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Computer technology


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Computer technology

  1. 1. Computer technology – A Definition by Terry Bradshaw of Editions TVTechnology is the modification or transformation of a particular action, machine for theintention of its betterment. This uncommon vocabulary in the past has emerged to be the orderof the day, even young kids know about technology; this is because it has come to be part ofour lives.Computer technology which is the revolution of computer from the first computer generationmade up of vacuum tubes which at that time made work easier for the users of that generation.But had numerous disadvantages like high power usage, difficult to operate but most of all itwas too huge in size generating a lot of heat causing malfunction.With time it gave rise to second generation where the vacuum tubes were replaced by thetransistors, it was easier to use and faster. Since technology changes in a high speed the thirdgeneration came to introduce integrated circuits which in a great way increased computerspeed. This greatly influenced researcher and inventors who tirelessly looked for ways ofreducing the size of the computer to a small and portable size. The fourth generation came torise this way influenced by the invention of the microprocessor which was a number of manyintegrated circuits being built in a single chip which was made of silicon. The size of thecomputer reduced in a massive way leading to what which filled a whole room of about 10 fitsquire house to fit in ones hand.The fifth generation aspires to change the look of computers in the near future which will bemore interesting although some of the features have been realized like voice recognition andspeech generation.Nevertheless, a computer has come to be one of the most crucial tools to have in life.Computers are used in communication, trade and industry also in personal and professionalvenues.
  2. 2. Computer technology has led to a great bang on society and promoted many developments inthe technical part of life. It has made the world to change in the way of operation, like changingfrom analogue to digital in transmissions of data and information example intelecommunication sectors. It has also led to changes in the world of business by theintroduction of e-commerce, agriculture by improving research in crop and animal production ,education by promoting online learning and research, health mention but a few. It hasimpacted people’s lives in a way that huge amount of data corrected, processed, presented andtransferred in a high speed. This makes people who used to take many days to accomplish worknowadays using some minutes to accomplish the same work.Computer technology has made the world to be a global village whereby there iscommunication between people from different continents communicating face to face by useof webcams and programs such as Skype.Since introduction of technology there has been a challenge in computer usage since most ofthe application need skills and it is mandatory for one to have this technical knowledge andexperience in computer. This knowledge has become devastating because there are changes intechnology in a fortnight.About the Author:Justin Cody is a bloggers and a business columnist who usually writes about Money MakingTips and Business Leadership related topics. He also writes for Terry Bradshaw’s showEditions TV. You can find Editions TV on twitter.