The Best Golf eBooks - What Are They And Which Is The Perfect One For You


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The Best Golf eBooks - What Are They And Which Is The Perfect One For You

  1. 1. The Best Golf eBooks - What Are They And Which Is ThePerfect One For YouThere are a lot of ways to mastering the perfect golf swing. One is you can hire a golf trainerthat can teach you the basics however they are quite expensive. Another is actually readingsome books and articles. The problem is sometimes they are not complete. Today you canfind golf swing eBook that you can download for free. You can be able to read about properways of swinging.If you just started to play golf, a golf swing eBook can help you a lot. In this tool you can learnmore about the basics of golf. You can also learn techniques in swinging. The truth is rightswing can actually make your improve your whole game. Almost all the pro in the golfingworld has learned their right swing. Even if you are not an amateur, you can still use golfswing eBook. It can actually help you in perfecting your performance. You can actually learnhow to improve your game. It is best if you can know find a good eBook written by an expert.If the author is professional, he or she can impart to you how to do the right swing.The eBook pretty much help in solving your problems. It is so easy if you can follow step bystep instructions in achieving the right way of swinging. You can easily master the swingingtechniques found in the book. Choose the one with illustrations that can teach the right wayof holding club and others.One of the best ways a golf player can improve his or her game is to use a golf ebook. Thereare a number of excellent golf improvement ebooks on the market today which canrevolutionize a persons game. But finding the right one for you isnt an easy task. So howcan you find the best golf ebooks and which one is the perfect one for you?The answer depends on which part of your game you most wish to improve. For instance,you may have more trouble with your swing than with your putting, and another person mayfeel that his body isnt physically conditioned to golf. Each person should pick an ebookwhich focuses on the part of the game he or she is most troubled with.Here are some excellent golf ebooks separated into the part of the game you wish toimprove:1. The simple golf swing - This ebook by David Nevogt is an excellent guide to improvingyour golf swings. Its not the only thing this guide teaches, but this is its specialty. It teachesyou everything from proper movement, through learning consistency, to increasing yourdistance. If your golf swing isnt up to par (excuse the pun) you should check it out.2. Golf Fitness - If you feel that your body isnt specifically fit for golf, the golf fitness ebook byMike Pedersen can help you a lot. Being fit for golf can improve your results by a massivenumber of strokes and make the game much more enjoyable.
  2. 2. 3. Another golf swing ebook is Andy Browns 4 Magic Moves to the game of golf. Again, thisebook doesnt deal just with the swing, and its not as good as the simple golf swing, but itsstill an excellent guide.4. Putting - Theres a great ebook on golf putting by Scott Meyers. This is perfect for you ifyou just want to improve your putting. This ebook focuses only on this part of the game. So ifyoure happy with your putting, this is for you.5. The mental side of golf - A player needs to be physically and mentally fit to take his gameto optimal level. Who hasnt had tee jitters or felt his palm sweat before a putt? You wouldntbelieve how many strokes players add to their score because of stress and nervousness.Theres an excellent guide to improving the mental side of golf called Renegade GolfMindset. If you feel that youre stressful and nervous during a game, consider getting thisguide.Click here to read comprehensive reviews of these golf ebooksInterested in improving some aspect of your golf game?If so, then you should be considering golf ebooks (also known as golf e-books). For thosethat dont know, this is an electronic book that can be downloaded and read on yourcomputer. This alone has a desirable benefit since you can download the book afterpurchase and avoid any potential shipping costs that a printed book might have. There arenumerous benefits to buying an e-book.These books are often in a PDF format and can be read when you are not online. Of course,you have the option of printing out the pages. Another benefit of an ebook is that you caneasily search for the information, rather than having to browse through a book for a specifictopic. There are plenty of additional benefits to an electronic book over a printed book, butyou probably catch my drift.Golf ebooks range in subject material and include anything from golf lessons, golf fitness,improving your mental game, short game instruction and many other topics. Most golf e-books typically have pictures to help you in your quest to lower your handicap.The authors realize that their target audience is primarily mid to high handicap golfers.Therefore, they typically write the content in an easy to understand format and methodology.I have read quite a few of them and they definitely vary in terms of quality information. Youcan usually get better access to golf instruction in a top-notch golf ebook than you can frommultiple golf lessons. This is not a negative reflection on the golf instructor. The fact is thatyou can continue to have access to great content in a golf ebook, whereas there is a goodchance that you will forget the instruction provided a few weeks after taking a private lesson.
  3. 3. On top of that, most golf ebooks sell for less than $50. This price is much cheaper than justabout any golf lesson. Finally, keep in mind that many ebooks include bonuses that furtherincrease the value.If you are not interested in improving your game, you might not be interested in such books.These types of books can benefit you, but only if you are willing to practice what the authorpreaches. Golf is one of the most expensive sports around. This can be due to expensiveequipment, lessons, pricy tee times and possible membership fees. There are deals to befound for all of the above, including using golf ebooks as a substitute to private lessons. So ifyou are in a rush to improve some element of your golf game, definitely consider buying agolf ebook today."Secret in the Dirt" is the first golf eBook release of what hopefully will be many more tocome.It may be a little much to say that the author, Sevam1, has revolutionized golf instruction buthe has given a new spin on the traditional ebook. Sevam1 has merged traditional golfinstruction in book form, with golf instruction via videos and storytelling all with done with amost entertaining personality. All of this is in his new ebook, "Secret in the Dirt".Not only does Sevam1s golf instruction word well with in the written word, but he also showsthe student what he means with videos embedded right into the ebook. Imagine this: yourereading the words describing how you should be correctly placing your hands on the club andthe orientation of your fingers, thumbs, wrists, etc., all the while youre also trying to visualizeexactly how this is done. More than likely youre not quite sure if what youve interpreted fromthe authors words is exactly what he meant. With "Secret in the Dirt" after Sevam1s wordsexplain how to do it, you can click on the embedded video to see exactly how to do it. Thereis really very little margin for error with this method.Sevam1 covers grip, alignment, backswing, downswing, impact, etc. and does it so that it iseasy to understand. The author, Sevam1, also had the opportunity to play with the great, lateMoe Norman and many of the stories that go along with his instruction go back to the dayshe spent with Norman.The most popular concept covered in this book is "The Move". Sevam1 claims to havediscovered the secret to Ben Hogans swing. The secret that Hogan said was "in the dirt",and thus the title of Sevam1s first book "Secret in the Dirt." "The Move" is most interestingconnection between the right foot/leg and the ground that seems to create a resistance and aforce that puts your swing in a position for power and consistency.Ive read a number of instructional golf books and I give this one 5 stars for its instruction,videos and entertainment value.
  4. 4. Golf Lessons For Beginners, Golf Lessons, Beginner Golf Lessons