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4818 briosocialmediapresentation2video-110515194933-phpapp02

  1. 1. GROW YOUR BRAND’S ECOSYSTEMSocialMediafor Business to brought you by
  2. 2. yand the wa e mwe consu media
  3. 3. Phone Smartphone Letter eMail Seminar Webinar CAIRNS Queensland Fertility Group’s Network of Care Welcome to 1800 111 IVF [483] Queensland TOWNSVILLE www.qfg.com.au Fertility Group MACKAY BRISBANE IPSWICH TOOWOOMBA For more information on clinic and specialist locations or Queensland Fertility Group’s regular public information events visit www.qfg.com.au Public Information 1800 111 IVF [483] www.qfg.com.au Brisbane Mackay Auchenflower (Wesley Hospital), Capalaba, City, Everton Park, South Bank, Springfield Lakes T [07] 4965 6500 QFG-COMM-PI-001 10-03-2011 T 1800 111 IVF [483] Toowoomba Cairns T [07] 4638 5243 T [07] 4041 2400 Townsville Ipswich T [07] 4772 8900 T [07] 4638 5243 eNews Brochure Website Newsletters eNewslettersNewspaper Online News Social Socialising Networking Books eBooks
  4. 4. eNewsThey communicate, socialise, access news, shop, research andengage with businesses through multiple digital platforms, andmany of these are on the go (iPads and Smartphones).
  5. 5. socialsphere
  6. 6. For many companies,social media is an importantpart of their marketing plan.
  7. 7. In Australia 26% of businesses have set aside a portion of their marketing budget to social networking activities [Source: Community Engine]
  8. 8. $$ $ broadcast $$ blogs $ print social media outdoor radio digitalSome companies are even shifting budgetfrom traditional to new media to betterconnect and engage with their audience.
  9. 9. Australian businesses are becomingmore connected 25% 17% 10%More than a quarter ofAustralian businesses nowhave a Facebook page,17% have a Twitter page and10% have a YouTube channel.[Source: Community Engine]
  10. 10. And seeing results:40%Overof Australian businesses gainnew customers through social networks.[Source: Regus Survey]
  11. 11. How willsocial mediabenefit your business?
  12. 12. Your business can: Get valuableHave customer control build feedbackof your social your brand and engagementecosystem and increase brand awareness
  13. 13. Your business can:Benefit from s t of all, it’ word of mouth Bescommunication amongst FRElEely p etyour customers and com ! me asureable
  14. 14. Never before have you been able toupon real time activity about your brand.
  15. 15. You can deliverbetter customer serviceturn customers into powerful brand advocatesand super boost yourbrand awarenessto existing and new audiences.
  16. 16. Let’s share the statistics:The world spends over110 billionminutes on social networks and blog sites.That equates to 22% of all time online![Source: Nielsen]
  17. 17. And Australians are spending more time on social media sitesthan any other country!
  18. 18. As of 2011, Facebook has The500 million 35+ now represents more than 30% of the demographic entire userbaseactive users – that’s about ... 1 13 in every people on Earth 50% of users log in 74% every dayThe 18-24 in 2010-11demographicgrew the fastest:
  19. 19. There are Every day106 million 300,000accounts on Twitter users join Twitter55 milliontweets are published every day 45% 55%Twitter’s search engine gets600 million queries every day
  20. 20. Every day YouTube exceeds2 billion viewsThe average person spends15 minutes a dayon the site
  21. 21. There are100 millionactive LinkedIn usersThe average age is25-45
  22. 22. Let’s get localAustralia has more than of Australians now own one9,000,000active Facebook users 2 in5 Nearly75% of Australian internet users visit Facebook online Australians are now70% interacting with companies via visit social networking sites YouTube 43%34% visit Did you know? In the world, more than Twitter 200 million people access Facebook from their phone of Australians own a Smartphone proving we are becoming connected consumers of social networking, news, shopping, etc [Sources: Nielson & Regus Survey 2011]
  23. 23. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?Social mediais becoming an increasinglyimportant role inconsumer decision making.
  24. 24. 50%of Australian businesses agreethat if they do not employsocial media theyrisk losing touchwith their customers. [Source: Community Engine]
  25. 25. 70% of all Australian businesses intendedto conduct some form ofsocial media activity in 2010(compared to 40% in 2008). [Source: Community Engine]
  26. 26. Welcome to Brio World.Brio Group’s DESIGN4 ng & Positioning S ami tr a dN powerful teg B ran lture & Language Dev u el y opm dC en an , Print & Digital D Br p aign esi t m gn Ca Iden tity & Style Guid e divisions d lin an es Br ign Tra O Des diti / SE t en Soc o na l pm elopment & n Architecture imedia Animatio Strat ial Media Strateg aign Develo & Digital Mar Copywriting DIGITAL egic Planning & PR Camp ation e D ev ult ital M orm ies Dig bsit ketcombine our strategic Inf ing We Me dia ng Planning & Buyi Ca onand creative minds to mp aign uti Br S t r a t e g y & E xe c g Br an an dC nin en t omm lan dE unication P pm xpe lo rien eve ce Assessment & Dproduce your completesocial media toolkit. ADVERTISING
  27. 27. Social MediaStrategy
  28. 28. Social MediaPolicy
  29. 29. Social Media Set-Up& Custom Page Design + Integration with your website and digital marketing initiatives
  30. 30. ContentCalendars
  31. 31. Social MediaTraining
  32. 32. k Faceboo Tweets, dates, status up ates. dIn UpdContent LinkeExecution
  33. 33. Let us help you maximise yoursocial media activityto ensure the best returnon yourdigital investment.
  34. 34. and you’ll feel confidentyou’re getting the best& exposure engagementwith your fans
  35. 35. Social Media for businessAre you ready?