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Izmir 1

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Izmir 1

  1. 1. İZMİR 2010
  2. 2. We’re here !!“İzmir “is the pearl of the Aegean, a fascinating city whose historybegins in the mists of legend. Turkeys third largest city and secondmost important port, Izmir is the center of tourism in the region.This modern city still retains traces of its ancient, Ottoman andLevantine past.
  3. 3. “İzmir Clock Tower” is ahistoric clock tower locatedat the Konak Square.
  4. 4. “Kadifekale” is a castle.You can see a general view of a largepart İzmir and the Gulf of İzmir.
  5. 5. “Asansör “is a building in İzmirs Karataş quarter, It was built in 1907.Dario Moreno was one of the residents of the street in 1940s
  6. 6. “The House of Virgin Mary” is located on Mt. Koressos in Ephesus.
  7. 7. “Kızlarağası Han” (caravanserai)is in Kemeraltı, Konak, İzmir. The caravanseraiis a cultural center and a touristic attraction today.You can buy beautifulsouvenirs and clothes .
  8. 8. “Alsancak ” is a centrally situatedlarge zone in İzmir .There are lotsof shops and cafes.Especially youngpeople go there and have fun !!
  9. 9. There are cafes along the historic “Pasaport Quay (1877)” at the port of İzmir.
  10. 10. “Karabel rock-carving” of Luwian local leader "Tarkasnawa, Kingof Myra" is near Kemalpaşa, İzmir.
  11. 11. “The Konak Pier” was designed by Gustave Eiffel in 1890.
  12. 12. “Forum Bornova Shopping Center”.You can find many different kindsof things to buy.
  13. 13. “Kordon” is a 3200-meter-longseaside street which is located atthe very end of the Gulfs water.
  14. 14. Our favourite public transportation is “ferry” in İzmir.You can see the beautiful seaside while you arecrossing the Gulf of İzmir.
  15. 15. You can have a city tour by“fayton”( phaeton).It is really enjoyable.
  16. 16. “St.John‟s Anglican Church “was builtin1625 . Today English people go tothis church and worship.
  17. 17. „İzmir International Fair ‟ is theoldest tradeshow in Turkey.You can also watch series offestival activities.
  18. 18. UrlaFoça You can have a great holiday in İzmir !! There are beautiful beaches around our city Every year a lot of tourists visit İzmir. Seferihisar Çeşme
  19. 19. “Hisar Cami ( Mosque)” was built in 1592 .It is İn Kemeraltı,Konak.You can see the beautiful ornaments of Ottoman
  20. 20. Bergama ( Pergamos ) Efes ( Ephesus )We are going to tell about thesegreat ancient cities in our nextpresentation.They are full of mythology...