How New Media enables a new breed of Global Microbusiness


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New Media enables self-employed individuals or microbusinesses to be self-sufficient through new revenue models and a global client pool.

Presented at The New Media Asia Conference on 11-12 May 2011 by David Wang.

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How New Media enables a new breed of Global Microbusiness

  1. 1. How  New  Media enables  a  new  breed  ofGlobal Microbusiness David  Wang  @  TNMA2011
  2. 2. Follow  me!@blogjunkie
  3. 3. $$$ ✔
  4. 4. New Mediaenables my business✔✔✔
  5. 5. How New Media enablesGlobal Microbusinesses1. Emergence  of  Global  Microbusinesses2. New  media  revenue  models3. Examples  of  Global  Microbusinesses4. Impact  on  career  market  &  big  businesses5. Impact  on  the  Future  of  Work
  6. 6. mi•cro busi•ness1. micro  businesses  -­‐  businesses  employing   less  than  5  people,  including  non-­‐ employing  businesses  – A  microenterprise  is  defined  as  an   enterprise  which  employs  fewer  than  10   persons  and  whose  annual  turnover  and/or   annual  balance  sheet  total  does  not  exceed   EUR  2  million  –
  7. 7. Reach  of  tradiRonal   microbusiness
  8. 8. Reach  of  global   microbusinessReach  of  tradiRonal   microbusiness
  9. 9. Microbusinesses arebecoming an acceptedand popular optionh?p://­‐photography/4717615140/
  10. 10. The globalrecession hasmade peoplereevaluatetheir careerand life goals.
  11. 11. Gen-Y live on-demand lives Not  in  their  DNA  to  pay  their  dues   and  climb  up  the  ladder
  12. 12. Increasedsophisticationin personalgoals anddesires
  13. 13. • Top  10  reader  favourite   on  Amazon  (2007)• Inspired  the  ‘lifestyle   design’  movement   against  money  rich,  Rme   poor  lifestyle• Helped  people  realize   that  there  were  other   opRons  for  ‘work’
  14. 14. Takeaway:Individuals are turning toself-employment becauseregular jobs dont satisfyhigher motivators e.g.sense of purposevia  @blogjunkie  #tnma
  15. 15. How New Media enables globalmicrobusinesses
  16. 16. New media passes on the ideas above FamilyCareer   Purpose goals
  17. 17. Real-time face-to-facecommunications
  18. 18. Amplifies your socialinteractions
  19. 19. Effectiveword ofmouthmarketing
  20. 20. Ease ofsellingDigitalGoods
  21. 21. Sell  a  downloadable  product­‐photography-­‐
  22. 22. How to: Sell a downloadable product1. Create  your  PDF  /  audio  /  video   product2. Sign  up  for  an  online  shopping  cart   -­‐  e-­‐,  1ShoppingCart.com3. Upload  your  products  to  your   website  or  shopping  cart4. Promote  your  product  with  a  sales   page  through  social  media. EsQmated  cost:  from  USD5/month  
  23. 23. Sell  seminars,  lessons  and  access  
  24. 24. How to: Sell seminars, lessons & access1. Create  your  e-­‐learning  website  with   WordPress  +  aMember2. Create  and  upload  seminar  lessons  and   content  to  e-­‐learning  site3. Add  a  forum  for  seminar  instructor’s  Q&A   and  interacRon4. Link  to  payment  processor  e.g.  PayPal,   Google  Checkout5. Promote  your  seminar  on  your  blog  &   instructors’  blogs  (helps  if  you  are  -­‐  traffic  &  authority) EsQmated  cost:  USD1000  
  25. 25. Sell  memberships  or  premium  content
  26. 26. How to:Sell memberships / premium content 1. Grow  your  1000  true  fans  with  your   blog  /  YouTube  channel 2. Create  your  membership  website  with   WordPress  +  Wishlist  /  DigitalAccessPass 3. Organize  content  and  privileges   according  to  membership  level 4. Charge  subscriber  credit  cards  monthly   with  PayPal,,  etc 5. ConRnue  producing  high-­‐quality  content EsQmated  cost:  from  USD100/month  
  27. 27. Sell  ideas  and­‐topics  
  28. 28. How to: Sell ideas via email1. Grow  a  rockstar  reputaRon  in  your   niche  like  Chris  Brogan2. Give  away  tons  of  ideas  for  free  on   letterly your  blog3. Sign  up  with  leierly  for  subscripRon   email  newsleiers  &  set  a  monthly   price  for  subscribers4. Promote  your  premium  newsleier   with  social  media EsQmated  cost:  from  USD5/month  
  29. 29. Sell  exclusivity  or  ‘cool’  –  details  on  h?p://
  30. 30. How to: Sell exclusivity or ‘cool’ Please  visith?p:// for  a  live  demo Uses  PayPal  recurring  payments
  31. 31. No, seriouslyhip://
  32. 32. Takeaway:New Media enablesmicrobusinesses to beself-sufficient throughnew revenue modelsand a global client poolvia  @blogjunkie  #tnma
  33. 33. Microbusinesses at workh?p://
  34. 34. Shane Pearlman California,  USA Shane  &  Peter  Inc Freelance  EvangelistDistributed  Workforce  Expert
  35. 35. Shane & Peter Inc• 3  owners  +  distributed  freelance  workforce   across  states  and  countries• Web  and  UX  development,  WordPress   plugins  and  development  • Clients  include  eBay,  SAP,  Holiday  Inn• Manage  and  communicate  with  distributed   teams  with  social  media
  36. 36. Jonathan & LeaWoodward Currently  UK KineQva Web  publishingWeb  and  idenQty  branding
  37. 37. Kinetiva• Publishes  websites,  newsleiers,  videos  and  zines  for   aspiring  microbusinesses• LocaRon  independent  lifestyle  –  even  with  a  baby   daughter!• Grown  their  reputaRon  through  social  media  -­‐   featured  in  BBC,  The  Guardian,  China  Trends,  etc• Uses  social  media  to  promote  their  services   (  and  publicaRons   (
  38. 38. Andrea J. Lee Alberta,  CanadaThought  Partners  InternaQonal   Business  &  life  coach Entrepreneurial  events
  39. 39. Thought Partners Intl.• Started  delivering  business  and  self-­‐help   coaching  online  in  2001• Thought  Partners  Intl.  is  a  1-­‐person  company   with  an  outsourced  workforce.• Andrea  will  be  live  streaming  her  upcoming   conference  to  a  worldwide  audience• Promote  and  market  her  services  and  events   through  social  media  &  strategic  blog  interviews
  40. 40. ReeseSpykermanKuala  Lumpur,  Malaysia Design  by  Reesewww.designbyreese.comWeb  and  print  branding
  41. 41. Design by Reese• Lives  and  works  in  Malaysia  but  client  list  is   mainly  from  US  and  Canada.• Now  offering  website  design  opRmizaRon   reviews• “Twiier  is  like  six  degrees  of  separaRon,  but   with  fewer  degrees”.• Featured  in,,   Writer’s  Digest
  42. 42. The impact ofNew Media on the Future of Work
  43. 43. The playing field iswider than everh?p://
  44. 44. You’ve got tobe street smart
  45. 45. Work is not a placeanymore
  46. 46. Companies will face challenges to motivate &retain employees(and contractors)
  47. 47. Access to larger and skilled workforce h?p://
  48. 48. Where to findmicrobusiness contractors
  49. 49. Takeaway:Big businesses need toadjust to work withhighly-skilled andweb-savvy independentmicrobusinessesvia  @blogjunkie  #tnma
  50. 50. Time to button it up• New  media  has  helped  the  realizaRon   that  self-­‐employment  is  feasible• New  media  enables  microbusinesses   to  thrive  in  a  globalized  marketplace• Big  companies  need  to  adapt  and  take   advantage  of  smaller,  more  agile   microbusinesses
  51. 51. “Youve achieved success in your field when you dontknow whether what youre doing is work or play.” –  Warren  Bea4y
  52. 52. Thank You!  /  @blogjunkieh?p://