Don’t Get Carried Away With The Many Dark Chocolate Benefits


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Don’t Get Carried Away With The Many Dark Chocolate Benefits

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  2. 2. Don’t Get Carried Away With The Many Dark Chocolate Benefits There are a number of dark chocolate benefits that you can enjoy and most of these benefits are real and not fictional. However, before you go out and start eating your Snickers it will pay to first consider a few things with regard to dark chocolate. To begin with, dark chocolate refers to a chocolate that contains at least sixty-five percent cacao.
  3. 3. Fair amount of antioxidants Though no doctor is going to recommend that you eat dark chocolate because of its health benefits, it does nevertheless contain a fair amount of antioxidants that will prove to be beneficial to your health – provided of course that you consume it in the proper manner.
  4. 4. Contains Antioxidants One of the notable dark chocolate benefits is that it contains very little of sugar and since it also contains antioxidants you can at least be assured that when you eat dark chocolate you will get rid of free radicals which are the things that cause a person to age prematurely. Another of the many dark chocolate benefits that you should become aware of is that dark chocolate helps in lowering the levels of bad cholesterol oxidation and it also reduces the chances of suffering from blood clots.
  5. 5. Group of antioxidants The main reason why a person will get to enjoy dark chocolate benefits is because the dark chocolate contains flavonoids which are ketones that are normally found in the stem, leaves and seeds of various plants. Falconoid for their part are part of a group of antioxidants that are called polyphenols that in turn help a person to enjoy better health.
  6. 6. Properly assimilated in the body Otherwise, there is another dark chocolate benefit in that that there is little of milk in the dark chocolate mixture and this means that the flavonoids get properly assimilated in the body.
  7. 7. Could suffer from migraine attacks On the other hand there is also a downside to dark chocolates and these needs to be addressed as well. There is always a worry that by eating dark chocolates you could suffer from migraine attacks.
  8. 8. Lower blood pressure Among the major dark chocolate benefits that have been identified you can include lower blood pressure, lowering levels of bad cholesterol, making women more passionate, containing serotonin that helps to improve the mood and wards off depression and finally, it increases production of endorphin that in turn causes a person to feel more pleasurable.
  9. 9. Dark chocolate fudge One not so obvious dark chocolate benefits is that an item such as dark chocolate fudge can also make for an excellent gift that can be given to someone you would like to get to know a bit better. Not only does it help make an inexpensive gift, but it is sure to be also well appreciated by the receiver.
  10. 10. Sweet tooth and risk frittering It is easy to get carried away with the many dark chocolate benefits though as with every good thing it is also necessary to ensure that moderation be the key. It is always a good idea to ensure that you eat only as much as is good for your needs and not over indulge your sweet tooth and risk frittering away whatever benefits is there to be had.
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