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Buyingtime sales slides for consultants


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A set of slides written for consultants who do not make the most of the first meeting with a new prospect.

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Buyingtime sales slides for consultants

  1. 1. Buyingtime Sales Training Notes for consultants
  2. 2. SALES STRUCTURE• Start – bring something to the party• Introduce your subject with impact – and start to ask questions… Open, Probe, Closed• Acquire need nuggets…• Prove your case – single sales points• Reinforce benefits• Trial close…• Handle objections• Close for real.
  3. 3. TIPS FOR SALES CALLS• Prepare – know something about them that they do not already know (competition, trends, sales, brands etc…)• Professional – Make an effort on Gravitas and consulting skills. They are buying your forensic ability to understand their challenges... This is your chance• Remember the framework! – know where you are during the sales pitch. An hour passes very quickly.• Less Chat - Remember that the more you talk the less you learn and can use the info you gather. Two ears on mouth!• Close for fun – it’s vital to know whether they are with you!
  4. 4. Timings – one hour meeting Close, next Hellos and short steps, ‘do you 1 min pitch... But think we can before I bore help you? How you to death we would it work? should find out Who signs us about whether off? Don’t be we can help afraid... It’s best you... Rapport to know! rapport TICK TOCK Min ½ hour of conversation guided by you.Your slides – Open / probingMax 10 but and closeddelivered against questions tothe previous yield NEEDnuggets. 10 mins NUGGETS fromis best, plenty of the prospect.questions taken Don’t pitchas you go. unless you have them!!
  5. 5. The Need Nuggets you want• Quality issues –• Skills issues –• Leadership issues –• Team issues –• Business performance issues –• Cultural issues –• Personnel issues –• Financial issues• Career issues• ??? issues
  6. 6. The Sales Points you useFeature Advantage BenefitExample –• F – This sandwich is compact and really quick to eat• A – I can get through my lunch in 15 mins• B – I can be more productive with my working day...
  7. 7. SALES – CLOSING TIPSRebound – Would you like it in green?Alternative – Would you like it in green or yellow?Trial – If I can cover those three issues are we on?Assumptive – How many places would you like?Indirect – which meeting would you like to get to?Direct – Would you like to book a few places?