Recognition is not by chance


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Recognition is not by chance

  1. 1. Recognition is not by ChanceI am born in Mysore, a Cartoonist by Hobby for the past 40 years, enjoy drawingcartoons on various subjects / themes, any thing I see funny, would like to put it on paperin the form of funny or satire drawing.. I am practicing my hobby from college days totill date. Just like many other Kids I too was good in free hand drawing and aspired tobecome an Artist but had no opportunity to take it as profession. After my studies witha Diploma in Mechanical Engg., joined Bhilai Steel Plant and spent my most active partof my life of 35 years in Bhilai. The itching of cartoon drawing continued beside myhard work at the Shop Floor in a most tough environmental working conditions of theSteel Plant. However, I could contribute my cartoons/ illustrations work to ourCompany’s In house publications and for the local News Dailies and Magazines. I wastoo happy to see my cartoons in print in such publications. Mean while I acquiredDiploma in cartooning from Raye Burns School of Cartooning ,(USA ,) New Delhi in1965. I took two years to complete the course and this really benefitted me to know theskills of cartoon drawing and also enjoy the rare privilege of acquiring a qualification inCartooning.As I was not a Cartoonist by Profession there was no much opportunity for me to showmy work to the public. I started drawing cartoons on various subjects in bigger size for apublic show. I was given an opportunity by Kannada Sangha, Bhilai to put my first showof cartoons in 1980. The success of the exhibition was good for me to get moreconfidence in myself to go for more public shows. The appreciation from the cartoonlovers and encouragement from the Company motivated me to go for new ventures.Later, I could win many laurels at national and international levels in Cartoon Contests.In 1987 viewing my interest in Cartooning I was transferred to Public RelationsDepartment of my Company , thanks to the authorities of the Bhilai Steel PlantManagement as it recognized my creative work and wanted to utilize my services in thiscreative field also. I could find more time for my cartooning and could create CartoonSlide shows on Energy, Cost control, HRD etc. Conducting Cartoon Contests,Organising Cartoon Work shops. Cartoons for Hoardings, Cartoon Posters on Safety,Environment, anti smoking, wastage, Cartoons for Tech Journals….so on.. My 20 yearsexperience working on shop floor helped me to create the work needed by the Company.And it gave me a lot of satisfaction too.In 1996, I came to know about Inter National Cartoon Contests and my first participationwas in Taejeon Cartoon Contest at Seoul, Korea. One of my cartoons got selected forexhibition and printing in the Cartoon Album. It was a great Day for me to receive theCartoon Album and the Certificate. A great feeling that I was one amongst other topcartoonists of the world to be selected for this honour.
  2. 2. It boosted me to continue and participate further in international contests and to day Ihave the record of Most Awards 36 times ( 12 times from Korea itself ) whileparticipating in over 60 contests in the past 17 years. And my cartoons were printed in asmany as 30 Cartoon Albums brought out by different countries of the World. Participating in the Cartoon contests became a craze. Well, I have been really lucky andit is God’s blessings that I kept continued without losing interest to participate in suchcontests and also organizing my own cartoon exhibitions. Now , myself get surprise tosee my record 40 exhibitions which is a national record, conducted against many oddsand hurdles during such a long period of time.My Solo exhibition at Raipur was most memorable one as it was inaugurated by thethen Governor of Chattisgarh. These activities gave me publicity ,name and fame ( No money of course) more thanthat, a great satisfaction. The enthusiasm to continue to take part in Cartoon Contests anddrawing for exhibitions has helped me to improve my skills in cartooning, learning newways, updating myself with the passing time and also to build up my confidence.Flip Book is a series of pages in which successive drawings are laid on top of oneanother in close register. In each drawing certain movement is created from beginning toend and flip the pages to see the fun. Generally Flip books are created in sizes over 4” x3”. The Flip Books are not new which has the basics of Animation principles. I was creating the Flip Book animation in my School days when I was a Boy of 8years, when, even I didn’t know the word’ Animation’. I came to know about it only incollege days. I used to create the illusion of motion by drawing stick figures in the cornerpages of the School Books. I was in a small town and in those days there were no otheropportunities or assistance for my creative art which generally available in cities.During my School and College Days I could not get much time for my creative work andwas interested more in sports, playing Cricket and Badminton. Creation of Flip Bookstarted again only when I started my Service in Bhilai Steel Plant. I was a part ofCompany’s Cricket team for 12 years and a qualified MP state panel CricketUmpire for 20 years. I had opportunities to go on tour to various places. I used to createFlip Books of size about 4” X 3” on Cricket and other sports and also draw caricatures ofthe noted players on the spot. Everyone used to enjoy my work and it was really a greatentertainment.Well, the Computer animation was not known much at that time and my itching tocreate animation clippings continued and I thought of attempting with VHS videocamera…It was a crude method to get movement of cartoon drawings in Video format .
  3. 3. I prepared over 600 line drawings on ‘Industrial Safety’ on Xerox paper like flip Bookanimation.. Thanks to my colleague and an expert Video camera man of our department.Our creative team could achieve to certain extent of creating the film but we keptcontinuing the efforts.The routine busy, challenging , exciting work and stressful life sometimes continuedwith my Company’s work , Playing Cricket , Officiating Cricket Matches as an Umpire,and Cartooning for company’s in house journals, news Dailies and other publicationsplus attending my house hold work. Indeed 24 hours was not enough to attend all myactivities.In 1984 when I just sent a letter about my activities and achievements to Delhi DoorDarshan, and to my astonishment I was invited for an TV interview. My TV interviewwas recorded and I appeared in TV in Jane Anjane programme.Hundreds of cartoons were published in Hindi Dailies like Desh Bandhu and DainikBhaskar, Nav Bharath etc.. As I was knowing good Hindi I could post Hindi captions toofor my Cartoons.In January 2001, to my pleasant surprise I was one amongst other 10 ‘Non Hindispeaking persons’ to be felicitated by the Raj Bhasha Samiti of Chattisgarh for mycontribution of Hindi Cartoons to various Hindi publications.After my VRS in April , 2001 from my company I settled back in Bangalore. I wasnominated as President, Karnataka Cartoonists Association. The 4 year term HonoraryPost kept me very busy in organizing functions and getting new experience, contact withnew Cartoonists and many dignitaries. The job was really challenging and It was a greatsatisfaction to deliver my services as the president of the Cartoonists Association .After my tenure as president I have been keep going with my hobby. Drawing Cartoonsfor the news dailies and Publications, participating in Inter National cartoon Contests,conducting Cartoon work shops, and operating my own created different blogs oninternet posted with cartoons on various subjects.I have learnt a bit working in Photoshop in PC and trying to get used to upgradedtechnology. In fact, scanning , editing and colouring in PC has benefitted me to producequality work , also has made easy to send it by e mail to Contests , News media , postingin web sites etc.Learning Animation using Macromedia flash animation, creating my own animationclips for learning and for fun has given me a satisfaction. Earlier, just I had to be contentwith only creating flip books. To day, my animation works have been posted on webgalleries.
  4. 4. Being the only hobby cartoonist in the Country to get Most awards at National andInter National Cartoon Contests and conducting record number of one Man show ofcartoons, I applied for my claim for India Book of Records and subsequently toLimca book of Records.Really, I was thrilled when my claim was approved and got entry in both the Recordbooks.Next, new idea came to my mind creating a very small Flip Book , just for record.Creating the very small size Flip Book using Cricket playing characters was not that easywhat I initially thought of it. Even though I had an experience of over 30 years increating usual size flip books, I tried to work out in all possible easy ways to create thesmallest size but in vain. It needed lots of skill and patience. Ordinary Xerox Paper wereused and were cut in to small pages by a sharp cutter trimmed it for its smooth crispmovement. Several books were discarded as the finished one was not up to myrequirement.When the book was ready as I desired I started creating images of stick figures on eachpage as I used to create earlier in bigger size books. The difficult part of it was thatholding every page of tiny book properly and draw the movement correctly. Well,animator must know the correct action of movement of the character for the outcome ofits smooth and natural illusion of movement. Here, in this small size book if one imagegets a wrong action, the drawing cannot be corrected or the page be replaced, the wholebook is required to be made again to start drawing again.I created two similar small Books, one of size 1cm X 1.5 cm with 65 pages playingCricket and another one of size 1cm X 1.7 cm playing Foot Ball with 75 pages andsubmitted them and I was happy to know that the books to India Book of Records and Iwas very happy to know that the books were approved for the entry in Record Books.My creation of Flip Book size 0.5” X 0.75” were got selected for entry in Limca Book ofrecords -2011, World Amazing Record -World Record India –My addiction of creating Records continued and my new creation of Smallest size DeskCalender 2012 with Environment cartoons got entry in India Book of Records 2012and in Limca Book of World Records - 2012Breaking my own earlier record I newly created a tiny Flip book of size 0.5 cm X 1.3 cmwith total 54 pages which has got entry in to Assist World Records -2012 and UniqueWorld Records-2012
  5. 5. As I was thinking to utilize my artistic skill and animation knowledge to continuecreating records I got the idea of creating biggest size flip book animation. I wanted toget the credit of creating both smallest size and biggest size flip books.The creation of biggest size Flip Books( 20.75”X 13”) was not easy.. Choosing myfavourite theme of cricket and a person diving in to water of a swimming pool Iworked about 5 hours a day and completed two Flip Books in about 20 days. It wasreally a tiresome job of drawing about 170 similar animated characters correctly toget the smooth action when these big pages are flipped.I am glad that my hard work has been recognized by India Book of Records and AssistWorld records which gives me a great satisfaction.It has been astonishing for me that the flip book which I was creating for fun andentertainment would get in to national record and world records one day. Now I amreally happy with these recognition, even though my boy hood aspiration to becomeprofessional in Art field was not fulfilled.The internet browsing, opportunity to create our own websites, social net working are aboon to me. As a hobby cartoonist , my cartoons over 3000 have been published onvarious subjects, and I have my own websites posted with over 200 cartoons, keep goingwith social net work like Face Book , Orkut etc.. which are all these has helped me toshare my creation, my achievements with others and also see others work to improvemyself.My achievements getting recognized in India Book of Records four times , in LimcaBook of Records 4 times, as well in World Records India, Unique World records andAssist World Records gives me a great satisfaction. However these achievements werenot by chance. It’s the result of long dedication, hard work and sustained efforts forlong years. I am happy that being a hobby cartoonist I am the first person to achieve thisdistinction in the country.I must be thankful to my wife for her support , my children who always cheerfullyappreciated my passion and the well wishers all the time.It was a most memorable day when both my wife and myself were on the dias and Iwas felicitated with Life Time Achievement Award by Dr Shri APJ Abdul Kalam atCartoon Festival -2011 at New Delhi.B V Panduranga Rao,