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Access Work Service Research Project Information Survey


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Access Work Service Research Project Information Survey

  1. 1. Access Work Service Research Project Information SurveyDo you have any information on emerging business growth and their workforce needs?Do you know of any businesses that are willing to hire persons with workplace challenges?Would you be willing to promote hiring people with barriers to employers you work with?Where are the future areas of employment growth in the businesses you work with?What would you say the problem is in hiring people who have workplace challenges and doyou have any suggestion to incentives that could be offered to the employer?Do you know what AWS offers to employers who hire individuals with challenges enteringand remaining in the workplace?Why would you say people with barriers have a difficult time finding employment?What would you say are the best practices of work creation initiatives for persons withchallenges entering and remaining in the workforce?Do you offer any sort of incentive to employers that hire persons with workplace challenges?If so, what are they? Page 1
  2. 2. Do you use any kind of model that works for the inclusion of persons with serious barriers tofind employment?What are the services you provide to people with barriers in finding employment?What individuals use your service the most? Or who do you feel is most affected by theservices you provide?Why do you think this group is affected more than others?Do you feel as though people with barriers are giving up? If so why do you think they are? Page 2