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'Rolling Forward' Award Nomination form


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The City of Sarnia and the Chamber of Commerce would like to recognize businesses who have excelled in meeting the needs of people with a disability. People with a disability, their friends and family comprise 53% of the marketplace. What a great way to promote your business!

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'Rolling Forward' Award Nomination form

  1. 1. Rolling Forward City of Sarnia Accessibility Award Nomination FormThe City of Sarnia, in partnership with the Sarnia Lambton Chamber ofCommerce would like to recognize businesses and organizations in ourcommunity who have excelled in ensuring that they serve all members of ourcommunity. We are looking for people and organizations within the SarniaLambton area who have met new standards in customer service, physicalaccessibility, accessible programming or websites and are working to ensureaccessibility for persons with disabilities.Please nominate a business or organization who has excelled in meeting theneeds of people with disabilities. 1. Name of contact person who is nominating the business 2. Business nominated: 3. Address, and phone number and / or e-mail 4. Name of owner 5. Details of accessibility achievement (continue on back)Return to or fax to 519-332-8951 or mail toS Weatherston, City of Sarnia, 255 Christina St N., P.O. Box 3018 Sarnia OnN7T 7N2