PRE-INSPECTION CONTRACT                                                      ** The liability of Buyer’s Ally Home and Bui...
Pre insp contract
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Pre insp contract


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Pre insp contract

  1. 1. PRE-INSPECTION CONTRACT ** The liability of Buyer’s Ally Home and Building Inspection Services, Inc. is limited by this contract. Please read thoroughly and sign and date prior to the inspection. Please question all areas in which you are unclear. Inspected for: _____________________________________________ Property Inspected: _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ Inspection Fee: ________ Add. Fee: ________ Total: ________This inspection is for the sole purpose of informing you the “Client” as to specific defects and conditions that are pertinent to the propertyinspection as mentioned above. It is a visual, non-destructive, survey of the property affecting the building, the building itself and its majorincluded components. The scope of this inspection will meet or exceed the standards of practice drafted by the American Society of HomeInspectors, Inc. A copy of the standards and code of ethics can be provided at the “Client’s” request. A written report of the inspection will beprovided only to the “Client” or to the “Client’s” representative as specified when the inspection was originally booked. The report will not bereleased to any other parties without the consent of the “Client”. All parties agree that facsimile and e-mailed signatures and versions of thisagreement, where authorized by Buyer’s Ally home and Building Inspection Services Inc., shall act as originals in all respects.This report is in no way intended as a warranty, guarantee, or insurance policy pertaining to the inspected property, building, or its majorcomponents. The “Client” henceforth agrees that the company/inspector assumes no responsibility for the cost of repair, upgrade orreplacement of any unreported conditions or defects on the date of inspection. Nothing in this agreement shall act as a representation thatBuyer’s Ally Home and Building Inspection Services Inc. has Errors and Omissions Insurance coverage. The inspection report is not intendedto be used to assess appraised value or cost of needed repairs. The “Client” understands that not all defects will be found in a visualinspection of said property and only those components accessible and operating at the time of inspection will be reported. Items that will be specifically excluded: building code violations, buried/concealed items, geological conditions/stability of soils, environmental hazards, final determination of structural integrity, presence of radon gas, lead, mold, asbestos, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, problem drywall, flammable chemicals or soil contamination. This report does not address the presence of wood destroying organisms, mold, or other pests and should not be utilized in lieu of a “Wood Destroying Organism Report”. No latent or concealed defects will be reported and no shut-down components will be operated by the inspector. No systems will be dismantled and no personal items on the subject property will be moved. Other items excluded are detached buildings, security systems, septic tanks, outdoor decorative lighting, private well systems, solar heating, heat recovery units, timers, or any items noted in the text of the inspection report. Prediction of life expectancy will be made on an “opinion-only” basis. Further evaluation by a specialist in said area is recommended.The overall purpose of the inspection is to provide the “Client” additional, valuable information pertaining to the overall condition of the subjectproperty. An honest attempt will be made to disclose all visual defects found on the day of inspection only. The “Client” hereby agrees toperform a final walk-through inspection prior to closing and will report any observed conditions to his/her representative, as protocolrequires.In the event of a dispute between the “Client” and Buyer’s Ally Home and Building Inspection Services, Inc., the liability of the inspector, itsemployees and agents should be limited to a refund of the fee collected for the inspection. This refund will be accepted by the “Client” as afinal settlement of all claims against Buyer’s Ally Home and Building Inspection Services, Inc. In the event of an unresolved dispute, bothparties agree to binding arbitration. Arbitration will be held within the county in the state of Florida in which the inspection was preformed, by alocal full time ASHI certified inspector in accordance to the rules of the American Arbitration Association. Failure to invoke said arbitration uponinitiation of other legal proceedings shall not act as a waiver thereof.I/We have read this agreement, and understand its contents, as evidenced by my/our signature below and hereby agreeto pay the above-mentioned inspection fee.___________________________________________ ________________________________“Client”/Representative Date Inspector Date___________________________________________“Client”/Representative Date © Copyright 1999