Saulius Rudelis

Jan. 27, 2018
Saulius Rudelis
Saulius Rudelis
Saulius Rudelis
Saulius Rudelis
Saulius Rudelis
Saulius Rudelis
Saulius Rudelis
Saulius Rudelis
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Saulius Rudelis

Editor's Notes

  1. Students need to be prepared for integration into society and the labor market. These challenges cannot be met without the student's inner motivation and without their desire for improvement. There is no secret that motivation increases when the learner has a clear goal and the child's education/work is fun and interesting.
  2. In order to create the conditions for students to gain both general and subject – specific competence, it is important to involve them into the learning process, by giving them a possibility to create their own curriculum to find the answers to their problems. One of the most effective ways to do this is a project work, because it encourages students to relate the classroom learning to the reality, to look for connections between objects and events and to get used to work in a group with others, dealing with one problem.
  3. When participating in project activities, students learn to plan their own and group activities, share responsibilities, choose methods of work, tools and materials. They also encourage cooperation, help each other and apply their knowledge and skills in practice. All this provides inexhaustible opportunities for students to develop their autonomy, creativity, it teaches them to work collectively, coordinate their own and other actions towards a common goal. Such skills are a significant achievement itself for the educational process. However, the most important thing for pupils is the real tangible result that they are trying to do. Therefore, the final results of the project must acquire a clear expression and form. They should enrich the classroom, the school or be functional beyond them.
  4. Participation in projects definitely broadens the minds of children. They can take part in the projects individually, but in most cases, this is a team, a group activity. For schools it is also a new experience, the opportunity to become more visible within not only the city, region, country but also in the EU - to demonstrate creativity and skills of children and teachers in Europe.
  5. Working on projects is learning by discovering and knowing what has been looked for. Each project might be different. This, of course, enriches the learning process, encourages motivation and develops students' creativity. Working on projects helps to create and form overall culture of learning at school. Project work, its presentations, community involvement into educational activities – all that enriches the daily life at school. The educational process becomes more significant not only for the participants but also to the society.