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9 march flash


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210 BSB FRSA Flash 9 March

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9 march flash

  1. 1. 210 BSB FRSA FLASH 9 March 2012 MARCHDid you know? 11 Daylight Saving Time Begins Move Clocks ForwardClocks across the United States will be moved forward one hour at 12 Resilience Training 9:30am-2:30pm ACS2 am on Sunday 11 March ? The exceptions to the rule are the *Charlie FRG Meeting Monument Ridgestates of Arizona, and Hawaii as well as the territories of the Virgin Community CenterIslands and Puerto Rico. 15 Volunteer of the Month Ceremony 10:30am Commons Key Caller Training 10-11:30am or 5-6:30pmBenjamin Franklin has been credited with the invention of Daylight ACSSaving Time. *Alpha FRG Meeting *Bravo FRG MeetingDST was implemented so we could get as much use out of ourSummer days and daylight as possible. 16-18 North Country Goes Green Irish Festival Dulles State Office BuildingThe correct spelling is “Daylight Saving Time” and not “Daylight 17 St. Patrick’s DaySavings’ Time” 20-21 AFTB Level II 9am-4pm ACS 21 Spouses Club Wine, Beer and Cheese Tasting CommonsIt is a great time to change your batteries in your smoke detector! 26 CYSS Child Development Centers Closed 26-30 ACS Instructor Training 9am-4pm ACS FLASH Contents 27 *HHC FRG Meeting Calendars 1-2 29 Women’s History Month Observance 11am-1:30pm Commons Community Notes 3 Fort Drum Events 4-5 Month of the Military Child APRIL National Volunteer ACS April Calendar 6 1 Fort Drum Maple Days 451IN Hill Water Tower Appreciation Week April 15-21 Community Notes 9 Off Post Events 10 2-6 Local Schools Spring Break Food Sense 11 (Check your school district calendar for updates) Contact Information 12 6 In Her Shoes: Living with Domestic Violence 9-11:30am ACS Common TerminologyACS=Army Community Service 772-6566 AFTB=Army Family Team Building 772-6710ERP=Employment Readiness Program 77VCCUS=Volunteer Childcare in a Unit Setting FRMP=Financial /Readiness/Management Program 772-5196 FRG=Family Readiness GroupCLIF=Community Leader’s Information Forum VMIS-Volunteer Management Information System 1DONSA=Day of No Scheduled Activities-Fort Drum agencies may have an adjusted operating schedule
  2. 2. AFTB Level I March 31-April 7 2012 S M T W TH F S11 13 14 15 16 17Daylight Saving 12 Key Caller Training Autism Support GroupTime Resilience EFMP Support Group 9-11am ACS 772-0664 Training 11:30am-1pm ACS *Alpha FRG Meeting *Bravo FRG Meeting North Country Goes Green Irish Festival 16-18 *Charlie FRG Meeting18 19 20 21 22 23 24 Spouses Club Beer, Volunteer of the Month Wine, and Cheese Ceremony Tasting AFTB Level II25 26 27 28 29 30 31 CYSS CLOSURE *HHC FRG Meeting Women’s History Month Observance ACS Instructor Training1 APRIL 2 3 4 5 6 7Maple Days In Her Shoes: Living with Domestic Violence Area Schools’ Spring Break (check with your school district for possible changes)Information and DisclaimerThis document is a compilation of agency information or emails that have been sent to the FRSA over the past week. If you would like any of the flyers in their original formatplease email your request to ahead and verify the time, date and location of the event you plan to attend. This email is for information purposes only, and you agree to not hold the unit representativeresponsible for any misprints or inaccuracy of information.If you have any questions, please call 772-4120 2Check out the unit’s Virtual Family Readiness Group Website at Look for NY, Fort Drum, 2BCT, 210 BSB
  3. 3. Community NotesThe USO will be sponsoring a blood drive 22-23 March.CONSTRUCTION NOTESDrainage work outside Mt Belvedere entrance gate has been delayed from 19 Mar 2012 until the 26th ofMarch 2012, this work will take three weeks to complete. Closing of roughly 1000 feet of one lanewill take place on a daily bases during the median work. They will pull the barrels and signs intothe median each night and reopen all lanes.Road construction of the intersection of Military Rd and Mt Belvedere will start immediately afterand will last approximately two weeks.Road construction in the area of Gas Alley and Iraqi Freedom( new entrance lanes) will restart on 12March 2012. Construction will not interfere with traffic entering either entrance.This work will provide an additional entrance lane and has a completion date of June 2012.Arts and Crafts ClosureFort Drum will be closing its Arts and Crafts center effective 30 March. This is a business-baseddecision. Cost of operations and labor and insufficient generation of revenue results in the Arts andCrafts Center Operating at a loss. Meanwhile Fort Drum has inadequate space for physical training.The building will house gym equipment and provide space for fitness training for Soldiers and Familymembers. Arts and Crafts equipment will go to the SKIES program and be auctioned off at the next NAFauction.Volunteer Support Fund International Festival of FoodBuy tickets for this event early and SAVE! Adult tickets are available through FRG reps for $10! If you purchase tickets atthe door or online $15. Tickets can also be purchased online at www.internationalfestivaloffood.eventbrite.comTickets are $15 for 12 and older, $5 ages 11-3. If you are interested in purchasing a ticket, 3
  4. 4. FRI MAR 09 - 1900 Man on a Ledge (PG-13)2130 Haywire (R)SAT MAR 10 - 1400 Big Miracle (PG)1900 Man on a Ledge (PG-13)2130 Haywire (R)SUN MAR 11 - 1400 Big Miracle (PG)1700 Man on a Ledge (PG-13)-----------------------------------------------------------------MON MAR 12 ,TUE MAR 13 ,WED MAR 14 - ClosedTHU MAR 15 - 1900 Man on a Ledge (PG-13)ALL SEATS FOR THIS SHOWING $1FRI MAR 16 - 1900 Chronicle (PG-13) 2130 The Grey (R)SAT MAR 17 - 1400 Big Miracle (PG) 1900 One For the Money(PG-13)2130 The Grey (R)SUN MAR 18 - 1400 Big Miracle (PG)1700 Chronicle (PG-13)-----------------------------------------------------------------MON MAR 19, TUE MAR 20, WED MAR 21 - closedTHU MAR 22 - 1900 One For the Money (PG-13) ALL SEATS FORTHIS SHOWING $1 4
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  8. 8. STRETCH your Food Dollars with Food $en$eA program of the Food Bank of Central New York•Food $en$e offers everyone the opportunity to stretch their food budget dollars by purchasing quality and deliciousfood units at a discount - - not to mention the great specials available!•Everyone is eligible to purchase food from Food $en$e, including senior citizens, college students, singles,disabled, shut-ins, working and military families.•There are no income requirements! If you eat, you can get Food $en$e!•Food $en$e is NOT a federal, state or local government program.•It is NOT part of any social service agency or any religious organization.•It is NOT a hand-out! Food $en$e is a Helping Hand!How do you purchase food from Food $en$e?• Register and pay in advance for your unit at Faith Fellowship Church or the Watertown Urban Mission. OnDistribution Day you can sign up for the following month.• Pay $15.50 in cash or Food Stamps (EBT). More than one unit can be purchased. In addition to the basic food “unit,”special items are available for purchase also. Many customers find the food is worth approx. $25-35!• Pick up your food unit Thursdays at Watertown Urban Mission, 247 Factory St. Bring your receipt with you. If youare unable to pick up your unit, give the receipt to a friend or relative to pick up for you.• Food must be picked up on time. Food not picked up on Distribution Day will be donated to the Faith Fellowship andWatertown Urban Mission Food Pantries.There will be NO refunds or credits given on food not picked up!You are not obligated to order every month,but you are encouraged to enjoy the Food $en$e savings!*Order and pay by Thursday, April 5~ Distribution on April 19 ~ 3:00 –4:00*For information on this program visit 8
  9. 9. FACEBOOK PAGES210 BSB 210 BSB 210 BSB 210 BSB Family Readiness Group Email Addresses and Assistance Phone Numbers For FRG Times and Locations, please email the FRG Leaders below. HHC Stephanie Utter Alpha Noi Jackson Alpha Tamia Campfield Bravo Gail Crabtree Charlie Janine McPhie Battalion FRSA Bridget Velasquez 315-772-4120 210BSB Staff Duty Phone Number 772-5097 9