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Needs analysis questionnaire


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Published in: Technology, Education

Needs analysis questionnaire

  1. 1. NEEDS ANALYSIS QUESTIONNAIRE: ESP Date:Speciality: Construction Engineering1.Personal backgroundSex Age First language Level of English before the Current level of English entrance to the college according to CEF scaleHow much specialist knowledge did you have in you main field of study before the ESP course?Tick √ an appropriate box. very much basic knowledge not much2. Interest, importanceAre you interested in taking an ESP course ? Yes, very much Yes Not much Not interested at allHow important do you think ESP is in comparison with other subjects? More important than many other subjects As important as other subjects Less important than other subjects3.Feedback tocourse contentTopic very useful Useful not usefulEngineering: professional standards, qualifications,career opportunitiesEngineering materials and propertiesShapes, dimensionsNumbers and quantitiesClassifying devices and equipmentDescribing processes and proceduresMaking predictions, future trends and technicalinnovationsEngineering landmarks - buildings (e.g. skyscrapers, hotels) - bridges - other landmarks*Safety at work, hazards, instructionsPhases of constructionProblem solving, advising and consultancy* Other landmarks If you have indicated ‘other landmarks’, which landmark(s) would you like to focus on?____________________________________________________________________** Other areas If you have indicated ‘other areas’, which area(s) would you like to focus on?__________________________________________________________________________4. Language prioritiesPlease mark your priorities Not important Important Priority
  2. 2. To become a more fluent speakerTo become a more accurate speakerTo expand my general vocabularyTo expand my specialist vocabularyTo improve my listeningTo improve my pronunciationTo improve my readingTo improve my writing5. Language skillsPlease mark your priorities (Reading) Not important Important PriorityManualsInstructionsContractsProduct specificationsPrice listsSpecialist literatureLegal documentsOther(please specify)Please marks your priorities (Speaking) Not important Important PrioritySpeaking to foreign visitorsSpeaking to foreign colleaguesSpeaking on more accurate speakerTo become athe phoneTaking part in meetingsSpeakingTaking part in conferencesSpeakingGiving presentationsGiving instructionsSmall talkOtherPlease mark your priorities (Writing) Not important Important PriorityBusiness lettersE-mailsMemorandumsReportsArticlesSummaries (of articles)NotesTranslationsGlossaryOther (specify)Please mark your priorities (Listening) Not important Important PriorityLecturesInstructions
  3. 3. PresentationsReportsExplanations given by the teacherTeacher talkOther (specify)