Molding A Chocolate Bar


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Molding A Chocolate Bar

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  2. 2. Molding A Chocolate Bar A chocolate bar may seem very common for many people but the pleasure it invokes in the recipient or the consumer of the said bar is enough to seem like a sin. There are many different varieties of chocolate that can be made into a chocolate bar. The more expensive kinds of varieties of chocolate are usually used to make the finer brands that are in the market today. Finer chocolate contain more coco butter than the common variety that sells cheap.
  3. 3. Specific chocolate bar molds A chocolate bar is one of the more common forms or molds that a chocolate product can take the form of. There are specific chocolate bar molds into which the tempered chocolate is poured into to create a uniform finished product. Depending on the manufacturer, molds for the chocolate bar can entail the addition of other ingredients such as nuts or fruits to achieve a desirable flavor.
  4. 4. Kinds Of Molds For Chocolate These days the more common molds for a chocolate candy bar can be made from plastic or metal. Designs can be given to any chocolate mold to make the finished product look more desirable and elegant.
  5. 5. Mass produced bars of chocolate For mass produced bars of chocolate, manufacturers usually used the sturdier metal molds that can be either plain or have the customary design for the said company producing the chocolate bar. Many of the sources for chocolate actually mold the chocolate into bars before these are sold off to other chocolate producers.
  6. 6. Plastic kind of mold might suffice For those who wish to make the chocolate bar in their homes, the plastic kind of mold might suffice. It is best to be sure that the mold you have purchased can withstand the heat and will not react to the chocolate. Shallow molds are not recommended since these make the chocolate bar look less solid and less desirable.
  7. 7. Deeper chocolate molds The deeper chocolate molds will produce the richer chocolate taste since the chocolate may have more flavor if there is more of this. Molds with designs are also recommended to make the finish product look more professionally made.
  8. 8. Soap may leave residual taste The molds for the chocolate are not recommend for soaping since the soap may leave residual taste which can ruin the overall taste of the chocolate bar. One can clean the molds by just waiting for the chocolate to harden and then flaking or scraping it off gently. One can use a spatula for this or a blunt instrument since knives might score the plastic molds used to make the chocolate bar.
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