Mobilize your customer experience with Air2Web


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Mobilize your customer experience with Air2Web

  1. 1. Introduction to Air2Web<br />Garrett Mullins | August, 2010<br />
  2. 2. A brief introduction to Air2Web<br />Air2Web provides a consumer life-cycle support system as a managed service. Our service is delivered to mobile phones, on behalf of large enterprises serving their client base, with their permission. Consumers increasingly demand the mobile channel to interact with businesses because it is the most convenient, always on, private method of communication today.<br />Our business philosophy is based on the premise that mobile services are best delivered in the context of a relationship or conversation with consumers. As such, marketers must recognize the ways in which mobile does, and does not, resemble the evolution of the internet. At Air2Web, we believe that a strong “foundational benefit” must be extended to consumers first, e.g., mobile customer self-service, before using their most personal technology to sell to them.<br />Consequently, we help our clients improve the cost and experience of customer care for their customers; personalize and improve the relevance of promotional efforts; and gain better insights about what their customers think about them – all via the mobile channel.<br />
  3. 3. Air2Web at a glance<br />Founded in 1999<br />Fortune 1000 customer base<br />Offices in Atlanta & Mumbai<br />Global delivery<br />Expertise and focus<br />Targeted marketing<br />Customer care<br />Customer voice<br />Professional services<br />Air2Web provides turnkey mobile solutions that reduce the cost of customer care and increase the effectiveness of targeted marketing campaigns<br />Air2Web provides one platform to satisfy all of your mobile requirements across the breadth of your business<br />
  4. 4. Air2Web supports the complete customer lifecycle<br />up-sell<br />cross-sell<br />service<br />acquire<br />retain<br />Our enterprise customers use mobile as a strategic part of their customer lifecycle management<br />
  5. 5. Air2Web India Multi-national Customers<br />Banking, Finance, and Insurance Customers<br />
  6. 6. Air2Web Future: Plug and play, enterprise mobile platform<br />Client Challenge/Goal<br />Air2Web’s Value Proposition<br /><ul><li>Improved customer experience, cost
  7. 7. More personalized, targeted marketing
  8. 8. Sharpen insight about the customer
  9. 9. Hosted, pre-integrated application functionality
  10. 10. Ease of integration to existing IT systems</li></ul>AirCARE Mobile Platform<br />Gateway<br />Pay for Performance<br />Custom Gateway<br /><ul><li>Entry level option
  11. 11. Basic messaging requirements
  12. 12. Month-to-month contracts
  13. 13. Managed Services for campaigns
  14. 14. Secure customer API’s
  15. 15. Master-Vendor outsourcing
  16. 16. Hosted service with ongoing consulting
  17. 17. Designed to attain key KPIs
  18. 18. Defined SLA that puts 25% of our revenue at risk</li></ul>AirCARE Implementation Alternatives<br />
  19. 19. AirCARE Mobile Platform reduces time-to-market, IT cost<br />
  20. 20. Our business philosophy serves clients who “get it”<br />Air2Web gets you up here<br />Most enterprises get stuck down here<br />
  21. 21. So in addition to high, basic ROI’s……<br />The relevancy of messages sent to consumers and the value of customer initiated transactions is high because the information in each message exchange is unique to their relationship with your company – not a generic blast.<br />SOA based security standards and a tool set which can even create web services for legacy applications that own critical, relevant data.<br /><ul><li>You can test multiple versions of an idea to get it right, because there is no big, one-time integration cost, i.e., you don’t have to place “big, blind bets.”
  22. 22. Time to market for new ideas, responses to market conditions or competitive threats is weeks, NOT quarters because our Enterprise Agent reduces the time required to integrate. There is no custom code or API development.</li></li></ul><li>AirCARE CASE STUDY<br />Sample Diligence and Solution for Cable or Satellite TV Company<br />
  23. 23. Preliminary due diligence by Air2Web<br />SatCo is in high growth mode requiring a scalable infrastructure<br />SatCo is currently handling 14M calls per month against a subscriber base of 14M customers<br />SatCo exists in a very competitive industry with new entrants from other segments (i.e. AT&T and Verizon) <br />SatCo has to minimize subscriber churn and maximize ARPU<br />SatCo wants to leverage the mobile channel to <br /> reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction <br /> and increase revenue<br />
  24. 24. Our value proposition to SatCo<br />Leverage the hard ROI projected from initial call deflections via customer self service to build a relationship with the SatCo customer base<br />Estimated full annual benefit of over $40 million<br />Establishes SatCo’s interest in customer experience<br />Accomplished via configuration of A2W application layer<br />Build on consumer acceptance of channel to drive ARPU<br />Value of relationship increases conversion rates<br />Mine data from various sources to improve offer relevance<br />Improve ability to target via A2W Enterprise Agent<br />Get program(s) right the first time with AirCARE’s rapid deployment capability<br />
  25. 25. John, SatCo marketing executive<br />John worries about:<br />Increasing ARPU by up-selling to existing customers<br />Effective customer communication<br />Controlling advertising costs<br />
  26. 26. Phil the sports fanatic<br />Phil’s profile:<br />Avid sports fan<br />Travels quite a bit for work<br />Watches or records 5 games per week<br />
  27. 27. Offer Phil an incentive to buy based on his profile<br />Viewing habits extracted from SatCo data to create specialized text-based offers with AirCARE<br />Phil receives an offer that’s very likely to be of interest<br />He can order immediately from his mobile phone<br />ORDER<br />Special offer from SatCo: order NHL Center Ice for only 4 payments of $25.99 (a savings of $16). Reply ORDER to get now!<br />AirCARE<br />Benefits to SatCo<br />Benefits to Phil<br /><ul><li>Ordered the package from a cab while riding to the airport in Philly
  28. 28. Saves money
  29. 29. Increased ARPU
  30. 30. Inexpensive, targeted advertising
  31. 31. Low cost expansion of sales channels</li></li></ul><li>Remind Phil of games and related programming<br />He can set his DVR to record, <br />even if he’s on the road<br />AirCARE interfaces with existing SatCo systems to initiate recording<br />Phil is notified of games and <br />other programs he might be interested in<br />AirCARE<br />REC<br />Jazz vs. Nuggets, tonight at 8pm. Reply REC to record with DVR.<br />Benefits to Phil<br />Benefits to SatCo<br /><ul><li>Never misses a game
  32. 32. Record with ease
  33. 33. Values relationship with SatCo who helped him receive more value from his purchase
  34. 34. Competitive differentiator
  35. 35. Works with any mobile phone
  36. 36. Builds barrier to entry for those competing for Phil’s business</li></li></ul><li>Up-sell Pay-Per-View games to Phil<br />AirCARE interfaces with existing SatCo systems for fulfillment<br />Once ordered, Phil can set up recording from his phone if desired<br />Based on Phil’s registration, he is notified of PPV events about his alma matter with special pricing<br />AirCARE<br />Thanks for your order! Reply REC <br />to record the game.<br />Out-of-market game: Georgia Tech vs. Clemson, 7pm Saturday. $12.95. Reply ORDER.<br />Benefits to Phil<br />Benefits to SatCo<br /><ul><li>Higher returns on content
  37. 37. Conversion rates on promotions increased via targeting
  38. 38. Churn reduced
  39. 39. Notifies him of upcoming events
  40. 40. Missed the event – he hasn’t seen a paper since he left home Monday
  41. 41. Appreciates personalized attention</li></li></ul><li>Meg, SatCo customer service executive<br />Meg worries about<br />Keeping customers<br />Positive public perception of her team<br />Lowering the cost of serving her customer base<br />
  42. 42. Wendy the working mom<br />Wendy’s profile:<br />CFO of the household<br />Full-time job<br />Two kids in daycare<br />
  43. 43. Flexible service/installation appointments<br />Customer service works with the installation department to estimate the time of arrival<br />AirCARE receives status updates from techs and sends rolling updates to Wendy and other customers that day<br />Wendy opts to stay and work through lunch and accepts an afternoon time from SatCo<br />AirCARE<br />Our updated estimate for arrival time is now 11:45 am. Please confirm with reply OK. Text LATER for a new time today, or NEW to reschedule for a different day.<br />LATER<br />Benefits to SatCo<br />Benefits to Wendy<br /><ul><li>Reduces un-necessary truck rolls
  44. 44. Flexibility to mesh with SatCo operational practices
  45. 45. Customer values respect for her time
  46. 46. Does not have to wait at home for open-ended appointment window
  47. 47. Can re-schedule quickly and easily</li></li></ul><li>Set DVR from anywhere<br />Wendy uses either text (key word based) or a WAP-based user interface to search listings<br />She can set her DVR or set a reminder notification<br />AirCARE interfaces with existing SatCo back-end DVR systems to initiate recording<br />AirCARE<br />Benefits to SatCo<br />Benefits to Wendy<br /><ul><li>No need to develop applications for iPhone, Blackberry, Android, etc.
  48. 48. Reach 283 million text-enabled handsets (~ 25% of them data users)
  49. 49. Can set DVR from anywhere
  50. 50. Easy-to-use interface that takes full advantage of her device</li></li></ul><li>Pay bill<br />AirCARE sends out payment notifications for users who have opted in<br />Wendy receives a friendly reminder message<br />She can pay immediately from her mobile phone<br />Reminder from SatCo: your bill of $94.82 is due in 5 days. Please reply PAY to authorize payment using on-file checking account.<br />PAY<br />AirCARE<br />Benefits to SatCo<br />Benefits to Wendy<br /><ul><li>Drives revenue
  51. 51. Wendy can pay immediately
  52. 52. Inexpensive bill reminders
  53. 53. No checks to write
  54. 54. Does not need to remember to log into a website each month
  55. 55. Compatible with her busy lifestyle</li>