaine
  50. 50. Cocaine Route to AmericaGoes through Colombia to the islands of PuertoRico, Jamaica, and Dominican RepublicWhen it reaches Miami it is then spread aroundacross the country.
  51. 51. Plague of A NationCrimeViolenceMurderDrugsPollution( Sewage, Industrial Waste)
  52. 52. Conclusion