Wolf Δ2


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Wolf Δ2

  2. 2. The wolf lives on the mountains ofnorth and central Greece.It lives 16 years ,it is carnivorous and itweighs 60 kilos. The wolf is usuallygrey with brown fur.
  3. 3. It eats other animals such assheep, cows, deer and bunnies.It is a mammal and it has got 23babies twice a year.
  4. 4. There are 300 wolves left inGreece today.
  5. 5. • There are many dangers for the wolvestoday. Some of the dangers are theshepherds and the hunters becausethe wolves eat their animals and theyillegally kill them.BOOM !!!!!!!
  6. 6. WHAT CAN WE DO TO HELP?We can put bigger dogsto guard the sheep from the wolves soshepherds don’t kill them.