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Making the Most of Pinterest As A Content Marketer Q and A


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Questions and answers from a BuzzSumo Expert Series Webinar with Tailwind's Alisa Meredith.

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Making the Most of Pinterest As A Content Marketer Q and A

  1. 1. Making The Most Of Pinterest As A Content Marketer W E B I N A R Alisa Meredith TAILWIND SUSAN MOELLER BUZZSUMO Pinterest Q and A
  2. 2. “The initial approach will be very similar. But you'll be focusing on getting them on your email list rather than hoping for a sale right away. Focus on providing value with your Pins, more value with the content they link to, and even more value than that from your email marketing.” How do you utilize Pinterest to market a service as opposed to a product? Alisa Meredith TAILWIND Pinterest Q and A
  3. 3. How do I make my Pins SEO optimized? “Check out this deep article from the Pinterest engineering blog: c25906 I don't necessarily assume that Pinterest uses all those things for SEO, but I know that they CAN. I like to make sure that all those things are supporting how I want Pinterest to see my Pin. “ Alisa Meredith TAILWIND Pinterest Q and A
  4. 4. What are people searching most for? Health and wellness, food, etc? “Check out Pinterest's top 100 for 2018. Their top categories are food and drink, travel, home, kids & parenting, women's style, men's style, beauty, health & wellness, celebrations and events, and hobbies & interests.” Alisa Meredith TAILWIND Pinterest Q and A
  5. 5. I'm a social media marketer for businesses. What types of businesses benefit most from Pinterest marketing? “The ones who use it :) The most popular industries are the ones you think of - food, travel, fashion, home, health and wellness - but any business that makes life better can find a place there. Check out Bank of America. Not an obvious choice, but they do great!” Alisa Meredith TAILWIND Pinterest Q and A
  6. 6. How are the strategies for optimizing a pin similar or different to standard SEO? Is there a benefit to optimizing the names of our boards? “Keywords matter in board titles. Board descriptions seem to be less impactful, but it's still good practice. Make them highly specific rather than general - and always choose the category for your board - it will help you be found. Read everything you can find at and” Alisa Meredith TAILWIND Pinterest Q and A
  7. 7. I'm just starting to use Pinterest and TailWind to drive traffic to my blog. Can you tell me how TailWind can help me? “Tailwind uses a Smartschedule which means that your Pins go out a for engagement. This creates more reach for your Pins in the long ru also helps you batch your work and be consistent in Pinning. The ana adjust and optimize your marketing. “ Alisa Meredith TAILWIND Pinterest Q and A
  8. 8. Does using a scheduler to pin negatively affect your Pins? “I think this question arises because of the debate about using programs to send updates to Facebook? On Pinterest, if you are using an approved partner tool (make sure you check) it will not hurt you. And if the tool helps you Pin more regularly than you would otherwise and at optimal times, it will help you.” Alisa Meredith TAILWIND Pinterest Q and A
  9. 9. I'm a teacher. Should I offer free resources to draw people to my blog or to my site? Should I mention the word FREE in my pins? “Yes! Check out They and their sellers do an amazing job on Pinterest, drawing people in with a combination of free and for-purchase products. I would use "FREE" in your Pin descriptions and experiment with using it in your text overlay on your image. It should increase clicks.” Alisa Meredith TAILWIND Pinterest Q and A
  10. 10. What are some good resources/tutorials for learning about Pinterest analytics? Check out: o-pinterest-analytics-and-how-to-use-them/ Alisa Meredith TAILWIND Pinterest Q and A
  11. 11. How do I know what pin to promote? Does running a promotion ad increase my presence on Pinterest? “Promote a Pin to a page/product/post that converts ,particularly if it converts well from Pinterest traffic. It will not improve your organic Pinterest presence or impact your success in the feed, but it will help you get your Pin in front of more people, particularly the people you want to reach. If your content isn’t converting, you'll need to fix that first :) If you just feel like you're not getting enough reach, Promoted Pins is a great way to fix that.” Alisa Meredith TAILWIND Pinterest Q and A
  12. 12. How can you find keywords in the Ads Manager? “You'll need a business account. Once you have it go to Ads>Traffic and create a campaign. Name it whatever you want and don't worry about budget. Then in the next step, just scroll down to the box where you enter keywords. You'll get a related keywords box.” Alisa Meredith TAILWIND Pinterest Q and A
  13. 13. My pins have my website on them, should I make them all alike so that people will recognize my brand? “I struggle with this as well. You need freedom to experiment, but you also want some consistency so you are recognized. You could choose one element that always stays the same. So maybe you always have your url in the same distinct font in a solid rectangle at the bottom of every pin. Or you use the same filter on every image. Or you always have a similar saturation of color.” Alisa Meredith TAILWIND Pinterest Q and A
  14. 14. Is it wise to define my avatar in detail? “In marketing? Always! We need to know who we are talking to no matter the platform. Combine what you know with the analytics in your Pinterest account for a winning strategy. More ideas:” Alisa Meredith TAILWIND Pinterest Q and A
  15. 15. Why have impressions gone down on organic business pins? That could be your experience of late, but It's different for everyone. Some go up, some go down. Sometimes it's a seasonal dip. Trends come and go. Alisa Meredith TAILWIND Pinterest Q and A
  16. 16. Would a graphic about an upcoming cyber security webinar be a good Pin? “Maybe - if the webinar is one that will be always available. Infographics often don't generate clicks because they don't give the Pinner any reason to click! Don't give it all away in the graphic so they have to click.” Alisa Meredith TAILWIND Pinterest Q and A
  17. 17. Should we sign up as a business Pinner? “If you're going to use Pinterest for your business, yes! You'll get access to analytics and to advertising. It's also very easy to convert if you started with a personal profile.”” Alisa Meredith TAILWIND Pinterest Q and A