Yonatan Berman

Prepare your own tutorial videos and interactive worksheets
Yonatan Berman
Berlin Cosmopolitan School
There are so many high
quality tutorial videos
online already…
Why should you
make your own?
• Personalization of your teaching method: yours and not others
• Promoting individual learning: students watch at their own pace
• Flipped Classroom: advanced but time-consuming exercises are
to be watched at home
• Practical for all subjects
• Creating your own archive of videos for future use
How to record
you own video
Tablet/ PC + Stylus pen
(recommended: iPad Pro + Apple Pencil)
Screen Cast App
(recommended: Explain Everything)
YouTube account
QR code generator website
Students Interface
Solved worksheets Solved tests
Try it yourself:
Scan the QR code
• Simplicity: using QR codes and no links or attachments
• Organization: each QR code appears next to the relevant topic
• Revision: easily access past questions
• Parents: can see methods taught in class and support accordingly
Contact me:
Yonatan Berman
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Yonatan Berman