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Mobile Revolution-Meetings & Mobile


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Here's the slides from a presentation on how we can use mobile during meetings and events. Event planner ideas, tips, tricks and stats on where mobile is going, who is using it and how we can incorporate the technology into planning successful meetings.

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Mobile Revolution-Meetings & Mobile

  1. 1. I’m Too Old for this Cr**
  2. 2. Leave Devices ON (Silent Mode) You Want Your Attendees To Feel Like This Little Guy!
  3. 3. Are YOU Innovating?
  4. 4. A Mutually Beneficial Relationship Both the Planner & Attendee BENEFIT
  5. 5. Save TIME and MONEY
  6. 6. No Smartphone?
  7. 7. Don’t Throw People Under the Bus!
  8. 8. Text Messaging for YOUR Events Short Codes
  9. 9. • Instant Polls• Schedule Updates• Reminders• RSVP’s• Contests• Build YOUR Lists
  10. 10. Text Services & CostsNo Shortage of Choices or Features
  11. 11. There is a TIME & PLACE for Everything Respect the Social Contract
  12. 12. Uses for QR Codes-Conference Schedules-Maps-Video Content-Welcome Messages-Exclusive Information/Offers-Polls-Contact Information-Links
  13. 13. Tips for Using QR Codes• Link to Content that is “Mobile Friendly”• Link to Content that EXTENDS the experience• Use “Short URL’s” to keep your code clean• GO BIG or go home!• Take the Mystery OUT• Tell Them How Find me!
  14. 14. Wireless Penetration
  15. 15. Wireless Internet Access
  16. 16. Mobile = Social Media
  17. 17. Be an Enabler
  18. 18. Hash Tags#HowTo12
  19. 19. Hash Tags Are No Longer A Mystery
  21. 21. Use Mobile to Share the Experience
  22. 22. ASK