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AudioCodes One Voice for Microsoft Lync


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AudioCodes One Voice for Microsoft Lync
- Comprehensive product and service program
- Simplifying voice-enablement of Microsoft Lync
- Wide product portfolio of voice network elements
- Advanced support services and consulting expertise

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AudioCodes One Voice for Microsoft Lync

  1. 1. AudioCodes One Voicefor Lync
  2. 2. AudioCodes One Voice for LyncOne expert team for voiceprofessional servicesOne point of contact forvoice supportOne source for all voicenetwork elements
  3. 3. Full suite of Enhanced Gateways & SBC for Microsoft Lync AudioCodes Enhanced Gateways and SBCs offer investment protection Supporting gradual migration from TDM to Lync, and from PSTN to SIP Trunking usingthe built-in Enterprise class Session Border ControllerSecured SIP Trunk connectivityLync migration support withadvanced routing featuresTDM and IP-based PrivateBranch Exchanges IntegrationPublic Switched TelephoneNetworks connectivityConnectivity for analog phones,fax machinesSmall Sites Small - Medium Sites Medium - Large Sites Large Sites Very Large SitesMediant 800Mediant 1000 Mediant 2000Mediant 3000Mediant 4000Enhanced Gateway and E-SBC Enhanced Gateway and E-SBC Enhanced Gateway Enhanced Gateway and E-SBC E-SBC
  4. 4. Full suite of Enhanced Gateways & SBCAudioCodes LyncCompatibleLync EndpointsSIP Trunkingand/or PSTNAudioCodesEnhanced Gateway and SBCAnalog DevicesHeadquarters site Typical design of Lync at headquartersPBX/IPPBX
  5. 5. Full suite of Survivable Branch Appliances (SBA)Family of Survivable Branch Appliances that can fit any branch location and sizeSmall Branches Small - Medium Branches Medium - Large BranchesMediant 800 SBAMediant 1000 SBA Mediant 2000 SBA• SBA appliance with Router, access (WAN termination), PoE LAN Switch and firewallSBA with Integrated access sand data services• RAID1, SSD , dual PS, and recovery utility to allow minimal MTTRSBA with full resiliency• Such as SIP Phones and Smartphones integration and recordingAdvanced applicationsFull modularity of Interfaces• Advanced call routing, Call Forking and Active Directory look-upEasy and smooth migration for Lync 2013 branch offices• Including E911 and Emergency Location Identification Number (ELIN)Supporting emergency calling standards
  6. 6. Full Suite of Survivable Branch Appliances (SBA)SIP Trunkingand/or PSTNIP WANAudioCodes SBA and E-SBCLyncEndpointsAudioCodesLyncCompatibleAnalogDevices Typical design of Lync at a branchPBX/IPPBXBranch office
  7. 7. Applications - SmartTAPSmartTAP is a secure, stable and certified solution for Lync that enables the recording ofkey business interactions Certified Microsoft LYNC FIRST qualified recording solution Economic No conferencing resources needed Port Mirroring is optional No impact on quality of conversation Feature Rich Record ALL User Types for ALL call scenarios including Mobile or Home Users. Recording of Microsoft RTA codec with built in transcoding Remote Branch Survivability Scalable from as small as 8 to N concurrent sessions on a single or distributed serverconfigurationTransactionVerificationDisputeResolutionQualityAssuranceCompliance Recording
  8. 8. AudioCodes One Voice for LyncComprehensive product and service programSimplifying voice-enablement of Microsoft LyncWide product portfolio of voice network elementsAdvanced support services and consulting expertise