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Content Marketing With BuzzSumo For Tech-Savvy Realtors


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Webinar describing ways to use BuzzSumo to grow your real estate business with data-driven content marketing.

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Content Marketing With BuzzSumo For Tech-Savvy Realtors

  1. 1. BuzzSumo for Tech Savvy Realtors WEBINAR BuzzSumo for Tech Savvy Realtors
  2. 2. Boost Your Marketing Effectiveness by Using Data to Inform Your Content Strategy Susan Moeller Business Development Manager @susancmoeller
  3. 3. Content Marketing is... “A strategic approach, focused on ● Creating and distributing content that is ○ Valuable ○ Relevant ○ Consistent ● In order to attract and retain ○ a clearly defined audience and ● In order to drive profitable customer action.”
  4. 4. Key steps to Effective Content Marketing Research Amplify Monitor
  5. 5. Think of yourself as a broader resource. Ask, what things are my clients interested in, besides buying or selling a house? How can I provide them with that information?
  6. 6. ie...Dustin Brohm’s site:
  7. 7. Content is amplified in two ways: ● Links ● Shares Amplify Monitor People like to share and link to content that is interesting and informative more than they share and link to corporate or listing content.
  8. 8. Difference in shares and links for content that includes listings and content that is broader in nature:
  9. 9. How do you find content ideas? Use BuzzSumo to identify the content that is resonating with your audience. Search by domain for your site, your competitors’ sites and other industry leaders. Search by topic to refine your ideas and find formats and headlines.
  10. 10. I.e. Most shared content from Zillow
  11. 11. Terms that occur frequently in Zillow’s viral headlines how 35 5 22 3 21 tips 16 estate 16 when 11 why 11 10 10 best 10 mortgage 10 market 10 what 10 Keep lists short How to posts work well Consider a why post Try a tips post Talk about mortgages-- influencer op?
  12. 12. I.e. Most shared content about home buying
  13. 13. Leverage these ideas for your own site. Popular themes Popular topics Popular formats Can you: ● Add a visual? ● Publish a contrary opinion? ● Change the format? ● Adapt for your local market?
  14. 14. Types of content to consider
  15. 15. Use headlines to increase shares
  16. 16. 1. The Most Important Home Buying Advice You'll Never Hear From a Realtor 2. Virtual Reality revolutionising home buying experience | Do Big Stories | ET CIO 3. Home Buying Festival 2016 by Magicbricks 4. Worst Home-Buying Advice Ever 5. Home Buying Affordability Checklist - 6. 9 Home-Buying Myths You Need to Stop Believing 7. 'For some, crime is the most realistic chance of owning a home, buying a car or having a family' 8. A Sneak Peek at the Home Buying Trends That Will Shape 2017 9. How Single Women Are Changing the Home Buying Market 10. Tampa couple sues Davis Islands home owners, neighbors after racially charged home-buying dispute 11. Trulia’s Sanity-Saving Home Buying Process Checklist — Real Estate 101 — Trulia’s Blog 12. Home Buying 101: Preparing to Buy Your First Home - Emotional Content Content Element Topic Element Format Element Promise Element
  17. 17. Repurpose your own content Great post could be a webinar, with an influencer, for added impact.
  18. 18. Repurpose your own content Great events can become great blog posts!
  19. 19. Quote Influencers, tag them when you share the post.
  20. 20. Repurpose your own content Great events can become great blog posts!
  21. 21. Curate Content
  22. 22. Summarize and contextualize another post
  23. 23. Summarize Industry Content Write a trends post for a day or week
  24. 24. Leverage local content
  25. 25. Leverage local content
  26. 26. Local Summary! Building an email list.
  27. 27. Find out what works on Facebook.
  28. 28. Share great stuff with your fans!
  29. 29. What about Pinterest?
  30. 30. Identify opportunities
  31. 31. Build boards around popular content.
  32. 32. Questions?
  33. 33. Thank you.