AudioCodes one voice for microsoft Lync SBCs and Gateway


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AudioCodes Enhanced Gateways and SBCs offer investment protection
Supporting gradual migration from TDM to Lync, and from PSTN to SIP Trunking using the built-in Enterprise class Session Border Controller

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AudioCodes one voice for microsoft Lync SBCs and Gateway

  1. 1. AudioCodes One Voicefor Microsoft Lync
  2. 2. AudioCodes One Voice for LyncAudioCodes One Voice for Lync is a unified product and service program intended to simplify andaccelerate voice-enablement of Microsoft Lync implementations.Voice partners can be part of AudioCodes One Voice for Lync by offering their customers thecomplete portfolio of AudioCodes Lync-compatible IP Phones, Media Gateways, EnterpriseSession Border Controllers (E-SBCs), Survivable Branch Appliances (SBAs), Applications, Supportand Professional Services.
  3. 3. Suite of Solutions for Microsoft UC VoiceThe only vendor with complete voice solutions offering for Lync
  4. 4. AudioCodes One Voice for Microsoft LyncOne expert team for voiceprofessional servicesOne point of contact forvoice supportOne source for all voicenetwork elements
  5. 5. AudioCodes One Voice for LyncThis is what Microsoft and the market are saying aboutAudioCodes One Voice for Lync“We see the AudioCodes One Voice for Microsoft Lync program as an opportunity to accelerate deploymentof voice-enabled Microsoft® Lync® deployments”, said Giovanni Mezgec, General Manager, Microsoft“simplifying the buying, integration and support processes, enables quick realization of Microsoft Lyncadvantages. We are very pleased to have AudioCodes implement such a program and see clear benefits forour voice partners.”“AudioCodes has correctly identified and addressed a challenge faced by customers as they migrate toLync,” commented Marty Parker, co-founder, “AudioCodes One Voice for Microsoft Lyncprovides a ‘one-stop’ solution components source for both customers and Microsoft Lync voicepartners. Enterprises can eliminate the time and coordination previously required to select, configure anddeploy the devices and gateways needed for their UC pilots and rollouts. In addition, enterprises can haveconfidence that all of the ancillary components for their Lync solution will work together and are supported bya single, proven support organization.”“Our most recent report covering the Unified Communications market shows Microsoft continuing to havestrong gains, attaining the #1 position in terms of Communicator licenses in the third quarter of 2012,“ saidDiane Myers, Principal Analyst, VoIP, UC, and IMS, Infonetics Research. “AudioCodes One Voice for Lyncoffering is a broad complement of solutions to the growing base of Microsoft UC deployments. “
  6. 6. Benefits for AudioCodes Partners Streamline and improve profitability of Lync deployments with Easier design cycles with full product portfolio One vendor means less integration efforts One session with AudioCodes sales engineer address all voice needs One flexible migration strategy Simplified Lync deployments with professional services offered to the partners One certified engineer can install entire portfolio One expert team to help you survey, design, install, and plan maintenance One training partner to quickly get your engineer ready and able Operational efficiency thanks to simpler procurement and sourcing One negotiation, one contract, one purchase order, one shipment Improved customer satisfaction with clear support structure One support hotline for all voice needs One vendor to handle all voice issues (no multi-vendor finger pointing) One trouble ticket tracking system for simple synchronization
  7. 7. Benefits for AudioCodes Partners Special values for partners selling “AudioCodes One Voice For Lync” Access to special promotions Partner logo on the AudioCodes One Voice for Lync Partner board AudioCodes recognition logo on channel locator Promotion via AudioCodes social networking platform Quote from AudioCodes representative for your marketing activities AudioCodes One Voice for Lync logo for use on your collateral and website
  8. 8. Get Recognized It’s simple… AudioCodes partners can earn AudioCodes One Voice for Lyncrecognition by selling our portfolio of products and services IP Phones Gateways and SBAs E-SBC Applications Services AudioCodes partner program terms apply AudioCodes One Voice for Lync does not change the certification level ofexisting business partners
  9. 9. Get Recognized1. Contact your AudioCodes representative Let them know you want to be included Your company name will be included in a futurePress Release from AudioCodes as a One Voicefor Lync partners You will get a welcome email within a fewbusiness days2. Get AudioCodes 400HD IP Phones for yourlab/demo room, to complement you existingAudioCodes products portfolio3. Get trained – it’s easy!4. Make your first sale5. Engage AudioCodes Professional Services asneeded6. Share the news of your success with us!
  10. 10. Thank you !