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How to Tap the Power of Storytelling with Facebook Live


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Webinar with Mari Smith and BuzzSumo, featuring tips for storytelling with Facebook Live and summary of new Facebook video data from BuzzSumo.

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How to Tap the Power of Storytelling with Facebook Live

  1. 1. @marismith @buzzsumo How To Tap the Power of Storytelling on Facebook Live! by Mari Smith & Susan @ BuzzSumo 1 LIVE TRAINING
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  3. 3. @marismith @buzzsumo 3
  4. 4. @marismith @buzzsumo 4
  5. 5. @marismith @buzzsumo 5
  6. 6. 3000 Most Engaging Videos on Facebook Column1 total interactions comments shares likes Average 1,008,727 88,471 592,621 327,634 Median 752,737 47,790 410,358 262,441 Minimum 228,723 467 1 3,109 Maximum 8,479,543 2,509,367 6,426,345 2,642,631
  7. 7. Research shows common elements in the content people like to share: EMOTION CONTEN T TOPIC FORMAT PROMISE Amusing Video Trendy Recipes How to Inspiring Facts ●Celebrities Lists DIY Beautiful Quotes ●Pokemon go Quiz Practical Tips Surprising Charts Evergreen Stories Complete guide Controversy Images ●Cute kids Research Personal
  8. 8. The most engaging videos on Facebook follow the same patterns 1. Inspiring 2. Animals 3. Amusing 4. DIY 5. Recipes 6. Celebrity 7. Cute kids 8. Shocking 9. Controversy 10.Beautiful 11.Warning 12.Contest
  9. 9. Frequently occurring words and phrases in most viral messages 1 like our page for more 2 get the full recipe 3 like share and comment 4 to spin the wheel 5 beauty and the beast 6 step by step instructions 7 how to make 8 by occupy democrats 9 the best
  10. 10. Frequently occurring words and phrases in most viral messages 11 trump 12 people 13 know 14 first 15 trailer 16 today 17 donald 18 dog 19 year 20 love 21 world
  11. 11. The Dodo Site, Cute Kids and Animals: 8.4 million total interactions
  12. 12. Power of Positivity, Inspiring: 6 Million interactions
  13. 13. BuzzFeed Tasty, Recipe: 6.7 Million total interactions
  14. 14. The Lava Lamp Effect The Lava Lamp Effect
  15. 15. BoredPanda 2.7 million interactions ABCNews 163,000 interactions
  16. 16. Elements of a story Setting Characters Conflict Resolution
  17. 17. Even the shortest clips can have story elements! World Surf League 2.5 million total interactions
  18. 18. Set your product in the context of a story Edinburgh Casting 3.7 Million Interactions
  19. 19. If my company is B2B, can I use video storytelling?
  20. 20. 950 Most Engaging Videos B2B Industry Facebook Pages
  21. 21. 950 Most Engaging Videos B2B Industry Sites
  22. 22. Try this Employee stories Explainer stories Office tours--with a twist Volunteer work Tell customer stories Remember: Facebook is about everyday life-- parenting, kids, jokes, stories, growing up, forgiveness, thankfulness, life issues, celebrities
  23. 23. Senior Manager of Global Advertising, Yogi 42.7k interactions Oracle, Employee Story
  24. 24. Bruno Borges, Principal Product Manager at Oracle, shares the joy of having 9 #goldenretriever puppies. What a ruff life. #NationalPuppyDay 794 interactions Oracle, Employee Story
  25. 25. VMware, Corporate Campus through the eyes of turtles 229 interactions
  26. 26. SAS: Two pilots on day 1 of a new route 6730 interactions
  27. 27. Symantec: Explainer video as a story 84 Interactions
  28. 28. @marismith @buzzsumo “Live television in your pocket.” ~Zuck It’s not just for celebrities. “Live video can tell stories as powerful as any film, it’s just the language is different.” ~Ariel @UrbanistLive 29 Facebook Live ~Ariel @UrbanistLive
  29. 29. @marismith @buzzsumo Everyone loves a good story. That’s especially true when it comes to advertising. “Campaigns that tell a brand story BEFORE asking people to buy something are significantly more effective than ones that focus immediately on encouraging people to take an action.” ~Facebook 30 Storytelling on Facebook
  30. 30. @marismith @buzzsumo 31 THUMB-stopping!!!! Craft for MAXIMUM SHARES “OMG, I must share this! Now!” Mari’s Top Content Creation Tip
  31. 31. @marismith @buzzsumo 3-act structure (screenwriting) Set-up Confrontation (Build-up/challenge) Resolution Aristotle: “Tell them what you are going to tell them, tell them, then tell them what you told them.” 32 Facebook Live - Planning
  32. 32. @marismith @buzzsumo Quality from the first frame High energy, personal, authentic Emotion through motion – Ariel @UrbanistLive Relatable, relevant Human interest Entertaining, inspirational, educational Length: 10-90 minutes Thumb-stopping! 33 Facebook Live Tips
  33. 33. @marismith @buzzsumo 34
  34. 34. @marismith @buzzsumo 35 Facebook Live/Video Examples
  35. 35. @marismith @buzzsumo Square performs better on Facebook &Instagram Square gets +28% more video views than landscape Square (1:1) get more likes & shares than landscape (16:9) Square takes up 78% more screen space than landscape Square videos have a +67% higher view completion rate People gaze 5X longer at video than at static content on FB& IG. 36 It’s Hip to be Square!
  36. 36. @marismith @buzzsumo 37 Facebook Live 360
  37. 37. @marismith @buzzsumo Mobile iOgrapher Cases, mics, lights, tripods, etc. Smove (gimbal) Desktop Camera Lights Microphone Background Studio 38 Facebook Live Gear
  38. 38. @marismith @buzzsumo 3rd party tools: Mobile and/or desktop? Include guests? Share your desktop? Preload media? Free or paid? Quality of stream? 39 Facebook Live Platforms
  39. 39. @marismith @buzzsumo 40
  40. 40. @marismith @buzzsumo Coming soon! New online training course COMBO: Facebook Live Facebook Video Facebook Ads 41 NEW! Facebook Live Success Secrets
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  43. 43. @marismith @buzzsumo How To Tap the Power of Storytelling on Facebook Live! by Mari Smith & Susan @ BuzzSumo 44 Q&A!