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Increasing sales through buzzcentroamerica


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Let us show you how to increase sales for your business using social media.

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Increasing sales through buzzcentroamerica

  1. 1. INCREASING SALES March 2012
  2. 2. ObjectiveTo show you step by step howBuzzCentroamerica can help boost traffic toyour store and increase conversion from leadsto actual customers via Social Networks.
  3. 3. Facts Each customer that walks into your store/venue has in average:  300 Facebook contacts  126 Twitter followers  240 Linked in connections You need to facilitate sharing of your content People only read updates from trusted sources
  4. 4. Our solution for you: Promoted Story• Your message distributed via a trusted source• You control the message• Gets into the stream or mobile devices
  5. 5. A CALL TO ACTION:• Get rewards for sharing• Get rewards for visiting• Get rewards for 1st purchase
  6. 6. Outcome• Increase brand awareness• Increase traffic to your store/venue• Cash that exposure via new/returning customers
  7. 7. Example• If you are on your pc, click here and share the buzz:• Our recommendation is to have the QR code next to the item to be promoted:
  8. 8. DID YOU LIKE THIS?You are invited to make a comment here: