Cdpa scholarship poster-2012-13


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Cdpa scholarship poster-2012-13

  1. 1. University Lead Scholarship opportunity available to Dr. Mary Ann McColl Queen’s University Masters and Doctoral students in Disability Policy Community Lead As part of the Canadian Disability Policy Alliance, a Community-University Research William Adair Alliance (CURA), 25 scholarships will be awarded over the next five years. There is an Canadian Paraplegic opportunity in 2012-13 for 6 scholarships for graduate studies (3 MSc and 3 PhD). Association Ontario Masters students will be funded for $5,000 for one year, and PhD students for $10,000 for each of two years. Team LeadsCitizenship Policy The Canadian Disability Policy Alliance addresses five major policy areas: citizenship,Dr. Audrey Kobayashi education, employment, health services and federal disability policy. One of theQueen’s University objectives of the Alliance is to prepare Masters and Doctoral candidates for future research careers in the area of disability policy.Dave ShannonNova Scotia Human RightsCommission Eligibility Criteria: To be eligible to receive one of these scholarships, students must:  Be doing research on disability policy for thesis, specifically in one of our 5 areas. Education Policy Preference will be given to students studying Canadian disability policy. Dr. Vianne Timmons  Be in second year of Master’s or third & fourth year of PhD program. University of Regina  Involve at least one community partner / disability organization in their research. Dr. Gordon Porter  Preference will be given to students with a disability, to Canadian students, and to Inclusive Education Canada students studying at a Canadian university.  A CURA investigator will be selected to act as a resource for scholarshipEmployment PolicyDr. Lyn Jongbloed recipients.University of British Columbia TO APPLY:Gordon Ryall Please submit the following documents:Canadian Hearing Society  Official transcript Health Services Policy  Curriculum Vitae Dr. Alice Aiken  Statement of intent for thesis research and career objectives Queen’s University  Other funding held and/or applied for (candidates may have other funding, but Gillian Bone not from the Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) CPA Ontario  Opportunity to self-declare disability  Thesis supervisor reference letterProject Coordinator Mike Schaub Successful candidates will be asked to: acknowledge the Canadian Disability Policy Alliance and SSHRC as sources of funding, contribute to the Alliance’s knowledge Funded by translation activities, and abide by the Alliance’s guiding principles.Social Sciences & HumanitiesResearch Council of Canada Community-University Submit applications by October 1, 2012 to: Research Alliance (CURA) Mr. Michael Schaub, Centre for Health Services & Policy Research, Queens University, Abramsky Hall Kingston, ON, Canada, K7L-3N6 Queen’s University Kingston, ON, Canada K7L-3N6 For inquiries: or 613-533-6000 (x 79363) Ph: 613-533-6000 (x79363) Fax: 613-533-6353 A vision of Canada where people with disabilities enjoy full participation and citizenship, supported by a coherent framework of legislation, regulation and programs.