Why shark movies are popular


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Why shark movies are popular

  1. 1. THE APPEAL People have always found sharks to be mysterious Sharks are built for only one thing; to kill prey With teeth that always grow back if lost during a fight, eyes that roll back when going in for a kill and bodies of pure muscle, sharks are truly deadly The thought of a giant ,relentless killing machine appeals to the viewers People like to be scared, therefore the nature of sharks fits perfectly with that desire
  3. 3. WHY DO PEOPLE LIKE SHARK MOVIES? Primal Fear for Darkness Shark Movies Remind People of That Fear People Get Pumped With Adrenaline When Scared People Get Same Effect From Scary Movies Shark Movies Become Enjoyable Becomes Popular, Then a Social Event
  4. 4. HISTORY
  6. 6. POPULAR SHARK MOVIES/TV EVENTS • Jaws -1975 : Earnings - $470 Million • Sharknado -2013: Views During Premiere – 5.4 Million • Avalanche Sharks -2013: Bottom 50 Worst Movies on IMDb • Shark Week – 1987-Present: Discovery Channel’s Most Social Program in 2013: 2.6 million Tweets
  7. 7. QUIZ 1. Name a recent movie with a shark in it 2. What year was the New Jersey shark attacks in? a) 1700 b) 1916 c) 2026 3. What was the name of the seal in the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week commercial for 2013? 4. Can sharks actually survive in an avalanche? 5. Could they survive in a tornado?