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Buyer Persona Infographic


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Many buyer personas lack the breadth and depth of insight that is needed to establish the persona as an authority on the decisions marketers need to make. So nothing changes.

An insight, by definition, reveals new information. It’s something you don’t already know. It’s only through a real-time dialogue, through listening to each buyer’s story and posing questions based on their answers, that you can ferret out new insights: What triggers the buyer’s engagement, his barriers to purchase, or which criteria the buyer uses to evaluate competing solutions – to name just a few of the insights that actionable buyer personas reveal.

Buyer personas based on surveys or existing data are built in an echo chamber where the same theses are endlessly repeated

We created this infographic to make it easy to for marketers to explain buyer persona best practices to others. Thank you for sharing it with as many people as possible.

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Buyer Persona Infographic

  1. 1. “Regulations in our industry just got a lot stricter. We needed a more reliable way to prove that we were complying for audit purposes.” “Our goal is to eliminate human processing errors in client contracts so that we reduce our legal exposure.” 44% 29% 27% have buyer personas will in next 12 months no buyer persona HOW TO CREATE INSIGHTFUL & ACTIONABLE BUYER PERSONAS 5 Rings of Buying Insight™ reveal buyers in the CONTEXT OF THE DECISION YOU WANT TO INFLUENCE, eliminating irrelevant data and reducing the number of buyer personas. The number of marketers who use them EFFECTIVELY is not.1 BUT Knowing your buyers is key to making informed sales and marketing decisions. That’s why organizations are increasingly making buyer personas a strategic priority for their organization. But to get maximum value out of your buyer personas, you need to think about how to build them. Here’s why: 1 ITSMA Survey: Increasing Relevance with Personas and B2I Marketing, March 2014 2 “The B2B Customer Decision Journey: The Route to Increased Sales,” Forbes Magazine. ©2014 Buyer Persona Institute. 5 Rings of Buying Insight™ is a trademark of Buyer Persona Institute. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution. The INTEREST in buyer personas is growing Buyer personas are not all created equally. Out of the three popular methodologies, ONLY INTERVIEWING BUYERS tells you something you don’t already know. 0% Extremely 15% Very 83% Somewhat 2% Not at all HOW EFFECTIVE? 1 2 3 Consult Internal Stakeholders Leverage Familiar Tools INTERVIEW REAL BUYERS SOURCE: Sales team, product/marketing team, customer support team, etc. PROS: Fast and simple; makes it easy to leverage existing knowledge CONS: Provides a limited and recycled view of what you already know about your buyers; no new insights SOURCE: Buyers who recently evaluated your solution or your competitors’, etc. PROS: Provides in-depth and non-obvious details about how, when and why buyers make the decision you want to influence CONS: Requires strong listening and interviewing skills SOURCE: Online surveys, social media, web research, analyst reports, web analytics, etc. PROS: Low cost, statistical data, validates existing opinions CONS: Misses offline buying behavior; focuses on historical behavior and responses to internally generated questions If you don’t, you may be heading in the WRONG DIRECTION at great cost to your organization. 40%70% Sales EffortsMarketing Budget HAD NO IMPACT ON THE BUYING DECISION HAD NO IMPACT ON THE BUYING DECISION Interviewing real buyers led one CMO to an astounding discovery – current marketing and sales spend wasn’t working:2 PRIORITY INITIATIVES SUCCESS FACTORS PERCEIVED BARRIERS THE BUYER’S JOURNEY DECISION CRITERIA Reveals why some buyers make your solution category a strategic priority while others choose the status quo. Reveals what buyers expect to change after implementing your solution, and why. Reveals why some buyers wouldn’t perceive your company or solution as their best option. Reveals what criteria buyers use to evaluate solution options and make a purchasing decision, and why. Reveals which buyers are involved in the decision and what resources they trust to guide their decisions. “Despite what all the vendors were saying, we didn’t find it to be more cost-effective. So we decided to do nothing.” “It has to be easy to use. That means being able to complete the online transaction without having to download and install any plug-ins.” “Anything that can help me to create the business case and demonstrate ROI to my executive team is really helpful.” The insights you gather from buyer interviews are HIGHLY ACTIONABLE. You’ll know precisely: WHO you need to persuade within the buyer’s organization WHAT information they need to make their purchasing decision WHEN buyers are most likely to be receptive to your message WHERE to reach buyers with your marketing content HOW to create a persuasive argument for purchasing your solution WHY your marketing and sales plan is the best course of action THE BIG PAYOFF FOR MARKETING: RESPECT By channeling the buyer’s authentic voice – clearly, accurately and persuasively – the buyer persona gives marketing the confidence to say, “This is what really matters to our buyers. So here’s the plan.” SHARE THIS INFOGRAPHIC: PRESENTED BY: Adele Revella, President, Buyer Persona Institute Gordana Stok, Buyer Persona Institute Certified Practitioner Learn more about Buyer Personas. Embed this infographic: <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" width="612” height="2484"></a>