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Content Strategy: Lunch and Learn by Desirae Odjick


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One of our Digital Marketers, Desirae, attended Confab this year and brought back some content strategy knowledge bombs. She shared these with the team on June 19th, 2013 as part of an ongoing Lunch and Learn series.

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Content Strategy: Lunch and Learn by Desirae Odjick

  1. 1. all rights reserved 2012Confab: the content strategy conferenceIn case you hadn’t heard, I went to this.1
  2. 2. Where We’ve Been2• Static content• Brochure style websites• Provided key information• No way to engage audiences
  3. 3. What iscontentstrategy?3
  4. 4. Content Strategy is...4“Planning for the creation, delivery, and governanceof useful, usable content.”- Kristina Halvorsen, Brain Traffic
  5. 5. Content Strategists...5“...use words and data to create unambiguouscontent that supports meaningful, interactiveexperiences.”-Rachel Lovinger, Razorfish
  6. 6. What do“contentstrategists”do?6
  7. 7. Content inventoriesQualitative and quantitative content auditsContent gap analysisContent modelingMetadata strategiesWritingEditorial strategiesDistribution channelsContent managementContent brand guidelinesContent governance and workflowsContent… strategies.7
  8. 8. Currentconversations8
  9. 9. EmpathyStructured contentVoice and toneUsable contentCake9
  10. 10. EmpathyStructured contentVoice and toneUsable contentCake10
  11. 11. Things Ilearned atConfab11
  12. 12. Telling stories with data12• A metric that won’tchange the way youbehave is a bad metric.- Ben Yoscovitz(@byosko)Slideshow:  h,p://
  13. 13. Qualitative content audits13
  14. 14. Content and business goals14Step one: contentStep two: ????Step three: profit.Jared  Spool’s  keynote  (not  publicly  available.)
  15. 15. Content and business goals15Step one: contentStep two: ????Step three: profit.Jared  Spool’s  keynote  (not  publicly  available.)NO. NONE OFTHIS.
  16. 16. Content and business goals16Jared  Spool’s  keynote  (not  publicly  available.)
  17. 17. What kind of interesting is this?17• This is another type ofqualitative audit we candeliver for clients.Slideshow:  h,p://
  18. 18. What kind of interesting is this?18• REI, outdoor adventure company (like MEC)Slideshow:  h,p://
  19. 19. What kind of interesting is this?19• Red BullSlideshow:  h,p://
  20. 20. What kind of interesting is this?20• Government? Crown corporation? University?Slideshow:  h,p://
  21. 21. Zombies: the future of content21Zombies: the newdevices that will comeout in the next tenyears, that our contentwill need to work on.Karen  McGrane’s  keynote  (not  publicly  available)
  22. 22. Zombies: the future of content22• Structured content• Metadata• No more WYSIWYG! (• Maybe a WYSISMUC approach? ( line: content authors and CMS interfaces willboth have to adapt to the new normal.Karen  McGrane’s  keynote  (not  publicly  available)
  23. 23. Content is political23Changing content is apeople process.It’s all about changemanagement.Look at this stock photo. That’s the level ofcorporate we’re talking about. Smiling peopleclapping at a bar graph.Slideshow:  h,p://
  24. 24. Contentstrategy atbv0224
  25. 25. What can we do more of?25• Content audits• Qualitative• Quantitative• Content gap analysis• Content recommendations tied to business goals• Strategy guidelines for workflow, governance, marketing, etc.
  26. 26. Lastly...26
  27. 27. You can’t have creativitywithout constraints.Constraints create territories.Territories have tribes.27
  28. 28. Questions?28
  29. 29. all rights reserved 2011Thank you29