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10 Social Networking sites Google plus may kill


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The presentation shows the top 10 sites which will be affected by Google +

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10 Social Networking sites Google plus may kill

  1. 10 Social NetworksGoogle PlusMay KillCertainly not only FACEBOOK
  2. 10Google Plus is searchable like Quora,and is already being used as Q&A Platform.Both platforms have early adopters, mostlymarketers & they change loyalty quickly.
  3. 9When Google Plus is facilitated byOpen Profile and long conversations, andis FREE.Who will need a blogger then?
  4. 8When one needs to build a strongprofile, it is always good to blog inGoogle Plus than Tumblr.
  5. 7Google Plus is likely to kill its owntool, Knol. Better to have a profile, asGoogle Plus is searchable Knolmay lose its importance.
  6. 6Same reason like for Quora.Q&A Platforms are destined to die andyet another shock for Yahoo.
  7. 5Wordpress might just limit itself as aplatform but as blogging platform, a clearNO.Same reason as for Blogger.
  8. 4After Google Plus, Posterous(like Tumblr) has no importance to exist.
  9. 3 Social Bookmarking SitesSocial Bookmarking Sites are slowly losing itsrelevance to social networking sites likeTwitter, Facebook and Google+
  10. 2Twitter has already lost most of itsimportance after Facebook andLinkedIn brought open profile.
  11. 1Most difficult and most challenging, butas Google Plus grows poweredby Android OS, Chrome OS and lots ofGoogle Apps (along with Zynga gameslike Farmville), Facebook is goingto have tough time ahead.
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